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2015 goals – one month in

It’s been a little over one month since I declared my goals for 2015, and I thought we’d do a check in to keep my butt accountable.

1) Moving Without Murder

So far, their part of the house is totally done.  They are still waiting for my dad’s friend to pour a concrete path to their front door.  Until that happens, they can’t move in because my mom can’t actually get in the house.  Seems like an important aspect!

My dad comes over a few times a week bringing a small load each time.  We’ll call it a gentle, gradual move in for the moment.

2) Find a Better Work/Life/Blog Balance

Zip, zero, zilch progress on this.  Actually, my workload at my paying is about to get really stupid in the next ten(ish) months.  We have a big report to prepare, and I’m also on a separate taskforce that is ramping up hard core.

I had big plans for a site redesign, but I’m thinking it is probably not really going to happen on the timeline I wanted it to.  Blerg.

3) Be More Selfish

This one is my biggest, fattest disappointment.  I’ve made some decisions recently that I’ll share with you all some day, that are the exact opposite of selfish.

The decisions were data-driven and needed to be made; they were the right decisions, but it doesn’t mean they were fun decisions to make.

4) Pay off my Car

In the last month, I made an additional 8.5 months of payments!  It’s not been easy, and it means we’re directing money that really could be useful elsewhere to this big giant hunking task.  It will be a relief when it is over and that money is freed up for other items.  Right now, we’re directing almost half of Troy’s paycheck to this goal.

5) Cull the Herd

This isn’t something I am working on, because essentially I am just no longer expelling energy towards relationships (friendships) that no longer make sense. It’s been freeing.

Nice to be able to check something off of the list and call it done.

6) Learn to Knit Something Using a Pattern

I’m picking up a special needle (double-sided…I don’t own one) in the next few weeks, and a coworker is going to teach me how to knit a mittens pattern called “Jack Frost”.  Perfect, yes?  It’s an old pattern from the 70’s that she has used for years, and I’m very excited!  We’re going to work on our project during lunch.

7) Be a Better Mom

I feel like I should ask Jack for an update on this goal, but I will say I am trying.  Some days I try harder than others, but every day I tell that child how much I love him, how important he is to me, and how proud I am of him.

How about you?  Did you make any goals this year?  How is your progress?

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6 comments on “2015 goals – one month in”

  1. Some I’m doing OK, some not, but I’m making progress.

    Are you going to do another No-Spend March? ‘Cause I could sure use that motivation. That’s one of my goals that I’m not doing so well at, is sticking to the budget. I could use a kick in the pants.

    • It won’t be exactly a “no spend March”, but I have been cooking up something for the last few weeks. Check out the blog next week (Tues or Wed likely) for the announcement of the frugal task!

  2. Kudos on all the extra car payments, that’s awesome! I think you’re probably being too hard on yourself in the “being a better mom” category, don’t we all? My kids are all teens now and there are days when I really feel like a crappy mom because I DON’T give in to all their whims and I make them work for what they want, but all the feedback I’ve gotten from them has actually been positive (and unsolicited too!). Every time that I’m beating myself up inside for being a shitty mom (compared to other parents, especially my ex-husband), my kids surprised me with gratitude and expressions of love. I think that says a lot about the expectations that we place on ourselves. Anyway, it’s obvious that you care about your kid an awful lot and spend much effort dedicated to his well-being and I don’t even know you IRL.

    Argh, my own update was so long that I ended up just posting it on my blog (thanks for the idea!) so as not to hog your comments (yes, I was the student who wrote 15 page essays when the teacher only needed 2!):

    In a nutshell, I’m (we’re!) doing pretty darn great on our frugal and financial goals. My husband and I were texting back and forth today and he mispelled frugal as “FroogL” so I suggested he uses that as his gaming handle. He said he just might! He also joked that he would make me a vanity license plate with this on it (since paying for one wouldn’t be frugal at all!) and since we don’t have front license plates in Florida, I’m totally down with the idea 🙂

    I’m not doing too great on the personal goals because I seem to have lost some steam despite good success overall so far in one area especially.., but today is another day and I will strive to do better in that area and remain motivated.

    • I forgot to subscribe to the comments for this post when I replied so this is just so that I can subscribe because I’m far too lazy to come back and check everyone’s update even though I’m really interested in hearing how everyone is doing…

  3. Great job on the paying off the car! The hubby just informed me that we only own $12,000 on one of our student loans and I got so excited because we could totally pay that off in a year. That is, if we make the effort. I’d like too, but we will see.

    While I didn’t make any goals really, I want to do a half-marathon this year. So far I am on track to run one in June.

    And I get you on the being a good mom thing. I’ve been trying to say yes more (yes I will play a game with you, yes we can take the dog for a walk, etc.) but we just picked up a babysitting gig that is 10 hours a day (5:45 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.) and it’s been hard. I feel like I’m sacrificing her happiness to take care of these kids, but we can really use the extra income right now. (to maybe pay down that student loan).

    So in 2 weeks, we will be relying heavily on your suggestions for getting out the door without stabbing someone with a spork.

    • Getting something paid off feels amazing, so good luck with the student loans!!!

      I love the “saying yes more”; that’s awesome. Could it be possible to watch the kid at your house and be able to stay put in the morning?