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30 Day Healthy Challenge – Take 30 Days and Take Control of Your life

Summer is almost here, and today, I’m sharing 40 ways to get bikini ready for your next beach vacation.

Bwahaaaaa, no. That is not remotely what we are talking about today. Today we’re chatting about a 30 day healthy challenge. Summer is almost here, and now is the easiest time of the year to work on a healthy mind shift when it comes eating and exercise. Fresh produce is in abundance, and in the next 30 days you’ll see a mix of delicious spring veggies (peas, asparagus, and ramps), as well as fresh berries, and cherries. Fun fact – here in Washington, they think it will be one of the best cherry crops ever. I cannot wait to make an idiot of myself while eating as many cherries as quickly as I can.

It is easy to make resolutions to new health in January, but so very hard to stick to it when fresh produce is months off. In June you can’t swing a cat without hitting piles of delicious fruit and veggies. And since I believe in an easy win from time to time, why not take advantage of the summer bounty to make a paradigm shift towards health? A 30 day healthy challenge can help you CTL + ALT + DEL your old habits.

Also, why would anyone swing cats around?

I am not someone who thinks that clean eating shouldn’t involve butter, milk, wheat, or some sweets. The Whole 30 plan never makes sense to me, because some people are totally fine on any of the banned foods. Why not trust your body to tell you what it needs? We all know we don’t need Doritos. These next 30 days will be about listening to what your body is trying to tell you.

So, let’s get started. Let’s make a plan, stick with it, and do it together! I’m a firm believer in the philosophy of “you do you”, so the “rules” for this challenge are entirely of your making. To be deliberate and work with intention, I am encouraging everyone to set five goals for themselves. Those goals could be daily, weekly, or even for the month.

My Five

  1. Average 16,000 steps for the month of June. I love to walk and work outside, but with my schedule I can’t do those things every day. Most days I get over 14,000 steps, but some days I am stuck behind a computer for a few hours and 12k steps is considered a win. Looking at it as an aggregate is a better plan for me.
  2. Include two fruits at breakfast, a full serving of veggies at lunch, and half of my plate at dinner must be full of veg.
  3. Drink 72 ounces of water. I’m a water fiend, but since I left a desk job, I am not as deliberate about drinking it. Bennett is only nursing twice a day now, so it’s not like I am constantly parched from producing a bunch of milk. There is no thirst like a nursing mom thirst.
  4. Consume only one sweet per day. I love sugar, and need to make sure I don’t let it get out of control. And yes, licking the knife after I spread Nutella on Jack’s pancake in the morning does count as a sweet. And yes, I put way more on that knife that necessary, just to get an extra amount.
  5. Do 50 sit ups, 50 push ups, and 50 squats, twice per day. I’m thinking first thing in the morning, and before bed. I feel strong and mostly fit after having Bennett, but could use some toning up in certain areas. I think this plan will get me on the right track. Fun fact: I used to be in NJROTC and was a push up and sit up master. The mile and half run was a struggle for me, and I was almost always close to failing my PT tests because of the sit and reach. It’s hard to touch your toes when you’re 6 feet tall at 16! 🙂

To get myself motivated, and stay accountable to my five goals, I’m taking these three steps:

  1. Meal plan. Meal plan. Meal plan. Ugh, I know, you hate it. But knowing what is for dinner and having healthy options around can go a long way to making sure you stick to your goals. For me, this includes having veggies and fruit cut up and ready to go in the fridge for when snack cravings hit.
  2. Using a water bottle instead of drinking out of a glass. We have a plethora of Liberty Bottleworks around the house, and I’m going to make it a goal to drink four of them a day. Liberty Bottleworks are the only US made metal water bottles, and they’re made right here in Washington State. They also hire a ton of veterans. This isn’t an ad for them; basically I just think they’re rad. In addition to water, I’ll make a batch of sun tea every few days to change it up.
  3. Posting weekly updates here. You all don’t let me get away with BS. 🙂

A 30 day healthy challenge is better with a friend(s), so I encourage you to join us! If you’re participating, please leave a comment with your own give goals. I’m looking forward to following along with everyone’s 30 day healthy challenge.

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11 comments on “30 Day Healthy Challenge – Take 30 Days and Take Control of Your life”

  1. I’m really really excited for this challenge because I’ve hit a Fit Slump. I’ve lost about 30 lbs so far this year, but due to stresses at work, I’ve been lagging. My coworker and I are accounta-billa-buddies, and she’s rocking it, so I need to step up.

    My goals are:

    1) I’m doing a no-sugar, no-sweeteners month, inspired by this post (please ignore that it’s from Buzzfeed, she’s very charming and an inspiration: No honey. No stevia. No aspartame. I hope to come out of this thinking bell peppers (which I despise) are a sweet treat. HAHA we’ll see.

    2) Every workday I am going to go to the gym, barring any pre-planned attendance at soccer games (I live in Portland, I am going to go to my soccer games). I don’t have a specific step goal or running plan or anything – mainly I’m strength training and it’s been bananas to feel my muscles start to develop. I feel powerful. I can take all my groceries into my home in one trip.

    3) I’m also doing a bit of a no-spend challenge, which means I need to extra do all the meal plans since I don’t want to buy pre-made food, AND pre-made food has a higher chance of having added sugars. I’m gonna save all the money! All of it!

  2. I did a sit up once.

    • From the sound of it, you remember it fondly. 🙂

      • Okay, so here’s a real reply: I’m joining you in this.

        My goals, not in any particular order, are:

        1. Because I already have had a goal to make at least one new recipe a week for at least 32 years, and only keep the recipes for the very best, (yes, I could blog about the failures) and my family has always been allowed to rate the outcome A – F (no, they are not allowed to say, “this sucks”), I will not necessarily go there. I will, however, bow to their often made request to *make the A-rated recipes more often* instead of trying something new. Therefore this goal is to make one of the A-rated recipes again each week.
        2. After being in a car accident that limited my mobility for a while, I fell out of the habit of exercise, other than that required for physical therapy. My goal is to start with those exercises again and gradually add more until I am doing enough exercises to engage all parts of my body.
        3. I will listen to more music as a stress reduction method.
        4. I will eat fewer grain carbs and processed carbs (bread, rice, pasta, etc) and restrict but allow other carbs (fruit, yams/sweet potatoes, quinoa, beans, etc) in moderation.
        5. Out of necessity (because I already eat a boat load of veggies, but need to eat/chew), I will eat more vegetables, fresh and cooked.

        All of this should allow me to feel better overall and encourage weight loss (I’d like to get back to nearer 140 pounds on my 5’9″ frame).

        How did you say you were going to hold our feet to the fire, and is there sauce with that?

  3. I like this so much!

    Lets see, my five goals are
    1. Eat veggies at every meal, with raw sauerkraut being the veggie for one of them.
    2. No processed sugar (except on my birthday. Maybe).
    3. Drink only water this month. Adding fruit or veggies to the water is acceptable. We have a few Liberty bottles, but once I bought an insulated Hydroflask, I can’t go back to un-insulated. I love my water ice cold and non-sweaty.
    4. Sit less. I spend so much of my day sitting, it’s just wrong. The hubby is gone for the rest of the month so I think the kiddo and I will have to have more picnics on the floor or outside.
    5. Walk every day. Doesn’t have to be long, but make an effort to walk at least five minutes outside every day.
    6. Stretch every day. I have been reading all the books by Katy Bowman about how we need to move more of our bodies for more of the day. It all makes sense to me and fits with what my body is capable of right now. She also has a podcast And she’s funny.

    I know how big meal planning/prepping is. I hope to get back to doing that, at least getting veggies washed and prepped.

    • To clarify the “sitting less” I meant sitting in chairs. I sit in the same chair in the same position most of the day. It’s part of the Nutritious Movement stuff. Sitting on the floor requires my body to hold itself up (instead of the back of the chair), forces me to change positions often, and also provides movement in that getting down onto the floor and getting back up uses more of my body than just plopping into a chair.

    • Less sitting has been HUGE for my overall health, both physical and mental. I did what I could to move when I had an office job, but getting off my tush more has been a game changer for me.

  4. I’m in. This is a great idea and good timing. I will come up with my five goals when I’m more awake tomorrow.

  5. I so need a reset. In the last year I had made some healthy changes in my life but somehow in the last month or so I have fallen out of my good routines. My goals

    1. Average 10,500 steps a day. I have a desk job where walking away from our desks is strongly discouraged. I wish this was not a challenge but I think it will be. I would love to get to a point where doing a couch to 5k program seemed doable.

    2. Have my breakfast, a snack, and lunch prepped and ready the night before a work day.

    3. Get at least 50 minutes of strength training in each week. I find it so dull I have a hard time getting into a routine.

    4. Get at least 6 servings of fruits and veggies a day.

    5. Try one new recipe a week.