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4 Sleep Mattress Review

I am a terrible sleeper.

It’s true.  I always have been, and I always will be.

Troy is a snorer.  And thanks to his allergies, he is a nighttime mouth breather.  Combine my crappy sleeping, with the fact that he is crazy noisy, and you have a recipe for an exhausted version of me stumbling around all the time.  Plus I’m a “bit” of a light sleeper.  Troy always says it isn’t his fault that if a mosquito six miles away blinks and I wake up and blame him.

We have always lived in small apartments that barely had room for one bedroom, let alone two.  And so, on nights when my insomnia couldn’t take it, the solution has always been to couch it.  And small apartments mean that the couches that fit in small living rooms, don’t really have room for a 6 ft person to get very comfortable.

When we moved to this house, it was over three times the size of our Los Angeles apartment.  Even then, there were only two bedrooms upstairs; one for us and one for Jack.  Snoring and other disruptive sleepy nights still found me on the couch or living room floor.  The remodel that has essentially been taking place for a few years ’round these parts added another bedroom to the upstairs.  With the impending arrival of Bennett, the timing was perfect.

Of all the things that go in to a nursery – bed, crib, dresser, and rocker, the only thing I found essential was a normal sized bed for me.  A snoring sanctuary if you will.  Sure cribs are kinda important, and you need a place to put their clothes, but I needed MY OWN BED people.  With Troy’s work schedule, he has to get up early and then drive a long distance to work a 24 hour shift.  Troy is, how do you say…not good at being tired.  He doesn’t do it well.  The day after I squeezed Jack out, Troy was sleeping at the hospital and a worker came in to empty the trash. Troy, the most mild-mannered person ever screamed at him to get out.  Troy and being tired are not friends.  He doesn’t rally well.  And given the fact that he has a long drive, and then needs to be on the ready to save your ass if you call 911, I want to make sure he gets enough sleep the night before a shift.  So, I wanted a bed in the nursery to hunker down with Bennett the night before Troy goes to work.

But as altruistic as that is, I really just wanted to get away from the snoring.

Oh hell, what if this baby snores like Jack did?  Blocking that out of my mind. Let’s move on.

I have been lucky enough to work with the 4Sleep mattress company over the last month.  They sent me a full/double mattress to try out, and let me tell you, this is the kind of research and blog work I can get behind.

4Sleep is an online mattress company that makes high-quality memory foam mattresses in the United States.  That’s right folks, right here in the good ol’ U.S of A.  We make so few things anymore, that it is nice to sleep on something that provides jobs locally.

4Sleep makes high-quality memory foam mattresses that are shipped for free to your house.  It seems like a big risk to buy something sight unseen…unlain on?  That’s a thing, right?  Well guess what?  They offer a 100 night guarantee.  If you don’t like it and you can return it; no questions asked.  And when you do love it (cause you will), there is a 10 year warranty with each mattress.

The mattress came right to our house, and was immediately tested for quality, durability, and most importantly, bounceability.

We were still putting the finishing touches on the bed frame that this mattress was going on, so let’s just say it was bounced on A LOT.  Even more than the mattress, Jack has very much enjoyed the box this thing came in.

You’ll notice the black tape on the side?  This box has already been well “loved” and attacked by Jack and my nephew.  At some point I’m going to sneak it outside to the curb on garbage day, but for now, it gets beaten every night.  PS, Troy was like “there’s stuff in the background of this video, maybe you should move it”, and I was like “proof that we’re humans.  Laundry drying racks, and a step stool for scraping popcorn ceiling is just keeping it real.  Plus, I’m tired and don’t want to get up”.

We lifted the 4Sleep mattress on the bed frame, and I instantly thought “oh no, we made a huge mistake”.  Our let’s call it “martial bed”…no scratch that, that sounds gross.  The bed we have is a very very expensive king mattress that we bought at Macy’s when we first moved back to Washington.  Troy always has a sore back and that thing (his back) dictates our mattress, furniture, and vacation choices.  It’s a very very firm bed that we both love.  The 4Sleep mattress seemed too soft as we lifted it on to the frame.

Like that headboard? Yeah you do. Tune in tomorrow for how I made it from a piece of plywood and a Target shower curtain. Boom!

And then?  Then, I laid on it, and all was right in the world.  The foam might seem soft, but the way it distributes your body weight when you are on it is so amazing.  And comfortable, and supportive.  As I have mentioned, I wake up at least every two hours.  I’m always groggy and I’m in a daze.  I woke up drooling on night one of the 4Sleep mattress, and I felt so well-rested that I thought “surely, it must already be 4:30 am and time to get up”.  Looked at the clock, and it was 10:54.  I had only been asleep for 90 minutes, but I felt that I achieved a deeper sleep than I had in ages.

After that, I started looking for excuses to sleep in “my room”.  Troy sneezed once, and I said “oops, you’re probably getting sick.  I should sleep in the other room to make sure I don’t catch it”.  “Hang nail Troy?  That looks contagious.  I’ll be in my room”.  After a few nights, he said “I don’t want to be the couple that sleeps in separate beds”.  My response was “I’ve wanted separate beds since we got married.  The only people who don’t want separate beds are the ones who snore.  Everyone else wants their own room and some peace and quiet”.  Life is good at “Camp Sarah” folks.  Life is good.

I highly recommend the 4Sleep mattress for your own needs – separate bedrooms or not.  Check out their story, and what they’re all about, and I think you’ll be impressed too.  And given the big brother nature of Google, check out their website, and then come back to my blog tomorrow and I can almost guarantee that there is a $75 off coupon in my sidebar.  That’s what happened to me, and well, at least make the Google trolls work in your favor.  Edited: 10/8/15: 4Sleep is now offering a $75 off coupon to my readers.  Use “McfrugalPants” at checkout.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make “my” bed now, and dream of the seconds until I can be back in my http://www.4sleep.com4Sleep mattress.  Drooling and all.

Disclaimer: I was provided the mattress free of charge by 4Sleep in exchange for this review.  My thoughts and feedback are all my own.  I could say “this mattress sucks and I hate it”, but I’m too busy crawling in to my awesome new mattress and thinking “is 7:45 pm too early for bed”?  The answer is no, but sadly, laundry just doesn’t do itself.


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8 comments on “4 Sleep Mattress Review”

  1. Hmmm, hubs wants a new mattress, this sounds interesting but I have spent a night on a memory foam mattress before & felt like I was sleeping on a wooden board. Will have to do some research.

  2. Where was this post a month ago!!!

    We just bought new mattresses. I was looking for eco-friendly mattresses, but the hubs refused to pay that much. So, we settled on Denver mattresses “green” mattresses. Better than the standard, but I would have fought hard to get the hubby to say yes to trying out the 4sleep mattress. But, now that we already forked out the cash for two mattresses (the kids been sleeping on a mattress that was the spare kid mattress when her dad was her age) that equals the price for one of 4sleep’s mattress, well, I doubt I will win that war.

    Oh, and after trying to fall asleep while the hubby snored away, I finally just got up. Thankfully, he only snores, usually, as he is falling asleep.

  3. I always had a bed in the nursery. I had a big waterproof pad on the end to change their diapers on so we didn’t need a changing table. And I usually slept in that bed between the 2nd and 3rd (and sometimes 4th) feedings. Once they started sleeping through the night I also used that bed quite a few times when they were sick and I needed to be with them but hopefully still get a little sleep.

  4. Your sons bounce-flip was a definite “10”, Olympic scoring, hahaha.

  5. This bed sounds very comfortable; I will keep it in mind.

  6. That mattress sounds wonderful, I will keep it in mind.