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A Quilt for Violet

One of my best friends in the world, had her third baby recently.  Little Violet joined two older brothers, and inherited absolutely nothing of use from them. Well, nothing pretty at least.

Auntie Sarah simply couldn’t allow that to stand.

The quilt is similar to a few of the last ones I’ve made.  It’s from the book, Patchwork Style, which is worth the $13 just to see the crazy photos of the woman in the book closing her eyes in almost every picture.  Oh, and she is posing while eating an apple with a spoon.  Good times.

Megan loves bright colors, so I wanted to make sure little Violet wasn’t bored to tears with pastels and muted tones.  The camera equipment, and cassette tapes honor the sacrifice that Violet’s dad gave up by replacing his photo and music man-cave, for a baby girl’s room.

The Star Trek is an ode to Megan’s family tradition of watching the show every night growing up during dinner.  The Beatles show Megan and Ethan’s love of music; one of their first dates was to a concert.  The Charlie Brown fabric is to reflect Megan’s love of all things Peanuts (she walked down the aisle to a song from Peanuts), and the rest is just colorful fabric that I enjoyed and thought Miss Violet would enjoy spitting up all over.


I firmly think that girls in our society are “over pink-ified” and covered in glitter, sparkles, and “princess” monikers as soon as they are born.  The back of the quilt reflected that a pretty blue can be “feminine” and just as lovely as something that screams “I need a man to rescue me”.  Boom.

Little Violet was so excited by her quilt, that she spent the majority of the time snoozing in my arms.  Jack was a crazy busy infant – which has followed him into childhood – so I am not used to a quiet and peaceful baby resting the afternoon away.

I’m in no hurry to be a single mom to two kids, but lawd have mercy, my ovaries were barking today.  Maybe someday Troy will have a steady job that allows us to have another one.

Until then, I have little Violet in my life.

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13 comments on “A Quilt for Violet”

  1. Your quilt looks amazing!
    Thanks so much for sharing at Tuesdays with a Twist. Hope to see you again this week!

  2. Respect for not choosing the traditional pink. If I ever have a daughter, I hope to get way with never showing her a Disney princess movie. Or a Barbie doll. >.<

  3. What a great quilt!!! I have a TON of fabric people have given me and I could SO make a quilt with them!! I’ll have to look for that book! Good JOB!!

  4. Beautiful quilt! I completely agree with you – baby girl stuff is overly pinkified.

  5. I love this. I can’t tell from the pics…do you “quilt” by stitching in the ditch?

    • So, I don’t know how to stitch in the ditch, my guess is I probably didn’t!

      It’s a quilt as you go, so you sew the fabric on to a piece of batting (I did 12 pieces of batting). Then, I connect two blocks, and then two more until I have a row. When I have multiple rows, I connect those rows. Then I lay the back fabric face to face with the top of the quilt pieces that have been connected. I sew all around it but about 10 inches. I then pull the quilt inside out, and connect the last few inches. I never do a binding or anything, because I don’t know how!

  6. Hi, my mom quilts. So cool and beautiful. My hats off to those who can do this kind of thing. I am just a writer. Wish I could make quilts too. 🙂 I joined your site and will be back. Great stuff. I want to find ways to eat better too.

  7. Just gotta say….NICE!

  8. That quilt is beautiful and I love all the thought that went into the fabric choices! I hate the aggressive pink thing, too, so I especially loved the back.

  9. Such a beautiful quilt! I’ve been making quilts of all different sorts for what are now great nieces and nephews. Since I have no grandkids and my son isn’t looking to give me any, I had to take what I could get. lol My latest obsession has been those tied fleece quilts…perfect for our midwestern winters. I even made my husband one for the sofa and tv watching…

  10. Wow, that quilt is lovely!