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Azure Standard Shopping List: Save Big Money on Organic Groceries

Save money and time on healthy eating with Azure Standard! Azure Standard is an amazing source for bulk organic and sustainable products at incredibly affordable prices. All the benefits of warehouse club pricing without any membership fees. Save 20-40% off of grocery store prices!

a collage of items from Azure Standard

It can be really expensive to eat healthy organic food, especially if you’re purchasing it from the grocery store. Investing in sustainable food, including pasture-raised meats, organic produce and dairy, can seem like a huge gut punch to your budget.

Sure, it’s worth it. But what if there was a way to save more money on your groceries and support small businesses at the same time?

There is, thanks to a company we have been using and loving for eight years called Azure Standard. In our house, we call Azure Standard the online Costco for hippies.

Azure’s prices are often 20-40% lower than conventional grocery stores, and all those savings add up in big ways.

What is Azure Standard?

Azure is an online marketplace that was born on a family farm in the 1980’s. Dave Stelzer and his family stopped using all the conventional farming “must haves” (pesticides, chemical fertilizers) on their property and eventually noticed how the land and their own health improved.

They sold items in their local community and then their customers began to request items that the Stelzers didn’t grow. So they started to source them, and sell them. And it has only grown from there.

My favorite aspect of Azure is their amazing customer service. They have a user-friendly website but if you need to talk to someone on the phone they go out of their way to make sure they help you to the fullest.

Unlike group buying clubs, your order is yours alone. You’re not chipping in and sharing portions of the same product with potentially sketchy people you don’t know.

I live in a small town and getting some of the items locally would involve either going to multiple stores OR driving to a town 30 minutes away. It’s nice that with Azure we can get everything in one place.

How Does Azure Standard Work?

  1. Check Azure’s website to see if there is a drop point near you. If there isn’t, you can look into setting one up if you’re willing to be the drop coordinator. They now cover most of the lower 48 states.
  2. You sign up. It’s free! No monthly or yearly membership. Free ninety-nine.
  3. Join a delivery drop site near you.
  4. Place your order.

How Do I Order from Azure Standard?

    • You place your order online. You can pay for it online, or COD. If your personal order is over $50 and the group order is over $550 no one is charged for shipping. If your personal order is below $50 they charge a small $5 fee.
    • You go and pick up your order at the scheduled time. Pick up location varies by local community.
      • They also ship to your home if you don’t want to join a drop. Many of the items are very heavy so keep that in mind.
    • Most items at Azure are eligible for “Azure Cash” which is like getting a mini rebate with each order. You can use your Azure Cash to reduce your next bill.

Azure Standard Shopping List

Azure Standard often sells items in multiple sizes so you’re not stuck with a 50-pound bag of rice if you really only need five. They also have their own name brand products which are incredibly affordable.

Azure Standard Pantry Staples

For a full list of my favorite dry goods items, check out my Pantry Essentials.

  • Organic Rice
  • Wheat berries – I grind these in my flour mill and save a buttload over store-bought flour. (Related: Grinding Your Own Wheat).
  • Vital wheat gluten – I use this with all of my whole wheat baked goods
  • Oils – coconut oil, olive oil, walnut oil, and avocado oil
  • Dry/powdered milk
  • Seeds – chia, sunflower, pumpkin, and hemp hearts
  • Nut butters
  • Sweeteners – sugar, powdered sugar, honey, maple syrup, molasses, coconut sugar, organic corn syrup, agave, xylitol, sucanat, coconut nectar, stevia, brown rice syrup, barley syrup, and date syrup
  • Oats
  • Beans – chickpeas, black, pinto, kidney, white, navy
  • Nuts – almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, etc.
  • Pasta – conventional, organic, and gluten-free
  • Unsweetened flaked coconut
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Bone broth (check out this complete guide on where to buy bone broth and you’ll see that Azure’s prices are super competitive)
  • Baking supplies – flour, cornstarch, aluminum-free baking powder, salt (our favorite is RealSalt), and arrowroot.
  • Organic popcorn in bulk. Yes, we buy popcorn 25 pounds at a time. 🙂
  • Spices and herbs, including dried elderberries that I use to make elderberry syrup during cold and flu season.
  • Boxed shelf-stable meals
  • A huge array of dairy-free and gluten-free meals 
  • Baking supplies – parchment and baking cups/cupcake liners. I love the brand If You Care as all their stuff is compostable. 

Some of our favorite Azure Pantry Items/Brands

Azure Standard Refrigerator/Freezer Items

For a full list check out our Freezer Essentials.

  • Fruit for canning pears, canning applesauce, preserving peaches, and freezing cherries. And their oranges are great for juicing!
  • Veggies – they have it all! Check out their bulk storage items like onions and potatoes.
  • Butter – they have every kind you could ever imagine. And yes, you can freeze butter!
  • Organic frozen meat
  • Organic eggs
  • Organic cream cheese, cheese, and lunchmeat
  • Convention and vegetarian and vegan freezer meals

Some of our favorite Azure Fridge and Freezer Items/Brands

Some of our favorite Azure Cleaning Staples


Some of our favorite Azure Health/Beauty Staples

Home Items

Gardening/Micro Farming Staples

  • Seeds! So very many seeds. I bought my original seed garlic from Azure in 2012 and I am still growing that same strain today seven years later. (Related: How to Plant Garlic Step by Step).
  • Animal feed – we buy our organic chicken food from Azure
  • Fencing, and other animal care items

Some of our favorite Azure Home and Garden Staples

Azure Standard Healthy Snacks

Azure Standard Better For You Treats

Azure Standard Prices

Whenever you’re buying in bulk, it’s important to know the price you’re currently paying per ounce and pound. At Azure, you can find amazing prices. But there are also some items that are about the same price at Costco or other stores or are more expensive. 

For the lists and prices above, prices are subject to change depending on the season. For comparable prices, I used a local grocery store. When an item wasn’t available, I used prices on Amazon.

But overall, their prices are much lower than grocery stores, and the products are high quality.

We’ve been paying customers for almost a decade and I love how much money and time they save us. Feel free to drop an email if you have any questions.

Click here to check out the offerings from Azure Standard


This post contains affiliate links and we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you if you click through and make a purchase. This allows me to continue to provide free content, and I only share products that I use and love myself.

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15 comments on “Azure Standard Shopping List: Save Big Money on Organic Groceries”

  1. I finally placed my first order (pick up is Wednesday). I totally forgot about this awesome list! For sure using it for the next order!

  2. Hi there,
    I myself order from Azure. Or did. Let’s just say I found documentation that this has a religious affiliation with posts evidencing extremely disturbing, racist attitudes. I will be honest that I struggle about supporting Azure now. Everything you have said about prices and excellent customer service is true. Makes me sad to find out this other aspect. Just thought you should know the company doesn’t align itself with “love one another”, kumbaya hippie philosophy in any way, shape or form.

    That said, we have a romantic notion of the Amish yet do they vile trash talk other faiths and races, who knows? I just know I don’t want to support such attitudes with my money. What a tragedy.

  3. It was because of your recommendation several years ago that I started ordering from them.  Love this company!  I am in the Midwest and the drop location system works like a charm 

  4. I am thinking of giving Azure Standard a try, but I am really nervous about ordering then not liking it.

    If you could only buy one thing from them, what would it be?

    • You need to spend $50 to avoid any shipping charges, so I’d buy $50 worth of organic pastured butter! Or the big bottles of Bac Out; we use it for laundry, cleaning, and everything!

      For what it is worth, I’ve been more than happy with everything I’ve purchased, and they have a money back guarantee.

    • Awesome, thanks! I’ve never heard of Bac out, might spend some time this week (when I have time) looking into it.

      Again, thanks!

  5. On the East Coast I use United Natural Foods and do a similar bulk order with a group. But the prices and selection has changed since they changed hands. I wish we had something like that here. does anyone know a good link?

  6. It’s a small world for sure… I stumbled upon your blog via pinterest (someone pinned your “Vicks Vapor Shower Disks”) and I thought I’d take a looksie at the rest of your blog… turns out, I grew up on products from Azure Standard! We would go out to their distribution center every few months – they get around the wear house on rollerblades while packing up the boxes to ship out. My dad used to set-up and print their catalog for them.

  7. We buy the frozen blueberries in bulk to make smoothies. YUMMMY!!! The prices have gone up tremendously on them, but it’s still a better price than at the grocery store.

  8. I learned about them back in Oct when we visited my BIL in Portland. Sadly, they don’t deliver/drop anywhere near Atlanta 🙁 But one day we’ll live in Portland too and I look forward to ordering from them!

    • MJ, the West Coast will be excited to have you! My cousin is a Portland resident and loves the city. Hopefully you’ll be able to make the move soon!

  9. There is a local retailer who runs a small business from her farm near me who does Azure. I keep thinking I need to start ordering since I could probably do the large order. I have a family of twelve after all! Thanks for the reminder to get on it, I’m checking them out now.

    • Melissa, it’s a wonderful resource and I’ve found amazing deals! Also since I’m a bit in the boonies, Azure allows me to buy products I can’t find here in the sticks.