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Baby registry wish list

This post is sponsored by The Baby Cubby

The Baby Cubby reached out to me to see if I would be interested in creating a dream baby registry. Um yes, yes I would. But my first question was “uh, what is The Baby Cubby”? My years of research courses for my BA let me to dig down and learn much about this store and website.

Psych, I googled the hell out of it.

Turns out The Baby Cubby is based on the memory of your own personal little space you had as a kid; your cubby. Adults still need cubbies, and The Baby Cubby views your life as your grown up cubby. They strive to help you find goodies to put in your cubby that brings you joy. They have a brick and mortar store in Lindon, UT. Side fun fact: I once read that Utah has more candy stores and candy consumption per capita than any other state. #nerdknowledge

When visiting their actual store, they have some features that you won’t find in huge baby box stores. Things like drive up ordering, local pop up vendors (you know how much I love supporting local whenever possible), a couch and play area, and oh, massages. Yeah. Massages. Spend $49 in the store, and get a free 10 minutes chair massage. If you’re a pregnant or a new parent, that 10 minutes chair massage may just be the best sleep you’ve had in months.

For those who don’t live in the candy orgy state (or maybe it’s the beehive state. No one will ever know), The Baby Cubby also has a full service website. Do as I did, and head straight to their fully-stocked sales tab. And shipping is free on orders over $49.

Now, here is where I get myself in trouble with post sponsors. If I were having my first kid, I would take advantage of lots of hand me downs, and second-hand for certain items. We had the first grandkid on both sides of the family, so let’s just say I didn’t take my own advice, and even if I had, we were gifted so many generous brand new things. If you’re planning to have more than one kid, investing in quality stuff can go a long way to lasting for the second, third, etc. kid. Bottom line, there is loads of room for savings, but people love to get expectant parents gifts, so you may wish to register for some items. Below are some of my favorite picks for a new little addition to any family. Also? Most people only register for “baby” items. Having a mix of newborn through about two-ish years allows people to spread the wealth.

Nursery basics
This Davinci crib is very similar to the crib we purchased for Jack, used as a toddler bed (it also converts to a daybed or full bed), and are using again for Bennett after we painted it a fun teal. It is a solid choice that can be used until your kiddo moves out of the house. Which hopefully happens before the bed wears out.

This crib sheet is cute, and on sale. Buy two. Those babies pee. A lot.

I’m not going to lie, we have a fairly expensive rocker in Bennett’s room. Troy has a bad back (I may or may not call him “Old Man Bitch Back” on occasion…as in daily), and when we were registering for Jack, he hated every traditional glider out there. Ours is somewhat similar to this, and can be used as a piece of furniture elsewhere in the house when we’re done with it. It doesn’t scream “baby”, and it is stupid comfy.

People love to buy (and, ahem, make) blankets for new babies. It’s almost silly to register for them because you’ll get so many, but I can’t help but fall in love with this Little Unicorn bamboo muslin quilt. Don’t put it in the crib with your baby, but it’s great for having on the floor for playing when they’re little, and on the bed when they are older.

Swaddling blankets are great for newborns and are amazing car, stroller, and summer blankets for older kids. My friend Elaina and her family call their swaddling blankets “fever blankets” for when their kids are sick. Their kids are seven and six, so they have gotten their money’s worth!

I am 100% convinced that changing tables are a waste of space. For both our boys, we purchased a dresser, and Troy simply attached a contoured changing pad to the back (and one strap on the inside of the top drawer) and boom, changing space with only one piece of furniture. Buy two covers for that changing pad too. Those babies pee. A lot.

You’ve heard me refer to Troy as “Captain Safety Pants”, and when we worked with Owlet (more on that in another post), I think Troy breathed deeply for the first time in a long time. Owlet allows you to monitor your babies vital signs, and can give you peace of mind when they are asleep. Unless your kids are like mine and just terrible sleepers. Then it gives you peace of mind when they’re rolling around their cribs in 4 am.

I love this print for spiffing up the nursery. Or this one.

We have an old “jogging” stroller (who has two hands and doesn’t jog? This girl) leftover from Jack, and sadly it is starting to go south. We use our stroller almost daily to walk the ‘hood and crazy steep hills around us. If you’re planning to purchase a stroller new, this one would be my dream stroller.

I wish I cared about bags and purses. I don’t. I like a diaper bag that is functional and I wouldn’t cry too hard about getting gross if something happened to it. We cloth diaper, so I need a bigger bag to lug all that fluff around. This Little Unicorn Satchel seems like it is right up my alley, and the price wouldn’t make me puke in my mouth.


I love, love, LOVE my Ergo; it may be my favorite baby item. I use it almost daily, and it is a total sanity saver when Bennett is freaking out.


Baby Cubby sells my favorite nursing cover by Covered Goods, and I adore this bicycle print. It is the only cover I have ever used and felt comfortable nursing in public.

If you are going to pump, and insurance doesn’t cover the cost of the pump, I highly recommend Medela Pump in Style. I used this for both Jack, and Bennett, and while pumping isn’t pleasant, this one makes it suck a bit less. Ha ha, suck. Pumping joke.

I surely can’t be the only mom out there whose boobs leak like the hull of the Titanic for a very long time. Reusable breast pads are my jam, because they’re soft, sustainable, and much cheaper in the long run than disposable ones. I still use the ones I purchased when pregnant with Jack.

My friend Kristina raves about this portable spoon for feeding purees on the go.

Jack never gave a rat’s behind how he was getting milk. It didn’t matter if it was from me, a pumped bottle fed by Troy, or hell a raccoon down the road could have held up a bottle and he would have been thrilled. Bennett, on the other hand, had a very dramatic “you’re killing me, and I will choke until mom comes back” act whenever we tried to give him a bottle. As in any bottle we owned, could borrow or try. He was such a drama queen with bottles. We finally found the Comotomo Natural bottle, and he, at last, allow others to feed him pumped milk without winning an Oscar for “best dramatic performance by an underage actor”.

The Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder fixes the problem of those messy mesh feeder, while still allowing your baby to gnaw to their heart’s content.

Bennett loves when I wear a chew necklace. I wish I had one of these with Jack. They keep him busy when in the Ergo, and it is a ready-made toy if I don’t have something for him to play with.

To hell with nipple confusion; I never wanted either boy to confuse my nipples with a chew toy. I used a Soothie pacifier with both boys from day one, and neither ever had trouble wanting to nurse. And frankly, it gave me a bit of a break.

Pardon me for sounding like a crunchy cliche, but I really like wooden toys. Not because I think it makes me look like a better Pinterest mom, or because it is what trendy parents do, but because they LAST and don’t require batteries. When we finally got out all of Jack’s old toys to look through for Bennett, it was striking how 90% of them were wooden. The plastic crap has a time and place, but it is the wooden ones that outlast. I’d love this one, this one, and this one.


A friend who’s friend paid a highly expensive sleep consultant, was advised to put a non-sound making small toy in the crib along with a lovey. This cute lamb does both. It’s snuggly, but the legs also make it easy to grab, and thus whip around. But part of me also wants this funky looking ostrich. She had me at crazy eyelashes.

In elementary school, we had a program called RIF – Reading is Fundamental. Twice a year, new books were in the library and each child in the school could pick one. For free. I always picked the fattest book, regardless of subject, because that is was braggy nerds do. It is how I came to read Jane Eyre in five grade, and Gone With the Wind in sixth grade. These little board books on classic literature make me so happy. I wonder what Mr. Rochester looks like!

Get a few wet bags, because they are money in the diaper bag. Wet or dirty clothes stay isolated from the rest of your gear in these washable bags.  We have three little ones, and three large ones, all leftover from Jack.

Sleepsacks are so great for keeping babies warm and cozy once they’re able to roll over. If it wasn’t for the fact that I have to pee every other hour, I’d totally get an adult-sized sleep sack; they just look so darn cozy.

If I could register for a great night’s sleep, I would scan that code in a hot minute. But since I can’t, picking out some fun things via The Baby Cubby was the next best thing. Scratch that. Actually shopping there and getting a freak chair massage would be the next best thing. While eating gummy bears, cause you know, Utah.

Thanks to The Baby Cubby for sponsoring this post, and letting me have a blast creating a customized registry.


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