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Best Podcasts Part III – And a Big Announcement

The best podcasts for all your listening pleasures. My favorite entertainment, comedy, politics, pop culture, and business interest podcasts.

best podcasts

I have a problem, people. A big one. I am officially addicted to podcasts. I listen to them any chance I get and find almost any excuse to take a walk, play them when I cook and clean, and even blast them when I’m writing. I’m listening to one right now as I write this.

Previously I have shared two posts on the best podcasts I have found. Read up on Part One and Part Two if you’d like. My tastes have changed a bit and I have more of a focused interest in my listening preferences. I’ve cut out shows that I didn’t love or felt like they were just no longer my jam. After a while, some hosts grated on my nerves and I pressed the delete button. I’m someone who will usually hold on to something (friendships, professional relationships, etc.) for far too long. Part of working for myself and just getting older has shown me that I don’t have time for bullshit anymore. I don’t love your podcast? You’re gone. Time is valuable and why waste it? Over that.

Since my last post on the best podcasts, I’ve moved into a more entrepreneurial mode. I started by listening to Food Blogger Pro, which then spiraled into many others. I find so many amazing ideas for blogging from these shows and have adapted tips and tricks to this space and my Etsy shop. Most of the changes are behind the scenes, and easily 99% of them aren’t apparent to anyone but me. But I’m happier and more motivated than ever. That being said…there is a huge obvious change coming your way in early 2018 and I’m so excited about it!

At some point in January/February 2018, I’ll have a whole new website. And…a new site name! I listened to an episode of Food Blogger Pro where a blogger talked about rebranding her site. Every single thing she said struck a chord with me. It was everything I have been feeling for the last eight months. It was like a sign – permission to take action on what was in my heart. I got on the waiting list to get on the waiting list (<—– that is a thing) for a whole brand spanking new site. Recently we put down our deposit (vomit inducing) for the redesign, and work should start at some point in December.

Before you ask, the new name is still a secret. 🙂 But I also want to reassure you that while the name and the look of this place will change, everything else is staying. Things you have come to enjoy (or maybe tolerate) will still be here. How I write, what I write about, and all that jazz is staying as is. The new name will be a reflection of the direction I have moved this space in over the last three years. So it is actually less about rebranding and more about just making sure everything is more aligned to reality. I’m excited and can’t wait to share it with you!

Holy tangent there. Let’s get back to podcasts, shall we?

Here are shows I listen to any chance I can.

  • Biz Chix – a business coaching podcast from a female perspective. Oddly enough I feel like it can be a bit too touchy-feely sometimes.
  • Crimetown – they only have published season one and are currently working on season two. I loved it.
  • Food Blogger Pro – so helpful and it is what got me started on the whole blogging podcast train (toot toot).
  • Hilarious World of Depression – still loving this show and happy to have it back for season two. Comedians with depression and other mental illnesses discuss their lives with the whole who is also a comedian with depression. If you or someone you know lives with depression, this podcast examines in from a refreshing perspective.
  • How I Built This – still adore this podcast and have loved almost every single episode. I learn so much and get so inspired by these entrepreneurs.
  • Make Me Smart –  I respect the hell out of these hosts and they have such wonderful insights into political and technical topics. They do a really good job of trying to present topics from multiple angles.
  • My Dad Wrote a Porno – they’re on break right now, but man oh man I can’t wait for the fourth season. This show makes me laugh in a way that very few things do. I got my sister-in-law addicted to it, and we text weekly to recap when there are new episodes.
  • My Favorite Murder – still enjoying the topic and banter. Still find the hosts a bit dramatic.
  • Pantsuit Politics – blog reader Anne suggested this a few months ago and I enjoy it. One of the hosts is a Democrat and one of the hosts political affiliation is in flux. She used to only identify as a Republican but now seems to be a conservative Independent. The women have been friends for years and discuss issues from a nuanced perspective. It isn’t a debate format so they don’t each take a side of an issue and argue about it from their viewpoint. Often times they find more in common than anything. I have a process crush on the conservative Independent host Beth. She is so extremely thoughtful and says everything my brain wishes it could say. Just a head’s up, both of the hosts are not supportive of the current president or congress. The conservative host feels like there is no place for her in the current Republican party.
  • Pod Save America – still funny, still definitely progressive. Loads of excellent guests. I’m an Independent, but I’m also a friend of the pod. 😉
  • Pod Save the People – I have a hard time getting through these episodes. I’m sticking with it because I learn so much from a perspective I’m not ordinarily privy to.
  • Pod Save the World – fascinating guests, and topics that are rarely talked about in such depth. My favorite episodes are when they have had members of the other party on to discuss foreign policy. Like Pantsuit Politics, the discussion is respectful and the host and guests often have more in common than you would think.
  • Pop Culture Happy Hour – funny and the hosts discuss tv shows and movies on a weekly basis. Much of what they talk about I had never even considered watching. I’ve seen some great movies (Baby Driver) and started a new series (The Happy Place) based on their recommendations.
  • Pro Blogger – I’ve learned so much from this podcast about the behind the scenes aspect of blogging and running an online business. Great actionable items that makes a lot of sense to anyone in the digital space.
  • Simple Pin Podcast – so much great Pinterest information from a business standpoint. Things I never even knew or considered (did you know there is such a thing as a free business Pinterest account that gives you access to data and analytics? Me either.) that have helped me understand Pinterest more. Until now it was a big black hole of confusion to me. Now it’s a smaller gray hole. Baby steps.
  • Smart Passive Income – this was recommended by some of the other podcasts I listen to. I don’t think all of it is relevant to my life, but I love the host’s enthusiasm!
  • Stranglers – this podcast finished up season one and I hope they’re coming back for more. The show did an in-depth look and investigation into the Boston Strangler. Fascinating and right up my true crime alley. Why isn’t Unsolved Mysteries on anymore? Nothing like watching TV as a family about unsolved crime while Robert Stack and his trench coat try to scare the crap out of you. Memories.
  • Stuff You Should Know – this one was recommended to me by a few of you. I have a huge backlog of episodes to listen to because the topics aren’t timely and can be listened to at any point. Most of the topics are also safe for kids, and I always enjoy the episodes even if I don’t play them right away.
  • The Chopped Podcast – She does fascinating interviews with food bloggers, and I learn something new each time.
  • Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me! – a classic. No explanation needed.

Here are the shows I subscribed to but haven’t listened to as of yet. They all piqued my interest enough sign up. I just haven’t invested the time to start them yet.

  • Heaven’s Gate – I haven’t listened to this season yet but heard the first episode via Stranglers and I was intrigued enough to subscribe. I love hearing about cults. I’m weird.
  • Still Here – I read about this series in a news story and it sounded fascinating.
  • Intelligence Matters – the host of this show was on Pod Save the World and he was professional and so intelligent that I immediately hit subscribe. Plus I’m a giant news/political junky nerd.
  • Invisibilia – my cousin raved about this show and it was her first podcast experience. I really need to listen to it soon.

And because I’m always looking to add to my list of the best podcasts, I would love more of your suggestions! What are your favorites?

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20 comments on “Best Podcasts Part III – And a Big Announcement”

  1. I’m working on a mindless mini project so wanted to listen to a podcast. Have to start somewhere, and since I love your blog I started one you recommended: my dad wrote a porno. It’s hilarious.

  2. I just started this summer with West Wing Weekly. Entertaining and fun.