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Best Stocking Stuffers

Best Stocking Stuffers for anyone on your holiday list this year. A range of prices and gifts will help you check off anyone on your list.

best stocking stuffers

My husband and I grew up with two very different experiences when it comes to Christmas stockings. My stocking was handmade by my grandma and was often full of an orange, a new bath puff, some chapstick, and maybe a book.

Troy’s extended family had stockings that were so large we put our (then) three-year-old inside of one. When Troy and I got married, my mother-in-law gave me his stocking and said it was up to me to fill it if I wanted. Guess what? I didn’t want to. In fact, my husband and I stopped giving each other Christmas, birthday, Valentines, and anniversary gifts about eight years ago and I’ll never go back. It removes all the pressure from holidays and really helps our budget.

In 2015, my older son ended up in the hospital just prior to Christmas, and we dealt with the implications of his health until well into the new year. I was eight months pregnant and working insane hours on a time-sensitive project, we were all physically and emotionally exhausted, and it was a miracle that we were even able to make Christmas happen. Jack woke up, and we realized his stocking was empty. He was so sad that Santa had forgotten him. Oy.

This gift guide for the best stocking stuffers will help you find a little something for anyone in your life. Notice I said a little something.

1. iPhone Charger Sticker Faces – perfect for a teen or silly techie in your life.

2. Three Ingredient Lotion bars – winter is a time for holiday magic, cold weather, and super dry skin. Homemade lotion bars are not only a cinch to make, but they work. People love homemade gifts that help their lives.

3. Record Coasters – this cute/cool set of coasters are made from reclaimed records and are sure to be a big hit. Get it…big hit?

4. Cards Against Humanity – not a game to play with your church group, but hilarious, dirty, and oh so fun.

5. Theo Chocolates – years ago someone at work gave me a Dark Chocolate and Orange bar from Theo for Christmas. It was clearly an “oh crap, I don’t know what to get this person” moment, but it turned out to be such a happy accident. It was the best chocolate bar I had ever eaten. After I devoured it, I found that it was a Seattle company, and their chocolates are Fair Trade, Organic, GMO-Free, and many of the bars are vegan-friendly. A Pacific Northwest grocery store called Fred Meyer (Kroger owned) often has these bars on sale 2/$5.

6. Easy Homemade Chapstick – maybe I am biased to these simple little chapsticks, but this 15-minute homemade gift is not only easy but says “hey, I made this”. In my experience, only cyborgs don’t use chapstick.

7-8. Books! Get any book that would be enjoyed by the giftee. My older son is getting a Hardys Boys graphic novel and Mighty Jack. What can I say, we have a thing for getting him books with his name in the title. For a list of my favorite books, please see this gift guide for book lovers.

9. Peppermint Bark – homemade anything is love, and homemade peppermint bark is not only love but easy love. Make a tray of this for your neighborhood cookie trays and set some aside for those you love.

10. Fleece-line gloves – oh my, these gloves are so soft and so warm. Everyone I know who has tried on my gloves has immediately bought their own. They come in over 40 different colors and trim styles (bows, bling, sparkles, cable!). You will never be sorry to have these gloves in your life.

11. portable cell charger – in the shelf-life of cell phones, my phone is ancient. As a result, the battery dies faster than the couple looking for a tryst in Central Park during the opening of Law and Order. My friend Elaina introduced these little portable chargers to me. I keep the charger in my stroller and it gives me a sense of security. <—- cause it’s parked next to my pepper spray. Just make sure you get the correct adapter for your phone style (it may be sold separately).

12. My Nana’s Almond Roca – this is always the first goodie that disappears from a cookie tray. The recipe is very easy but involves a lot of stirring. Your arms are going to look ripped, and your giftee will be so happy to receive some ‘roca.

13. The Pampered Chef Garlic Press – goodness, it is amazing how often this thing gets used in my kitchen. It gets everything out of the garlic clove -evvvverything. It’s easy to clean, ergonomic, and I just love it. I’ve had mine for years and have gifted the product to others I love. Blog reader Kati is a Pampered Chef consultant and can help you find this little gem for yourself. <— no kickbacks for me. I just wanted to help a reader out.

14. Homemade Vanilla Extract – did you start your vanilla this summer like I recommended? If not, that’s ok too! You can still put vanilla bean(s) in a pretty bottle, fill with booze and slap a “ready in March” label on it.

15. Republic of Tea Peppermint Chocolate – this tea is delicious and exactly what I need with some hot milk on a cold morning. It satisfies my sweet tooth without all the sugar. The peppermint bark version looks delicious as well. I find in my area that World Market has the best selection on Republic of Tea products.

16. Jessie Spano I’m So Excited mug – I own this mug and you should see the look on anyone’s face when I serve them a hot drink in it. If a part of your childhood involved the late 80’s and early 90’s television, this mug is for you!

17. Peppermint Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer – I buy a six pack of this every two or so years (it lasts forever) and I love it. Natural ingredients and it smells amazing.

And when in doubt, go old school and put a few oranges in the stocking!

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10 comments on “Best Stocking Stuffers”

  1. My husband and I don’t do gifts either. Neither of us are good at gifts and it takes the pressure off! We go out instead. So this Friday we are both getting the gift of a child free night out at our favorite Indian restaurant!

  2. What? No Ken Follett books? Guess you’d need a BIG NAIL and a pair of pantyhose for that! : – ) Merry Christmas!

  3. We decided to have a “consume free Christmas”….. but its so hard. So I might have to cheat. As my husband is American and a stocking is an American tradition (I am German) this might be my loophole!
    I think its stressful to give gifts, but once I vowed not to, I encountered a few things for my kids that I would LOVE to give to them!
    I love how you mix the homemade in with the purchased. Maybe we will try: one game or book, something handmade and something delicious 😉

    • So a common American saying (that very few people actually follow because we’re a country of consumerism) is “Something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read”.

  4. I appreciate your list, but mostly wanted to tell you that my group of friends from church is also my CAH group. It’s the best game ever :).

  5. This is a handy list, I will check out the fleece lined gloves for my sons. Don’t tell, top secret.

  6. I introduced my hubby to stockings and now he’d rather do that then gifts. Our stockings always include an orange (gold for wealth), an apple (for health), a banana (for laughter) and some sort of chocolate (for luxury). After that it’s just small stuff: fridge magnets, always a tooth brush, thumb drives, pens, tiny notebooks, key chains etc.