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Blackberry Picking: from the viewpoint of a four year old

I never realized what it must be like to be Jack during our berry picking expeditions.  Being pulled along in the wagon without much say in where we go, or why; he is just along for the ride.

I finally got to see things from his perspective when I was looking at my phone on Monday afternoon.  Apparently I didn’t lock my cell phone which was still in the wagon, and Jack felt the need to take advantage of such a rare opportunity!

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15 comments on “Blackberry Picking: from the viewpoint of a four year old”

  1. Yum! Roll on Summer (it’s just about Spring here in Australia). Hi, btw, I’ve visited before, but never left a comment 🙂

  2. These days, if my phone camera is used by a kid they are taking “selfies”. I think I need to leave my camera for my youngest once in a while. These pictures are great!

  3. Love this. Good to remember that our kids are little people. 🙂 What fun to see the day from his eyes.

  4. This was an awesomesauce post. That is all.

  5. I gave my son the iphone while we were at the grocery store and out of all the games he could play, he decided that he would take pictures. I had lots of the floor and different shelves in the store. It was sort of funny. I saved a few and I should post them! It is funny when you see things from their perspective.