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Burning questions for your blogger

A few years ago, I did a post called “Burning questions with your blogger”, where readers asked me questions, and then I answered them.  Pretty much how things work around here; you tell me to jump and I say “how high”!

I had such a good time doing this before, that I wanted to give it another shot.  Here’s how it works:

-You ask a question in the comments section
-I’ll do a post next week where I answer all of them

Seems easy, yes?  Seems fun, yes?  Let’s get started!

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15 comments on “Burning questions for your blogger”

  1. Hi Sarah, I have 2 questions 🙂

    1. Why are your in-laws moving in with you??

    2. Do yall get to go on vacations much??

    I love your post. They make me so happy.

  2. Perfect! I have something I have been dying to ask. I read your post “On the Path to Cheapness” all about how your family was forced into frugality. I was wondering how ugly was the transition? Were there any huge roadblocks like anyone getting really upset about having to give up a particular thing to make the budget work?

  3. my question is, how do you spend so little at the grocery store? I do have two teenage boys, I’ll give you taht, but I spend about $150 a week. We are NOT eating steak and lamb here, by any stretch. It’s hamburger meat, fresh fish OK tht’s pricey but healthy, and frozen $2.23/# froze Walmart chicken breasts. No soda, $5 worth of ham cold cuts, lots of frozen veg’s, no bakery bread, maybe one bag of chips a week. I am really trying to save, and I cook from scratch every night except pizza night ($12 for a plain pie in NJ), but I am sooo over budget. I can’t coupon — around here we get coupons for “$1 off of three packages of cereal” — like that’s a bargain??? Thanks for your help.

  4. IF you could only eat five foods for the rest of your life (condiments are free so they don’t count), what would they be??

  5. Have you ever had a question you didn’t answer? LOL That’s mighty brave of you. I am your newest follower.


  6. The frugal practices – were they practices you knew of because you watched parents/grandparents, or things you learned as an adult?

  7. How in the world do you get everything done? Are you an incredible organized person. Or require very little sleep?
    What do you do to relax just for you?
    How do I retrain my adult palate to like foods that are good for me but taste like monkey butt?

  8. My phone didn’t let me finish. Just wanted to add that I adore your posts & stop everything to quick read them.
    Did you know that the bottom of each post you email out it says that the “most” might include links. Always makes me grin 😉

  9. I really enjoy your blog and also wonder how you get everything accomplished when you work full-time and, it seems, long hours at your paying job. So my question is, what is your paying job?

  10. How do you expect your home life to change once your parents move in? BTW, you are such an inspiration to me. How do you have the energy to work so hard, do so much at home, be a great wife and mother and keep your sense of humor?? Love you!

  11. 1. Does Troy read your blog?
    2. What does he think of the blog?
    3. Do you have any gnomes in your gardens?

  12. While out and about has a stranger ever approached you, recognizing you from your blog? Pretty sure if I ever met you in person I would geek out all intense like.

  13. What town do you live in? I’m in Washington as well, and I’m not trying to stalk you or anything, but it helps me picture things better!

  14. How do make money blogging?

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