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Chocolate Optimus Prime suckers

First, let’s clear any pretense that these are healthy.  They’re not.  But, they’re also not plastic toys that break 10 minutes after you send them home with the kids.  That is if they make it home in the first place!

Jack’s party was this past weekend, and since we had a handful of kids coming, I thought it was finally time for the old “goodie bag”.  Most kid party goodie bags are full of sugar and toys, etc., and while I don’t have a problem with that if that is what you want to give out, I wanted something unique.

Enter, the Optimus Prime chocolate sucker.

These were really easy to make, and pretty cheap to boot.  I purchased the mold off of ebay for $3, and plan to use it as a mold for homemade Jell-o in the future.  The sticks were purchased at JoAnn Fabrics for $.77 after coupon.  The chocolate is courtesy of Trader Joe’s big “One pound plus” chocolate bar, in addition to about 1 cup of chocolate chips.  All in all, I spent about $5.50 on the chocolate.

My friend Mary recommended melting the chocolate on low in the crockpot, and that worked so well!  Make sure you stir it around every 20 minutes or so, or you’ll burn your chocolate like I did with the first batch, or so I’ve heard.

After cleaning and drying your mold, place the sticks in the stick slot (that’s what she said), and slowly scoop out chocolate to fill the mold.  It worked out to about 3 tblsp per Optimus Prime.



Then put the mold in the fridge until hard (that’s what she said) which was about 20 minutes.

Gently bend the mold like you were trying to (gently) get ice out of an ice cube tray, and the sucker should pop out.

This made about 30 suckers total!  That works out to $.31 per sucker.

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7 comments on “Chocolate Optimus Prime suckers”

  1. Would it be wrong to make these for my husband’s 38th birthday? He loves Optimus Prime, and this looks easy and fun…

    pandora665 at yahoo dot com

  2. We just had my 4 year olds bday and I would have loved something like this. I couldn’t find molds anywhere!

  3. Fun! & I know it’s immature, but your “that’s what she said” jokes make me giggle everytime.

  4. This is fantastic! I just received race car molds I bought on ebay and was planning to buy Pound Plus. I googled instructions on how to make the molds and found your site! I’ve been reading some of your other posts, and we have so much in common.
    Quick question: How long did it take for the chocolate to melt in the crockpot? I have a very old (30+ years old) crockpot that my MIL gave me, which I think is a bit slower than modern ones, but still works great. Did you do it at the low heat setting? I’ll definitely stir every 20mins or so; thanks for the tip and for everything else!