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The most delicious Make-Ahead Christmas Morning Breakfasts ever! You’ll find lots of easy ideas for overnight breakfast casseroles, healthy dishes, and sweet treats.

9 photos of breakfast dishes

Make-ahead breakfasts for Christmas morning mean I am popping something into the oven or air fryer and just walking away. These awesome make-ahead breakfast recipes have something for everyone in your family!

Tools That Will Help You Rock Your Make-Ahead Breakfast Game

Setting yourself up for fast prep and proper storage means you’ll be whipping up these make-ahead breakfasts at lighting speed!

  • Glass storage – have everything stored in these safe and air-tight containers. See-through containers mean nothing is hiding in the fridge going to waste.
  • Glass meal prep containers – if you’re like me and hate food touching, these are the perfect meal prep containers. Divided so no food can mingle and contaminate the other stuff. As it should be.
  • Food processor – it chops, blends, dices, and mixes. I have had this same food processor for over 10 years and it is a kitchen workhorse!
  • The greatest all-purpose mixing bowl – it is glass but not too heavy, has a great handle, can go in the fridge or freezer, and even has measurements right there!
  • Immersion blender – whipping up a ton of eggs at once or a sauce has never been easier thanks to this stick blender. Oh, and clean up is a breeze because this gem is dishwasher safe!
  • Baking sheets – I own so many of these and they are in constant rotation. They’re great for baking (see how to bake bacon recipe below!), roasting, and freezing make-ahead goods in a single layer. And in a pinch, you can use them to cover a frying pan or large pot. Or in my case, deflect Nerf bullets that are flying at your face while you cook.

Make-Ahead Christmas Morning Breakfasts

The most delicious Make-Ahead Christmas Morning Breakfasts ever! You'll find lots of easy ideas for overnight breakfast casseroles, healthy dishes, and sweet treats.


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  1. I bought some eggnog to try the bread pudding, but we ate all the bread before I could make it ????

    Thanks for this list!