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Homemade Butter in a Food Processor

Last week I read this post by Ashley English and knew I wanted to try my hand at making butter. Apparently butter making is not something that takes place too much these days.  I found this out when I sent a friend a text saying “Jack and I are going to make butter this weekend”!  She responded with “you mean like with a churn”?  My answer “bwahaaa, no with a cuisinart”.

Ashley has great instructions on the particulars.  Basically take 2 cups of heavy cream and let it come to room temperature or about 72 degrees.  Our place is wicked cold, so after  3 hours, I had to help out the “room temperature” aspect with 15 seconds in the microwave.

Step 1: ask your assistant to add the cream to a food processor:

 Step 2: whip for 5-8 minutes:
Step 3: place butter mass in a sieve and allow it to drip for a while:

Step 4: rinse butter in a bowl in cold water until the water runs clear:

Step 5: If you want salt added, do it now.  With butter on a cutting board, press it with your hands or a spoon to remove moisture.  This part took the longest for me and my right arm got very sore.  I’d love to make butter again, but will definitely look for an easier way to remove the moisture in the future:
Step 6: ask your assistant for an official taste test:
Homemade butter on homemade bread?  “More pwease mommy”!
My 2 cups made about 8 oz.  I transferred to jelly jars, covered with a paper towel and lid, and then turned them upside down overnight to drain off any excess moisture.  The results is gorgeous whipped butter:

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13 comments on “Homemade Butter in a Food Processor”

  1. Wow girl. Just. Wow. I bet that tastes AWESOME!

  2. We love homemade butter. Hope to see you join us for future Frugal Tuesday Tips.

  3. Good job! I made butter before but it turned rancid pretty quick. Might be cause I didn’t get all the moisture out. Maybe I will try it this way again and see what happens!

    Thanks for linking!

  4. BTW did you keep it in the fridge then or on the counter??

  5. Wow,I want to try this. That is so cool. I’m curious how this lasts? Salt is a preservative, so maybe that helps.

  6. @Sara, I pressed the ever loving heck out of thAfter turning the containers over with the paper towel for the night, I still got some residual buttermilk. So 24 hrs later, any moisture that was left was gone! I stored one on the counter and let’s see…it lasted 4 days.

    @Kimberly, It may have lasted longer than the 4 days without issues but we ate it all! I stored the other container in the freezer. I did add salt to mine.
    is butter so it was almost moisture-free.

  7. ^wow, sorry about those formatting issues!

  8. When the first of my radishes come up, I am making real butter to eat with them! Can’t wait to try it! Particularly since butter is at $4 at the store. Ouch.

  9. omg that was so cute! and a great tutorial at that! I want to try doing this some day too (:

    you could probably add herbs or spices at the stage when you add salt for flavoured butter right?

  10. I will keep the receipe cause I’ve always wanted to give it a try. Thanks for sharing

  11. We make homemade butter at home too…but in a whole different way. Each time I’m cooking with heavy cream, I almost always have some left over. If you put whatever is left in a small tuperware bowl (with a good fitting lid), you can literally just shake it to make butter. 1 cup of cream takes about 5-10 minutes of vigorous shaking to fully separate the butter from the buttermilk. It is a REALLY good work out for arms too. 🙂

  12. I remember hearing stories of “pressing” the butter in cheesecloth or floursack that was tied tight. You could put the “butter sack” in a collander with something heavy, like a glass bowl on top for weight, and leave it over a mixing bowl to catch the liquid. Might be worth a try?
    Love your posts, hon! Keep ’em coming.

  13. I know this is an over two-and-a-half year old post, but I wanted you to know that I finally made some today! It was a little more work than I had expected, but the taste I had was amazing! (I didn’t have an assistant) I can’t wait for my husband to try it.
    Thank you!
    Also, just so you know, your link doesn’t work, but I located the post that I think inspired you here: