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If you’re new around here, confessions is a time for us to all unburden ourselves of the silliness we’re feeling at the moment. I share dumb things, then you share dumb things, and we all have a better day because of it.

Let’s get started!

A woman with a finger up to her mouth saying "shhhhh"

Confession 1

Ok, people who walk around the neighborhood with regular coffee mugs…WTF are you thinking? Do you not have a travel coffee cup? Are you not clumsy and promise you’ll never drop that cup, shattering ceramic everywhere?

How does this even work? Especially people walking a dog! I do NOT UNDERSTAND.

Confession 2

Speaking of walks, there is this house I pass on my daily walk. It usually has a travel trailer parked in front of it so I’ve never seen an unobstructed view of this place.

I recently noticed that the trailer had moved and someone was sitting behind it in the yard. Probably drinking coffee out of a regular mug.

Being a friendly neighbor, I waved but kept walking when they didn’t wave back. I don’t have great eyesight, so I didn’t take the slight personally.

The next morning, they were back out there. I waved. Nothing. RUDE.

The next morning. Still there. Waved. Nothing. 

Turns out that wooden fisherman sculptures aren’t all that friendly when you wave to them. In my defense, I’m an idiot. Also, remember that terrible eyesight thing? Yeah…

Confession 3

Bennett desperately wants to be a kitten named Mittens when he grows up. Every morning when he wakes up, he meows super loudly to let us know he’s ready to get up. It’s my favorite way to start the day.

Confession 4

There is no one more hopeful or unaware of reality, than parents of small children who bring chairs to the beach. 

Confession 5

I don’t understand the purpose of shaving cream for shaving your legs. I think it is part of the “pink tax” that women pay for products that marketers tell us we need.

Sure, I used it when I was a teen and diligently read the “best shaving cream” article in YM, but as an adult? Nada.

Regular soap on a bath puff works great. Even cheap conditioner works and moisturizes like a dream. 

Confession 6

Dear parents: when you’re out pushing your kids in a stroller…if the sun is in your eyes, it is in your baby’s eyes too! 

I can’t tell you how many squinting red-faced kids I see on my daily walks. Even in the middle of the day when the sun is beating down on their pasty little legs, the cover remains folded up.

And Jack didn’t like hats or the sunshade, so I dealt with that tantruming for months. But we’re pale AF so it was was not up for discussion. Cover them babies!

Confession 7

There is no quiet way to eat popcorn, but I think my kids have taken the loudness to the next level. They’re SO obnoxious!

Ok, friends, your turn! What do you need to confess?

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33 comments on “Confessions”

  1. I feel Confession 3 in my soul. Our 4 yo is doing the same damn thing.

  2. 1.  When people bother me and try to get ahead of the line for help at work they get moved as far back in the queue as I can get away with. *Keep opening requests for the same issue and you go down further. Unless you have director, treasurer or payroll in your title you are no more special than the 109+ Other people who are waiting their turn. 
    2. Super stress week at work. Two days in a row I had a chocolate chunk brownie topped in chocolate ganache for breakfast.
    3. I love when karma messes with people who deserve it. Does that make me a bad person?. A big Whig  bully is getting moved from a windowed office on the top floor to a closet. A real closet. Not even a real desk in there. CLOSET! I feel so vindicated. I hope my little corner of the world will be a safer place now. At least safe from bully’s. 
    4. Had to walk out at work because my vision changed rapidly, rainbows and blank spots – scary stuff. thought I was having a stroke or going blind. I got stopped on my way out- told them I was going to emergency appointment and the jerk had the nerve to say —-your coming back today aren’t you?! That was Monday. Never went back to help that person. They can wait till next Monday now. (Stress induced ocular migraines are apparently a thing! Harmless but scary!) 
    3. I am now planning on getting a chocolate chunk brownie covered in ganache for breakfast Monday too. 
    Part confession part rant. 🤣

    • omg, i hope you feel better, can step away from the work stress for a moment!!!

      TOTALLY agree about making people wait longer if they’re being an asshole 🙂

    • I hate to say it but maybe have your blood sugar checked! I get those visual disturbances when my blood sugar is super low and a sundae for breakfast could cause a crash later in the day, I bet. (I’m not a doctor, though!)

    • Here is to hoping that your migraines go away and brownies can continue as a part of breakfast. Is that too much to ask these days? I think not.

  3. Confession 1. Totally walk the dog with an open coffee mug. He is a scent Hound, so much of the outing is spent standing still while he catalogs the scents on every blade of grass. 

    Confession 2. I do not let my adult children drive my vehicle. The children were back for three months during peak pandemic (one from college; one preferring to work from our home rather than from his small apartment) and were quite useful for shopping and other errands, and it drove me batty to wait the 7 seconds for my seat to adjust when I unlocked the vehicle. After about a week they were driving husband’s vehicle for errands.

    Confession 3. Ketchup is gross. 

    Confession 4. People here in our new adopted hometown leave their vehicles idling empty now that it’s summer while they are in the grocery store; Walgreens; whathaveyou. I want to leave notes on their windscreens, but first I have to clean up the language. 

  4. Ugh, my dad is one of those “has travel mugs but refuses to use them” people. He drove me to school and we lived up a hilly, gravel road. Totally ruined my favorite shirt one day because we hit a rut in the road and the coffee spilled all over me. To make matters worse he would just toss the mugs in the floor board when he got to work and never bring them in til mom realized there were no mugs in the house. A few broke from rolling out when the door opened and so my mom banned him from using the favorite mugs of the rest of us when he ran out of other mugs. That’s the only reason my Beauty and the Beast mug has survived!

    I was just saying last night that I felt so lied to by the shaving industry. Like, I knew early on that commercials showed them shaving hair free legs but I still thought that with the right razor/shaving cream or soap combo I could achieve smooth legs. Wrong! A scrub is required post shave for optimal smoothness (at least for me) and I had never even thought about that until reading something totally random on Pinterest.

    • Did his car reek and was it totally stained??

      I’ll have to tell my sis about the scrub thing! She has really coarse dark hair.

      • I don’t remember if it reeked but it was incredibly stained.
        Seriously any scrub will do. I had some facial scrub that just wasn’t right for my face and used it up on my legs! Now I’m just using a homemade sugar scrub.

  5. My mother-in-law always confused me by driving with a regular coffee cup…filled to the top. And she drove like a maniac with that cup just sitting in her cup holder. I never understood how she didn’t spill it but I swear that coffee never moved.

  6. LOL 🙂 Wooden fishermen – I’m drinking my coffee out of my Bubba insulated mug with a lid, btw…good thing I’m wearing a mask at my desk or I would have spit my coffee on my screen! (Yes, I’m reading your blog on company time…shhhh. And I had to get a fresh mask.)

    I use conditioner for shaving…much smoother and lasts longer than shaving cream. Though if it’s been a while, I’ll use both. I also need to see where the razor has been.

  7. I have seen my next door neighbour, on more than one occasion, heading out to the car (as a passenger) with a very full regular mug.  I don’t get it either…
    I think Bennett needs a cat costume.  🙂 
    I have been using cheap conditioner for shaving for so long, I couldn’t even tell you….  My grown daughters were taught to use it from the beginning too.
    Confession 1: I am switching (gradually because I am finishing the chemicals that I have purchased) to non toxic (or less toxic?), more sustainable, home made cleaning products.  But not telling anyone.  
    Wow….  the initial outlay is pretty expensive though.  I remind myself that these things will last a very long time and (likely) be cheaper in the long run.  I think I only need three more things to make my arsenal complete. (about $40 CAD)
    Confession 2:  I had another confession all typed out and deleted it because it looked more like a pity party no matter how I wrote it.  And that wasn’t the goal.  (typing it out helped me feel a little better though!)

    • With all the costumes we have, I’m shocked there isn’t a cat one. Yet. I guess he could be a cat sloth?

      What kind of stuff are you buying to make the cleaning products? We spend $7 for a 13 lb bag of baking soda and $6 for 3 gallons of vinegar at Costco.

      • A giant box of baking soda (I used to purchase amounts as needed to fill my small jar for baking), washing soda, borax, pretty blue glass spray bottles (not ‘necessary’, but wanted!) are already purchased.  Now I need liquid castile soap (Costco sells it!) and lemon essential oil.   There are other oils I COULD get as well, but I will build those up slowly.  I already have a big bottle of vinegar.   I am going by early-morning memory, but I believe I will be able to make oodles of scouring powder, soft scrub, all-purpose cleaner, window cleaner and stainless steel polish with those. I should have all my items well before I finish my existing products.  I am excited to start using/making them.

        I feel like a cat sloth won’t work.  But Halloween stuff is starting to sprout up at dollar stores here, so ears should be easy and inexpensive to get now!  My kids are in their 20’s now and I STILL have all their old Halloween costumes!  I’m SURE I have a set of leopard ears here!

  8. 1. My kids start in person school on Monday, part of me is anxious and part of me is so very grateful to be able to get my days work done ALONE!
    2. Rude people are everywhere, a simple excuse me, or a thank you. Are those too much to ask?
    3. Speeding cars in my neighborhood! Ideas needed (other than yelling at them to slow down).
    4. Picky eaters–2 of my 3 are picky AF, I am so over it.
    5. Grateful that I am alive to voice displeasure at a few of the above mentioned things!

    • How has the first week been?

      I was a very picky kid, and I feel like I have grown into an adventurous adult. I know it’s frustrating to try to deal with us, but there is hope! Also, my parents never catered to my eating. Ever. If I didn’t want to eat it, then the meal was over and I could eat at the next meal.

  9. Loud? You wanna
    Hear my hub eat celery. Or tortilla chips!

  10. Haha, I’ve been teased for bringing coffee from home to work in a normal mug. I have a LOT of insulated cups but sometimes they’re all dirty or lost. Confession A. I’m always running out the door so not really time to wash an appropriate travel cup either. Guilty.

    Here’s why I HAVE to use shave cream. Confession B. I don’t shave my legs very often because I hate it like a chore (and I have dark hair) So, when I do finally decide that enough is enough, I definitely  need a map of where I’ve been so I don’t miss a spot and shave cream really helps with that. I’ve tried the other methods, I think they provide the glide but not enough visible enough for me.

    Confession C. Kids…ya can’t live with ‘em and you can’t live without ‘em

    • Yes to the needing a map! I always, always miss a spot. Or 12

    • The map!!!! 🤣 I get it! And not wearing glasses in the shower you really do need that map!

    • Troy always has at least 3 insulated mugs in his truck and then gets frustrated when there aren’t any in the kitchen.

      I wonder if it is the set up of showers that dictate how we shave? I have a tiny shower and have to move the showerhead to shave. Even with soap from a body puff, I can see the map (without glass or contacts). But I also have to go section by section because I can’t keep my whole leg out of the water without turning the shower OFF.