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If you’re new around here, confessions is a time for us to all unburden ourselves of the silliness we’re feeling at the moment. I share dumb things, then you share dumb things, and we all have a better day because of it.

Let’s get started!

A woman with a finger up to her mouth saying "shhhhh"

Confession 1

I hate, hate, hate, HATE the term “boss lady” or “lady boss”. It’s boss. No need to assign a gender to it.

Confession 2

A few months ago, we tried some bamboo toilet paper that I found on Amazon. It was HORRIBLE.

None of us could wait until it was all gone. The worst part about it was trying to get the roll started because I swear they super glued the end of the roll to the rest of the roll.

One day, I walked by the boy’s bathroom and I heard Jack yell from inside “One star. Do NOT RECOMMEND”. I didn’t stop laughing for at least three days.

Confession 3

I never finished watching Hamilton on Disney+ and I’m not the least bit embarrassed about it. I’m not a musical person and nothing can make me one. Not even history.

Confession 4

Mom jeans can go straight into the dumpster fire hell of 2020. Why are these back? Why? I saw Cindy Crawford’s daughter wearing them. She is a model and even SHE looked terrible in them.

Ladies, these were mocked and eliminated from society for a reason.

Confession 5

One day the boys and I were driving home down the main road. The car in front of us took a left and I noticed that their brake light was out.

It wasn’t the turn I would take but I knew the road would eventually take us home, so I followed them to let them know. The car parked eventually parked in a driveway and a young Latino man got out. 

I let him know that his brake light had burned out. He thanked me profusely. He said he was so grateful that I was the one who stopped him and not the cops. 

It was another stark reminder for me that I have the assumption of safety when I get pulled over. I did nothing to earn that assumption; it’s just based on how I look.

Confession 6

Our neighbor’s beloved dog passed away last year. He was the first dog my boys weren’t scared to be around and they talk about him all the time. The dog’s name was Jack (their other one was named Sarah. Both named before they moved in.), so I’m going to refer to him as “the dog” or else it gets confusing.

In the last few weeks, Bennett has taken to pretending the dog is his “spirit dog” and follows him around. Bennett sleeps with his “crew” of three stuffed animals – 2 kitties and a sloth – each and every night. Recently, I saw that two of the animals were at the foot of the bed and he was snuggling with only one of them.

I asked Bennett why the kitties weren’t up with him, and he said that the ghost of the dog was taking up too much room in his bed while they were snuggling.

So, that was…interesting.


Ok, friends, your turn! What do you need to confess?

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38 comments on “Confessions”

  1. I’ve had it with people who post photos of their food plate on social media. Food and cooking is one of my greatest interests but I don’t care what you’re eating. What you are eating is not interesting to me, unless we are sharing a meal. It is a vanity to think anyone is interested in what you are about to eat, are eating, have eaten. I know not everyone agrees with this, but I suspect a substantial group does.

  2. Girl boss, business chick – it all irks me so so so much. 

    I get irrationally mad when men cut me off in traffic. It must be feminist reasons, but I can’t stand being pushed around. I try very hard to keep it in check but someone did it to me the other day and got a beep, middle finger and expletives yelled out the window. Not my finest hour ???????? 

    • I think the middle finger and expletives are totally fine!

      It’s not like you called a grocery store to complain about a delivery driver or anything. That would be excessive…

  3. The whole Hamilton thing: I have never been on board. 1. I am not a big fan of musicals and 2. I barely passed American History in high school, so yeah um no. 

    I hate mom jeans too. I barely got use to the skinny jeans and leggings. 

    You are braver than me, I would be a scared to follow a vehicle even if it is to do a good deed. People are just too on edge lately. 

    I too bought ‘nasty’ smelling hand sanitizer and keep reminding myself to be thankful to have it and stop being so picky, but man it smells terrible!

    I keep thinking about getting a puppy but then slap myself back into reality and realize I work too many hours and it would not be fair to the dog.

    • History was always my favorite subject! I would have helped you out in HS.

      I still wear skinny jeans. Screw anyone from telling me what I can or can’t wear! My friend in Europe said that women are wearing super wide-leg jeans over there and I refuse. It’s no longer 7th grade and I’m not wearing that crap.

      Have you seen the mechanical stuff cats that are designed for lonely seniors? I really want to get Bennett one for Christmas! Might solve your puppy issue. They had one at a pharmacy when I was filling a prescription last year and Bennett was obsessed!

      Here is the kitten/more affordable version:

      edited to add, holy crap they have a dog version too!

      • Thank you for the link – I most definitely will check this out! I almost bought a stuffed black lab just because I miss my labs so much. We had 2 and adopted a 3rd. They all lived very long (15 1/2 yrs each) lives and have been gone for about 5 yrs now. 2020 has made me miss having a dog even more.

  4. I have unnecessary anger at political signs and posts and conversations. I have this urge to go around the neighborhood and just light the corner of each and every sign (I don’t care if it’s for president or a local judge) with a freakin’ lighter. I can feel my blood pressure rise whenever someone talks about it!

  5. I’m almost embarrassed to admit to people that I didn’t like Hamilton. I watched it, because I wanted to have something to talk about with ppl on FB, because, you know, who gets invited to dinner parties LOL, but…. I hated it…It was … interesting, but the first five songs I just didn’t care for. It’s better after that, esp. the king’s song, but overall just not my cup of tea and I admire LMM for having written an incredible work like that (Tim Rice/Joseph Dreamcoat too), but … not diggin’ it.
    Am pretty much ready to strangle DH and DS if I don’t get some serious alone time. Not sure where to go to get it but I spent 30 minutes in the grocery store parking lot just reading a book because I was so craving solitude (we have no walk-in closet ala Holderness Family). (Look up their videos on YouTube if you really want to laugh about the pandemic, they’re hilarious.) It’s not that they seek me out to bug me. They just are bugging me by breathing at this point. I need to be away from them.
    We have an extra-wide lawn and everybody uses it to turn around. One car actually drove up onto the lawn like there was a driveway there. Do I drive on your lawn? Then don’t drive on mine. What is up with that. Someone has to mow that lawn and when it’s rutted, it’s impossible.

  6. I like your son have a spirit dog as well. He was my first beagle named Cooper. (I’m on beagle number 3 now). He stays near by and occasionally jingles his dog tags for me. Your neighbors dog must of felt a deep love for your son which allows him to have the spirit dog experience.

    • I have loved beagles ever since reading Shiloh as a kid! Do you want to hear something funny? Our neighbor’s current dog is Cooper. That means he has had Sarah, Jack, and Cooper since they moved in. 🙂

  7. When my kid was a toddler, she’d occasionally ask “where the cat?” and “where the cat go?”. We’ve never had a cat. She’d point up the stairs and tell us the cat was up there. She stopped sleeping in her crib and moved to a toddler bed when she was two because she insisted the cat came into her crib and scratched her. We called it the Ghost Cat. She’s seven now and doesn’t see the ghost cat anymore but occasionally shadows do weird things in my old house at night and I swear I see it sometimes.

  8. I feel you on #1 so much!!! I unsubscribed from following a person because they started referring to themselves as a “boss babe” and “boss bitch” Like you work, congratulations, so do the rest of us.

  9. I bought a bottle of handsoap (which are still in short supply where I live). It smelled so terrible that I contemplated just throwing the whole thing out. I felt too guilty to just throw it away so I attempted to mix it with another scent? flavor? of soap and it turned into this gloopy mess that never fully mixed and smelled even worse. I tossed it.

    Re: confession #3: Preach!

    Re: confession #4: Please make sure anything paint-spattered or acid washed also ends up in the same dumpster as mom jeans. I loved the 80s and wore all of these things but IMHO, they should have never been brought back.

    Re: confession #5: Couldn’t it have just as likely been that he didn’t want to incur the cost of a ticket?

    • Re #5: there was legit fear on his face. I got back in the car and Jack said “why was he so scared”?

      Oh noooo to the hand soap! I have heard of that happening with locally produced hand sanitizers around the country.

    • Listen I bought a whole bunch of Bath and Body Works liquid hand soap. They are giving me ezcema. Love the smell. If DH finds out he will not react well. They were on a really good sale – like half price. But… no one around to help me use them up. Usually my one son, I don’t know, I think he drinks them or something, but he went away to college. I think B&BW sells hand cream too LOL…

    • did we have this conversation about the hand sanitizer on IG? I remember talking with someone about it, but can’t remember if it was you or not.

      I forgot about the paint-splattered crap! But most of the mom jeans I’ve seen are acid washed. Ugh.

  10. 1. Even worse is “girl boss,” especially when used by a grownup. You. Are. Not. A Girl.

    I refused to watch Hamilton when I heard they were using rap. I do love musicals, but I am a bit of a nut when it comes to historically-based drama. You do not want to watch the Cate Blanchett Elizabeth movie with me, because I will yell about the historical inaccuracies, and the idea of the Founding Fathers RAPPING just sends me over the edge. I don’t care how much it sends people into ecstasies about whatever, I’m not watching or listening to it.

    I guess in general I don’t like to read, watch, or listen to things JUST because they are popular and everybody loves them. In fact, that’s a good way to get me to NOT look into something.