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If you’re new around here, confessions is a time for us to all unburden ourselves of the silliness we’re feeling at the moment. I share dumb things, then you share dumb things, and we all have a better day because of it.

Let’s get started!

Confession 1

I used to have a giant crush on Bob Costas. Yeah, Bob Costas, the sports announcer. Jealous?

Confession 2

I buy a mix of expensive organic apples and decent organic apples. And I hide the expensive ones from the boys and save them FOR ME. They love apples. But they don’t appreciate the fact that they cost a bit more.

Confession 3

Why can’t TV shows keep the sound consistent? This happens with tons of shows, but it especially sucks when they have curse words in them and you’re trying to watch them while the kids are in bed.

We’re making our way through Schitt’s Creek and it’s the worst for this. It goes from whispering to SCREAMING in a flash.

Confession 4

I hate when books put lyrics or poems at the start of a chapter. I don’t care. I don’t want to know. Just let me read the actual book.

Even from a young age, this drove me crazy. I used to completely glaze over the fiddle songs in all the Little House books. Give it a rest Pa.

Confession 5

Bennett has one long curly eyebrow hair that makes him look like an 80-year-old man. Every night I am tempted to pluck it, but it also looks kind of adorable, so I’m keeping it.



Ok, friends, your turn! What do you need to confess?

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25 comments on “Confessions”

  1. This is kind of gross but up until 3 week ago I was picking my nose like a normal person… I am lysoling and clorox wiping the hell out of everything, and actually washing the tops of the hand sanitizer bottles!  I am  obsessed with reading about the Royal Family. I also love watching anything about them.  I also skipped over the singing part in the Little House on Prairie books. Boooooring!

  2. I love confessions. Being in the elderly group sitting in the house on death row, I’ve realized I’m much more social than I ever thought I was. I’m lucky that my daughter lives with me to be the grocery pick up person. I think this will not end for much longer than we ever thought. Please stay safe.

    • This whole thing has been a very weird experience as an extrovert. Do you think you’re actually an extrovert or just a social introvert?

      Stay safe!

  3. I am so thankful my husband is an essential employee right now. He was home for 4 days in a row and I was ready to murder him. If he doesn’t have a project to work on he is all up in my bidness needing attention. Gah!!!!

    It would be even worse right now since Sunday night I decided to be distracted whilst sewing and now have a needle in my finger. The er Dr only made it worse, so hovering is also worse. Sweet, but makes me murderous. “No touchy!”

    I also hate that talking in shows and movies is so soft, then the action and music is deafening.

    We just started watching Atypical, and besides the mom having an affair 2 episodes in, we are enjoying it. The affair just feels random and out of left field with no lead up or real reason considering her supposed devotion to her autistic son.

    • Haha, I’m the same way!! If Troy takes one day off (they have to pick vacation days for the whole next year in November, so all his scheduled time off was arranged before this whole thing started), he is home for 5 days in a row. I’m like “go back to work”!

      Wait, the needle is still IN your finger?

      • Yes, it was still in my finger. If I could, I would attach a picture of the X-ray. Thankfully a surgeon removed it yesterday. After removing my nail, he just pulled it right out. Now, I get to flip people off all day long, unfortunately that is only my family since we are staying home.

      • Whoa, that’s intense! And I’m sorry your flipping off action is so lame right now

  4. My newly created homeschool is clothing-optional, apparently.

  5. Because I was sick all winter, and moved directly into COVID19 quarantine, I do not remember the last time I wore a bra.

  6. Holy guacamole, Batman, I thought I was the only one who hated those lyric/poem/whatevers at the beginning of chapters! Like, who cares? Just get into it! The only one I like is Darynda Jones’ paranormals always start with canny t-shirt phrases and they’re hilariously aggressive.
    My kids and husband FART. ALL. THE TIME. How can one body have so much gas? I’m eating the same things! Why do their male bodies produce 10x more gas and why does it have to come out, AT ME? This is true 24/7, not just during isolation measures.
    I got all excited because my son and his girlfriend want to paint my son’s room (they were together when isolation started, so they are together now too). He has a pre-school mural on the wall and it has not been painted in about 18 years. It’s time to move on. Then my husband comes in and is like, “Oohh well uh huh well I will just have to halt all progress on this by inserting myself with another home improvement project… I think I will tear apart the crown molding it took me 10 years to construct and install, and maybe spray in some insulation …. dunno…Maybe I’ll think of some other way to slow this whole thing down …” I am so pissed.

    • Here it’s belching. I have all boys, and the burping…I don’t know. I eat the same things, mostly, but my guess is they eat faster than I do and swallow more air. So. much. burping.

    • Exactly – get on with it!

      I heard a great quote that said “be useful or get out of the way”. Sounds like your husband needs to get out of the way.

  7. I’m with you on the TV sound. Also the sound levels (and repeats) of adverts on streaming services. Also, I’m getting close to turning on subtitles for the shows with mumblers.

  8. I’m the same about poems and lyrics in books. It’s bad when reading them out loud to kids. I totally didn’t read those parts! ????

    I totally agree about movie or television volumes too.  it’s always sunny in Philadelphia has lots of yelling, that was a hard one to watch when kids are sleeping. But it’s so funny! It’s actually not bad if you watch Netflix alone on your phone you can use headphones. Not so good to do that if trying to watch something with another person. Unless you like being real cozy! 

    • Is It’s Always Sunny on FX? Because FX shows are THE WORST! It goes from quiet to level 459 in about 30 seconds. It’s across the board terrible for all their shows.

  9. I thought I was the only one who hated poems /lyrics in books! I absolutely love the Kathy Reichs books that the TV show “Bones” is loosely based on but she sprinkles lyrics in a lot and I hate them. In the earlier books they were usually songs I’d never even heard of so you can’t even sing them. She’s updated some of her references recently so it’s not quite as annoying but I could still do without.

  10. Same with #3, but with movies and their soundtracks! Oh my gosh, the Dark Knight movies with Christian Bale are the worst…the dialogue is all quiet and muted, so you turn it up, and then the sound effects blast you into the back of the sofa.

    I hate, hate, hate the sound of yawning. You know the sound I mean? The loud, squealing kind of yawn. I even hate the sound of MY yawns, so I make them as quiet as possible…but nobody else around here does. I adore my family, but I hear a big noisy yawn (WHY), I have to suppress a brief, homicidal urge. My dad used to make big, noisy, productions of his yawns, and it. drove. me. nuts. I’m not sure if this is evidence of me being a sociopath or not.

    This whole flour shortage has ironically made me a flour snob. We used to do just fine with store brand all purpose (unbleached). Then my husband, in a fit of “all the flour is gone” bought a bag of King Arthur Self-Rising Flour, reasoning we could at least use it for pancakes and biscuits. Well, it made FANTASTIC pancakes and FANTASTIC Irish Soda Bread. Then the next time he went to hunt for flour all that was left was King Arthur All Purpose, and I made some bread, and I am forever spoiled. I don’t even eat the bread (gluten gives me headaches), but I could tell as I was making the bread that the flour was just…better. The dough came together better, it smelled better when it was baking, and the texture was better. I have a stash of store brand all purpose and we’ll use that up, but you can bet that after this is all settled down and flour is back in the stores on the regular, we’re a King Arthur family.

    • Christopher Nolan who directed the Dark Knight does that in most of his movies. It’s so annoying!

      I’m with you on King Arthur. I have been using their bread flour for years since it is a needed ingredient for the communion bread I make for church. They are a fantastic product with an excellent company culture. I’m always happy to support them. I have found that Target has the best prices on KA. You can also order directly from their website but they are noting shipping delays at the moment.