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A day in the life

Wake up, got out of bed, ran a comb across my head…nothing like a Beatles reference to start a post, eh?

When Troy and I lived in Los Angeles, we loved to ride our bikes around the neighborhood and go to open houses.  We lived in a teeny tiny apartment in a really nice neighborhood, so it was fun to see how the “other half” lived.  We’d stash our bikes out of sight of the house, I’d fluff my helmet hair, and we’d walk around the open house proclaiming things like “ONLY 6 bathrooms…we’d really prefer 7.5 at the least”.  We weren’t fooling anyone in our Old Navy, Target, and Goodwill outfits, but oh it was a blast!

So, what does insight does it give you, the reader of this blog?  It’s that I’m nosey.  I like to see how other people live.  If you’re in the same boat, I welcome you to take a peak at what a typical day in my life looks like.  I’ve chosen a day where Troy isn’t home in the evening because he is at his (unpaid) internship, because that is indeed a typical day for us!

4:45 am:  awake!  Getting up at a time when only fishermen, bakers, and meth addicts are awake isn’t so bad in the summer when it is light.  During the late fall and winter, it blows.  Send a good morning text to a friend who is on Eastern time.

4:45 – 5:10 am: shower, hair, make up, etc.  Side note: I can get ready faster than most men in the morning!

5:10  – 5:30 am: stumble in to the kitchen to pour Jack’s coconut milk in to a sippy, see what needs to be thrown in to the crockpot, taken out of the freezer, etc., etc., for dinner tonight.  I make sure my work bag and Jack’s diaper bag are squared away, and get stuff out for my smoothies.

5:30 am:  I wake up Troy and then we wake up Jack.  After a quick trip to the potty for Jack, Troy and my boy head down to the basement to play with toys and get in to all kinds of fun mischief.  I finish tidying up the house, get dressed, load the car, etc.,

6 – 6:35 am:  commute to my aunt’s house.

6:35 – 6:45 am:  drop Jack off, visit with aunt and uncle.

6:45 – 7 am: commute to work.

7 am – 5 pm: work, work, snack, meetings, work, work, internet, eat, work, committee meetings, work, snack.

5 – 6:05 pm:  Return to my aunt’s, visit, haul Jack and his crap in to the car, and commute home.

6:05 – 7:15 (ish) pm:  cook dinner, feed Jack, bath, naked time (for Jack!!!!) snuggles, books, stories, and bed.

7:15 – 8:00 (ish) pm: clean up from dinner (pack leftovers for lunches tomorrow), prep for dinner tomorrow, and work on special food projects (make yogurt, granola, soak beans, water kefir (that is another post for another day!), etc., etc.).  Now that we have internet, I’ll watch some TV via hulu playing on the laptop on the kitchen counter.

You know why food bloggers always take gorgeous up-close photos of their food?  Cause they don’t want to show you what the rest of their kitchen looks like.

8-8:15 (ish): (occasionally) write blog post, and schedule it to post for the next morning.

8:15 – ???: work in the garden – spread mulch, pull some of the 76,209 weeds that are awaiting my attention, stake tomatoes, plant new stuff, tear old stuff out, etc.

9 ish: depending on how dirty I got in the garden, I’ll take a shower.  If no shower is needed, then I’ll typically watch a little TV, work on a knitting project, surf the web, etc.

9:30-10 pm: depending on the day I’ve had, I get, fall, or crawl to bed.

Variations: if Troy is home, I will typically work out for 40 minutes after the kitchen is cleaned up and dinner for the next day is prepped.  If I get nice and sweaty and need a shower, I’ll probably then head out to the garden to get even dirtier!

Weekends: I sleep in until about 5:30 am ish, and then get my butt in gear.  Jack’s nap time always finds me batch cooking, bread baking, or cleaning.  Now that Jack is older and we let him watch a bit of TV, a 45 min Dinosaur Train DVD is a lovely distraction to let me get some other crap done!

If Troy actually happens to be home on the weekend, he and Jack typically spend the afternoon playing, going to the library, getting in to trouble, etc., while I work on kitchen projects.

So, how about you dear reader?  What is a day in the life like for you?

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15 comments on “A day in the life”

  1. This is totally my life…just on the East Coast!