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Diaper pail deodorant cakes

For my sis.

Ingredients-baking soda
-essential oils (again, I like the peppermint)
-muffin tins and papers. Don’t worry, no muffin tops needed for this recipe
-filtered or distilled water. Don’t have distilled water? Bring water to a boil and let it rest for a few hours – voila, distilled water.

I don’t measure when I cook, but use small amounts otherwise you’ll get a shit ton of these things. Pour water (1/2 cup ish?) in a bowl, add 5-however many you want drops of essential oils, and add baking soda until it makes a really really thick paste/putty.

Put in muffin papers in muffin tins and let harden overnight. When they’re dry, they’ll resemble a white hockey puck.

That’s it. Simple. Cheap. And easy. Just like some girls I knew in high school. Who said that?

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16 comments on “Diaper pail deodorant cakes”

  1. Thanks dude…as usual you rock!

  2. Oh this is nice because ours always smells!

    Jennifer Shaughnessy

  3. Thanks again for the recipe! The cakes work awesome, but once the cakes were covered w/ diapers they didn’t mask the odor as well so I created a diaper cake hanger. I attached a 3M adhesive hook to the can, threw a few cakes into an old knee high nylon, made a loop and viola!

  4. Amers, you are a true genius!

  5. Fun idea! I’ll have to try that some day.

    Not that it’s of any real importance, but boiling water is not the same as distilling it. If you were to capture the water vapor and redirect it (via a retort), the condensed vapor distillate would be “distilled water.” Boiling water leaves the salt, minerals, etc. in the pan, even if it boils until the cows come home.

    But like I said, meh.

  6. You’d only have to distill it if you were worried about bacterial growth, such as with lotions. Since you’re throwing this in with diapers…plain water will probably suffice.

  7. Also, I’m making this right now.

  8. Great to put in places where you have mice coming in too, because the mice do not like the peppermint smell!!

  9. These work brilliantly – thank you! I’ve made a ton for us with spares for all our friends.

    Anon. is right about distilled water being different from boiled water… I took it from the water drawer of our condensing dryer, but you could also take it from the water container of a dehumidifier – in both cases the water you normally throw away is distilled water having being distilled from the atmosphere/wet clothes.

  10. Have you ever used witch hazel? Will this work as a deodorizer still? I have some in the oven to make shower disks and hoping now I can use them in the diaper pail too. Not sure why the recipe I saw used witch hazel instead of water, but I hope they turn out.

  11. THis seems SO easy. Love your blog and I love that the name of this section is “Hippy Shit”

  12. Naphthalene comes into homes as an ingredient in mothballs, diaper pail odor-blocking inserts and some insecticides. … Don’t use toilet deodorant cakes. Hygiene Products

  13. Gonna add this to the list of great ideas to give new mothers to save money! Aren’t we all looking. Just bumped into your site today. Thanks!

  14. Gonna add this to the list to give new moms. Aren’t we all looking for a new way to save some money?!

  15. Going to put in bathroom(out of reach) for extra help with litter box smell