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Easy DIY Dinosaur Hoodies

Dinosaur hoodies are an easy DIY project that is perfect for any beginning sewer. Homemade dinosaur hoodies are fun for kids of all ages.

dinosaur hoodies

I saw a kid wearing a dinosaur hoodie and thought it couldn’t be too hard to make myself. I found an end of season clearance sale, and the toddler hoodies were only $4 each.  Once I figured out how to make it, this was a project that came together in a snap. These are perfect and inexpensive gifts to give. They’re inexpensive, super speedy, and kids love them. They may not be expertly-made, but they’re definitely made with love.

Dinosaur Hoodie Supply List
-straight pins
-thread corresponding to the color of the felt
sewing machine

1) Start by tracing and cutting a diamond in the felt.  Then use that as a guide to cut out the other diamonds.

dinosaur hoodies

 2) Pin the middle of the diamond over the seam of the hoodie.

dinosaur hoodies

3) Sew a standard stitch down the middle of the diamond and do your best to keep the seam on the seam of the hoodie.

dinosaur hoodies

4) Bring the diamond together and stitch along each side of the triangle.  Repeat for all the other diamonds.

dinosaur hoodies

dinosaur hoodies

dinosaur hoodies

Then, go outside and enjoy your new hoodie!
dinosaur hoodies
dinosaur hoodies

Yep, it is really that simple.

Once you tackle this super easy project, you can move on to things like homemade gift wrap, rice bags, or even a beginner’s cheater quilt. The possibilities are endless; you’re only limited by the amount of patience you have for trying to rethread your stupid bobbin. Seriously, that is the hardest task for any new sewer to master. I remember being in tears trying to get the hang of mine. If there was a service that went around and rethreaded bobbins, I don’t care how much it cost. I would pay it, and I would pay it gladly.

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10 comments on “Easy DIY Dinosaur Hoodies”

  1. Wow! Such a great idea, your hoodie is so cute darling xx, Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing tips Sarah

  2. Oh my goodness!! I didn’t realize how much B looks like Jack AND how much MORE sunscreen you will need now, lol.

    Very clever idea on the hoodies.

    How is your dad making out on his RV journey? Was hoping on your Sunday chatting you would give us an update. I try to remember to say a prayer for him.
    Hugs from PA

    • Those are pictures of Jack. 🙂 It is an old post I updated (instructions were confusing and the photos were tiny before). He was probably three there.

      But yes, oh my yes on the sunscreen. They’re both so very pale. Not that I can talk.

      He took a nine-day trip to the ocean as a trial. He heads out again for a month or so this weekend. He likes it a lot, but I know he misses the boys when he is away.

  3. So cute, you could totally continue down the back as well!!

  4. So cute! Does the felt stand up to standard laundering? Or does it tend to fray?

  5. This is AWESOME. I have a daughter currently obsessed with dinos. I have a sewing machine collecting dust. This seems simple enough for me to do!

  6. Adorable! Love the colors! Good job, Sarah!