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DIY Jedi robes

Jack requested an Angry Birds Star Wars birthday party this year.  Knowing he already had an Angry Bird Star Wars shirt, and my friend Kat had already designed an invite for our friend Erika’s son, I was totally on board.  The least creative I have to be in coming up with original ideas, the happier I am.

Until Wednesday hit.  I suddenly realized that we hadn’t decided what to get Jack for his present.  Thinking quickly, I remembered some ugly brown fabric I had left in my sewing cabinet leftover from making some Jedi robes for The Wonder Twins some time last year.

Wheels churning, time running out.  Boom, Jedi robe for Jack.

The original idea came from these guys.

You’ll need:
-Ugly and cheap brown fabric
-Sewing machine

1) Double your fabric with the regular side of the fabric together (you want the back side showing), and have your victim model lay down with their arms in a “snow angel” fashion.  Draw a chalk outline around them.


2) Lay the fabric out so that you can see the chalk outline, then fold it in half lengthwise.  This is the time to do any “clean up” you might want to do around your original tracing.  Starting from here down, the photos were taken at 8 pm in a basement.  Sorry!


3) With the fabric still folded in half, cut out the robe, and unfold.


4) Pin all the open ends together, excluding the bottom of the robe, and the arm holes.  I hemmed the bottom of the robe, but it’s not necessary depending on your fabric.

5) Sew the pinned sides together.

6) Cut a slit down the middle, and then hem each side.

7) Cut out your hood (regular side of fabric together), and sew the back side.  See the original tutorial for a great drawing.


8) Pin the center of the hood, to the back of the robe.  Sew a simple stitch to connect the two pieces.


9) Turn the whole thing right side out, and gift to your youngling.


The birthday force was strong with this one.

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5 comments on “DIY Jedi robes”

  1. Great tutorial! Its always a good reminder that we can save money by making things ourselves. I’d love to include this post in our EVERYTHING FRUGAL linkup

    Becky @

  2. I am loving this. Lucy would be happier than ever for something like this!!! Now I just need to learn to use my machine……..

  3. Love it!

  4. Nice little victim/volunteer you’ve got there!

  5. This is great!

    Now I just have to teach myself to sew =)