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Lego Dresser Drawer Organizer

A dresser drawer organizer made entirely from Legos. Use up leftover blocks to create an organized dresser drawer for free.

dresser drawer organizer

There are moments in my life when I say “self, you are crushing it and living your best life ever”. Then there are moments when I think I am off my rocker. And then, moments happen like this when I think it is both. I’m living my best crazy life.

I made a dresser drawer organizer for my underwear drawer. And I made it out of Legos. Well, Duplos actually.

So in my underwear drawer, I store underwear (newsflash), bras (what’s the point even?), and sports bras (another entirely unnecessary item of clothing for me). And every few months I organize and separate them and it works great. For a time. Slowly but surely, the bras start mingling with the underwear, and then the sports bras try to join the party and things get weird.

You know how much I like things organized. I’ve looked at buying a dresser drawer organizer before, but nothing really spoke to me. It seemed like an annoying expense and so I went without. Bennett got a set of Duplos for Christmas, and they were added to the giant bin of Duplos we already own. I looked at them sitting in there and realized Legos are essentially a blank slate and you can build anything with them. A-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. Even an organizer for my underwear drawer. 🙂

The building took only a few minutes and was actually pretty fun. I took everything out of the drawer and placed blocks in what seemed like a reasonable layout.

dresser drawer organizer

Since the blocks weren’t attached to a base, I made sure that the second layer had blocks overlapping the space where two blocks weren’t connected.

dresser drawer organizer

And then I kept building. After four layers, it seemed just about right.

dresser drawer organizer

Nay, it was awesome.

A dresser drawer organizer from Legos – free, easy, and fast. What’s next? A bookshelf made from Lincoln Logs?

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3 comments on “Lego Dresser Drawer Organizer”

  1. This project cracks me up!! Very clever. And frugal. And effective!

  2. So clever. I’ve used cereal boxes and duct tape because I have no kids and no one buys me Legos ( sad trombone). I must admit to a bit of jealousy, though. One of my bras would take up that entire drawer! Hmm, now I must figure out an equally awesome storage solution, besides a shrink ray.