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Jackie Jack turns five today.  At 2:30 am.

I’m not a super sentimental kind of momma.  I don’t weep over old baby clothes (though I will admit my ovaries were barking when packing up his newborn cloth diapers last weekend for my pregnant cousin), and I don’t get misty-eyed about the fact that my kid is not a little baby anymore.

Jack, by now, you know your momma isn’t super “mom-ish”, and I tend to call you “chicken” or “dude” more than sweet little pet names.  But you also know that I love you more than anything on this earth.  And I am so proud of the boy you are, the boy you are becoming, and the man you will become.

Love and kisses (even though you hate them),

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9 comments on “Five”

  1. happy birthday ! ๐Ÿ™‚ So many cute photos ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Great review of those 5 years, and Happy Birthday Jack!

  3. Happy Birthday Jack! Love the photos (and the compost shirt!).

  4. Great set of pictures!

  5. Happy birthday, Jack!!! You keep that mommy of yours on her toes!!! You are as smart as you are good looking!!

    GREAT photos!!!

  6. Jack has such beautiful eyes! Nice.

  7. Happy b-day to the little man!