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Gift Guide For the Home Cook

This Gift Guide for the Home Cook will help you find the perfect present for the foodie fanatic in your life. These 11 amazing gift ideas will make them happy!

multiple cooking items for a gift guide for the home cook

  1. Wondermill grain mill – an expensive upfront purchase that pays for itself fairly quickly. And by pays for itself, I mean makes amazing homemade ground flours. This post talks more about the ins and outs of grinding your own flour.
  2. Norpro Magnetic Knife Bar – this knife bar totally transformed the look of my countertop.  Anyone who has read this blog for longer than 10 minutes, knows how much I hate clutter.  This got one more thing off of my counter, which means I love it.
  3. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer – This mixer is a member of the family. My life was incomplete without her in it.
  4. Ricer – a ricer makes the best mashed potatoes ever, as well as being a critical part of homemade gnocchi.
  5. Immersion blender – When mine broke, I immediately ordered another one for two-day delivery. This gets so much use in my kitchen on a weekly basis. I just used it yesterday to make Gluten-Free Tomato Soup.
  6. Food processor – So many of my homemade recipes start with this bad boy. Like my hummus or Homemade Lara Bars.
  7. Lodge cast iron skillet – A workhorse in my kitchen and it gets used almost on the daily. Try making delicious Home Fries in it.
  8. Air Fryer – I bought my air fryer in fall and have been loving it. Of all the things I fry it in it, tofu seems to be my absolute favorite. Try Air Fryer Fried Tofu With Orange Sauce; sooo good!
  9. Dutch oven/casserole dish – You NEED one. Or two. I can’t remember my life before Dutchie and Little Sprout came into my life. No Knead Dutch Oven Bread is a perfect first meal for your new dutch oven.
  10. Instant Pot – The fifth member of our family. So many recipes and so little time! Like Instant Pot Beef Stew, Chicken Pot Pie, or Nutella Breakfast Quinoa.
  11. Microplane grater – I use this thing weekly and love it! It works great with citrus zest or hard cheeses.

Sadly, not one of these things will actually wash and put away your dishes. Maybe next year?

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