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These Gifts for the Busy Home Cook will help you find the perfect present for the frantic foodie fanatic in your life. These 18 amazing kitchen tools will save them time and make cooking a breeze!

an instant pot, mixer, cast iron skillet, and other kitchen items for busy cooks
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Assuming you don’t have an infinite amount of time in the day, chances are you or someone you know are looking for shortcuts in the kitchen. You can love to cook from scratch and still want to spend less time chopping, mixing, or cooking.

Everyone knows meal prep can save you time and money by eating at home. But doing everything by hand can take forever. Bringing in some fun multi-purpose kitchen tools can cut your prep and cooking time in half.

Whether it is for meal prep or a fast weeknight meal, there are gift ideas here for every busy foodie in your life! Sadly, not one of these things will actually wash and put away your dishes. Maybe next year?

Gifts For the Busy Home Cook

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  1. I am generally a make-do-with-what-I-have kinda girl and hate having to store more STUFF.  However…  it sure would be nice to not have to ladle hot soup into my blender.  Maybe it’s time for an immersion blender.

    I have my grandma’s Kitchen Aid mixer.  My husband took it apart one time to clean it and noticed the manufacture date inside—1975.  Still going strong!  I use it to make tortillas every week!

    1. My immersion blender is a godsend!!

      I love that you have your grandma’s mixer! I know my aunt used my nana’s for years until she broke it trying to mix frozen butter. Are we supposed to take them apart to clean them?!