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Gift guide for 6-10-year-old boys to help you find the perfect present for the mini male in your life. A mix of price ranges will fit any budget.

holiday gift ideas for 6-10-year-old-boys


I grew up with lots of girl cousins. I have a sister. Until almost nine years ago, I knew nothing about boys. Here I sit today with two sons and a gaggle of nephews. Declaring myself a boy expert would be a stretch, but I will say I know what our older son Jack likes, and today I am sharing that with you. A quick note that none of these gifts are video games or gaming systems. We don’t have a gaming system at home and so I don’t feel like I know enough to recommend anything like that.

Legos. All the legos.These sets are vomiting all over the place in my son’s room. He has run out of horizontal space to display all of them. It’s a real problem.

1. Star Wars legos
2. Ninjago legos
3. Minecraft Legos

Books. Jack is an advanced reader but won’t even consider books that don’t have illustrations. That has led us to discover many different books and series of graphic novels like:

4. Jedi Academy
5. Call of the Wild 
6. A Wrinkle In Time
7. Captain Underpants
8. Big Nate
9. Harry Potter graphic novels
10. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
11. the Who Was series
12. Giants Beware
13. Poptropica
14.  Hardy Boys

Nerf. As much I don’t like or care about Nerf, my son is obsessed with all of it. If he earns it, he gets to watch youtube videos every Wednesday afternoon, and he spends much of that time watching nerds talk about Nerf. I don’t get it. Some of the Nerf stuff on his list this year are:

15. Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Blaster
16. Sports Aero Howler Football
17. Tactical Vest Kit

18. Exploding Kittens. I played this game with my friend and her older sons and not only was it silly and fun, but it helps kids think strategically.

19. Snap Circuits. Jack got this one year and played with it daily for months. He still brings it out and will do fun little projects like creating a disco ball for our family dance party.

20. SmartLab Toys Room Defender. The desire for this machine became strong once our baby became mobile and could crawl. And naturally, the one place he wanted to be more than anywhere was big brother’s room. The idea of privacy and personal space is so strong at this age, and having your own personal fortress is so appealing.

Pokemon makes my skin crawl. It hit our house last year in a second-grade hurricane, and just as quickly left by summer. Jack still loves the (21) trading cards but doesn’t know how to play the game. He obsessively reads (22) books about all their powers and then vomits that information back to my face.

23. Minecraft Zip Up Hoodie. Jack got this for his birthday and loves it. He loves zipping it up over his face and walking around like a (Minecraft) creeper.

24. RipStik. My friend’s sons have one of these and love it. When their friends are over at the house it is the toy they all want to play with.

Now, if only I could do something about the new funky smell coming from the nine-year old’s bedroom…


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  1. Wait until you reach what I call ‘the dirty boy’ stage. Around 11 yrs old until they discover girls they no longer want to bathe or change their clothes. It’s a rough stage to get through. Thanks for the idea lists!

    1. ugh, not looking forward to that. Jack showers at night and sleeps in the clothes he wants to wear the next day (because he is that lazy). The problem is he is the sweatiest freaking sleeper! His room smells like a frat house in the morning.

  2. The smell doesn’t get any better. I about died when my daughter took her shoes off in the car after volleyball practice.

    1. Mmmmmm, “fresh” hot and stinky volleyball shoes!

      I can still distinctly remember the smell of my wet soccer cleats that had been in a plastic bag for two weeks. It was overwhelming.