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Gift guide for gifts made in the US. From water bottles to socks, this is an array of locally made gifts in a variety of prices to fit any budget.

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Ack, I am so excited about this gift guide! I’ve brought together a collection of things made right here in the United States for gifting to your loved ones. And maybe pick up a little something for yourself while you’re at it.

  1. Smart Wool Socks – these socks rule! They’re wool socks made in Colorado that come with a two-year guarantee against wear and tear. They come in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and tons of adorable prints. For anyone who wants quality socks that aren’t crazy thick, they have a blend for you!
  2. Liberty Bottleworks – oh my love of this company is hard to hide. I talk about them almost monthly and am thrilled to support their business. These metal water bottles are made right here in Washington State and their workforce is made up of a lot of veterans. They will also make personalized water bottles for your small business, community group, or just because.
  3. Lodge Cast Iron – these skillets are made in Tennessee and are the workhorse of any kitchen. So many of my favorite recipes start with “preheat your cast iron skillet”.
  4. Luke’s Toy Factory – eco-friendly toys made in Connecticut. The trucks are almost like a 3D puzzle that requires kiddos to think and problem solve. The toy parts can be mixed and matched with other toys the company sells.
  5. Kitchen Aid Mixer – mixers that have been made in Ohio since 1919, Kitchen Aids are a favorite of many home cooks. Mine has an honored place on my counter and is used almost daily.
  6. Uncommon Goods – this is a company that supports many small artisans in the US and sells their unique wares. I adore getting their catalog every year because their selection is just so fun. Not everything on their site is made in the US, but there are over 1,000 items that are.
  7. L.L. Bean Duck Boots – the boots are made in Maine and made to last. Who do you trust with wintery footwear? People who live in freaking Maine, that’s who.
  8. Alima Pure – this makeup is made in Portland, OR, and comes in so many colors. There is even a shade white enough for my transparent skin.
  9. Vitamix – these power blenders are made in Ohio and will transform your kitchen into a whirlpool of awesomeness.
  10. The Great Scrape – a hardwood BBQ scraper made in Minnesota is a safer alternative to a wire brush grill cleaner. Troy got one for father’s day and loves it.
  11. Beeswrap – a wonderful alternative to plastic wrap, Beeswrap is made in Vermont and is eco-friendly and food safe.

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  1. In all my 55 years I don’t recall seeing anything for sale here which was labelled ‘made in the USA’. Is it not really an export thing? Mind you I have definitely seen Kitchenaid mixers so i guess i have seen things, just not seen the actual label telling me so. I bought some cowboy boots in LA about a lifetime ago though,, which made me really happy.

    1. Are you in the US or overseas? I find that once I started looking for that label it was much more obvious to me. Until I hunted for it, I never once noticed any country of origin on our “goods”.

  2. Great list Sarah! We love Stormy Kromer hats, clothes and accessories that are made in the Upper Peninsula of MI!
    Between my husband and 3 sons we have 6 of their hats, 4 bags/purses, 3 coats and probably 8-10 of the shirts and many miscellaneous items like the bandannas and can koozies. To save money on their products we buy a lot of it during their sidewalk sale days in July. They have a lifetime guarantee on their products and their Customer Service is fantastic.