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Giveaway: Covered Goods Nursing Cover

Happy Friday friends! Today, I have an exciting giveaway for those with kiddos, or friends/families of friends with kiddos.


I’ve written about using my Covered Goods nursing cover before, and I am still using it multiple times a week. With Bennett stretching out his feedings, I’m rarely in a position where I need to nurse him in public. However, it has transitioned in to being used extensively as a grocery cart cover. Bennett still enjoys riding in the Ergo a lot, but some days he wants to be in the cart. Because only when you are in the cart, can you eat your mom’s shopping list. Paper. Delicious.


If you didn’t read my previous post about Covered Goods, it is essentially a four in one nursing cover, grocery cart cover, car seat cover, and scarf in one lightweight cozy piece of fabric. All Covered Goods are cut and sewn in the Los Angeles area to support local jobs, and is a female headed business. It’s a vital part of my diaper bag, and I’m very thrilled to be sharing the giveaway with you all today. It is also open to readers outside of the US.
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The giveaway will be open through 12 am on November 14th, after which point I will announce and reach out to the lucky winner. The winner will have 72 hours to respond to my email before I contact the next person drawn. If you are not chosen for the giveaway, Covered Goods is offering a big ole’ discount now through November 15th. Enter “original15” at checkout to claim your 15% off.


I was provided a complimentary item from Covered Goods back in April for an honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are my own.  That being said, I loved the product so much that I have become an affiliate for Covered Goods.  Should you choose to purchase one yourself, and went through my site, I would receive a small percentage of the sale.

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19 comments on “Giveaway: Covered Goods Nursing Cover”

  1. Bennet looks so adorable in those photos. Especially the shopping cart one where you can see all of his happy little face.

    I have 6 kids and my oldest is 15. I’ve been pregnant or breastfeeding pretty much non stop for these past 15 years. I don’t try to flash people nip shots but none of my babies have ever liked their heads covered while breastfeeding. And I nurse on demand so we have done it anywhere and everywhere they have needed to! I know this isn’t the safest but I have had to breastfeed in cars before. I’d say that is the most uncomfortable. Trying to lean over the car seat and stretch your body and boob so it reaches the baby’s mouth while they are still strapped in!

  2. I was never successful nursing sitting up. Almost all my nursing was lying on my side, kid attached, and a book over their head to read.

  3. It’s been a few years so things are a bit hazy. I wasn’t able to nurse my older child so I was grateful for every location that my second would nurse. I did nurse him while I was hospitalized after having a postpartum hemorrhage.

  4. I have nursed in the car (both parked cuddling baby and driving – stretched over the car seat out of desperation on road trips!), in stores, at the park, at horse shows, and countless other places! My favorite is laying snuggled together in bed! 🙂

  5. I am not capable of feeding our child hahah

  6. I’m expecting my first child in February and really like the idea of keeping my goods covered while nursing.

  7. Entering for a friend who is expecting her first

  8. I nursed in a Target parking lot!

  9. I frequently had to nurse my baby during church in order for him to make it through the whole hour. The worst part is that as an infant he was the LOUDEST eater and would always make gulping noises during the quiet parts of the mass haha. It’s hard to be discreet when your baby is narrating his meal to the whole congregation 🙂

  10. I’ve nursed in a car and on a plane. Oh and in a nursing room at an airport which is pretty cool that some places have those now!

  11. This would be amazing! Much more versatile than a nursing
    Cover, car seat canopy, grocery cart cover etc. plus, I could pretend to be stylish with it as a scarf! B is getting too big too quickly! He’s so darn cute!

  12. I was planning on getting one next year when I *hopefully* get pregnant with #2 so this is great! Thank you!!

  13. I nursed my baby sitting in a field at a strawberry festival! With no cover? My cover was MIA and I didn’t have a blanket! But baby girl was HANGRY, so what’s a mama to do??

  14. I nursed in what I originally thought was a restaurant. Nope. It was a bar. And we brought our baby there. #classy

  15. The craziest place? Is a tie between the ladies room at the mall, & the backseat on my own damn car ? I’d really like breastfeeding to be normalized in this country

  16. As my husband likes to say, my “biological clock is broken” and I much prefer being an auntie. That said, a close friend is expecting her first, and I bet she would love this!

  17. Awesome!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win one. I usually use whatever large fabric I can reach because I always forget a nursing cover. That leads to awkwardness and short feeding :(.

    • Oops and the craziest place was in stop and go (slow) traffic while leaning over baby’s car seat. He was the first and we didn’t like him to cry. Four kids later and I hardly notice the crying. I now nurse number five on my schedule because that’s what works for me.

  18. Um where have i not nursed? Parked car (in plenty of gas stations), airplanes, restaurants, airports, hotel lobbies, by the pool, by the beach, on a boat, at the dinner table, in my office, in IKEA (got lots of looks there!). The worst was sitting on a disgusting toilet in a wedding hall since i was wearing a dress and couldn’t exactly pick up my dress in public