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Happy Birthday to the Random Stranger From the Internet Who Didn’t Murder Me

Waaaaaaaay back in 2008, I was on a chat board for women who were planning to have kids.  Basically we were a bunch of women talking about getting pregnant, and baiting each other in to saying “you’re probably totally pregnant.  TAKE A TEST”!!!  And we said a lot of LOL, and OMG, and other dumb crap.

Troy and I were in Los Angeles at the time, and I became “friends” with another girl named Elaina on the board.  I noticed her profile photo looked a lot like LA, so we struck up a conversation and after some hemming and hawing, we decided to meet.

In public.  At a restaurant.

I’m comfortable saying we were both likely packing a screwdriver or other similar slim weapons in our purses.

We ate, we laughed, we talked about our desire to be pregnant really really soon.  And guess what?  We both were at that exact moment.  Jack and Lyla were tiny little specks and we didn’t even know it.  About a week or later I found out I was pregnant, and literally the next day Elaina found out too.

Elaina is the reason I have to have an unlimited text plan.  I didn’t even text before this girl came in to my life.  After we both found out we were pregnant, we starting texting a ton back and forth talking about symptoms (vertigo – her, projective vomiting – me), and other things that ailed us.  That first month, my cell bill was over $200 from texting.

She was worth every penny!

Around the time Lyla was born, I knitted a blanket for her.  And when her second daughter Madison came along later, she also got a knitted blanket.

Then, they each got a quilt one year…I want to say for Christmakuah or Hanukmas.

And then earlier this year they came to visit us in January, and I made each girl a cozy fleece blanket to keep their fragile little California bodies warm.  Meanwhile Jack was complaining that it was unfair he couldn’t be naked, just because girls were in the house.

Through it all, Elaina dropped a few hints about wanting her own quilt.  Something subtle along the lines of “my girls have SIX Sarah-made blankets and I don’t have ANY, whaaaaaaaaaa”.

To the best of my recollection.

This summer, I started working with her husband on a color scheme after multiple sneaky attempts failed to get her to disclose a preferred color scheme.  Her husband Emilio was super helpful and threw out “French Country”, to while Google images came to my rescue, because I had zero idea of what that actually meant.

Trying to be secret squirrel about it, I laid the groundwork to ruin her birthday quilt expectations.  Because what is the fun of giving a gift, if you don’t crush the person’s dreams beforehand that they will ever receive said gift.  Elaina, and myself group text along with two other girls constantly, and they were in on the subterfuge with me.  I’d make comments about how all the house remodeling ruined my sewing ability because my sewing cabinet was shoved in a corner and covered in boxes, etc.  And then last week I texted her that I had ordered her gift through Amazon, but it was a third party seller and it wouldn’t arrive until the 22nd, well after her birthday.

All the while, I was plugging away on it, 30 minutes here, 1 hour there.  The three of us getting sick last weekend actually kind of worked out in her favor, because I was homebound, and was able to complete the quilt Sunday night.  Yay germs.





French Country…nailed it?  Maybe?  Oh well, the punk loves her quilt and declared it the gift of the century, so I’ve got that going for me.  And it’s bigger than it looks, and she is smaller than you’d think, so it all works out in the end.

She may think the quilt is a great gift, but I’m the lucky one for having had her in my life for so long.  Being friends with this wonderful woman is truly a gift that I’ll always cherish.

Happy birthday sweets.

Thanks for not murdering me that lovely summer’s night.

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10 comments on “Happy Birthday to the Random Stranger From the Internet Who Didn’t Murder Me”

  1. What a wonderful quilt! you did a great job. My question is when did you find time to sew. I also quilt when the garden lets me!

  2. The quilt is as lovely as the story!!

    My husband tells me, “you can get into sewing/buy a Kitchenaid mixer/do more crafting, etc.” when we move out of our cramped apartment and buy a house” … Well, that’s hopefully next year so he’d better watch out 😀

  3. Good friendship is a thing to cherish, which you obviously already know. Good job faking her out, too!

  4. LOOVE this! Beautiful quilt, made even more so because it was made in your non-existent free time…. you and Elaina are lucky ladies to have found (and not murdered) one another.

  5. This is an awesome post!
    It seems like my Facebook is mostly filled with anger and/or sadness these days, so this post (even though this isn’t Facebook) was a WONDERFUL thing to read!
    A friendship like yours and Elaina’s is rare and precious.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  6. I’d have to agree that your friend lucked out and got an awesome quilt, but that you both lucked out with the friendship that you share (only a little jealous over here).

    I am super happy for both the giver and receiver!

  7. it is a miraculous thing I think when a gift is perfect … from the heart to the heart. And you have that knack. Nice quilt too 🙂

  8. Oh sweets, you could have just written this post for me and that would have been enough. Someday, we’re going to have to find those pictures we took at our first dinner. You know, before we started looking like tired old ladies.

    Thank you for you love and support through the years. And for the homemade vanilla that flavors my iced coffee.

    For the record, French Country is an Emilio thing but that quilt, it’s ME!!!!

    Love you honey bunny!

  9. OMG Love it!!! Beautiful quilt, but it is even more beautiful because of the love and time put into it.

    And this post finally brought to my attention why I read your blog. You have a rare gift in that you have found what you are good at and enjoy doing (nurturing, being creative) and you USE it. We all have something in us that makes us…..well, US. But it does little good if we don’t put it in to practice.

    Thank you for sharing your world with us.