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Happy Friday and wishing you a great weekend

I’m not mind reader, but I’m going to guess your weekend is going to be way cooler than mine…

Zuke is slotted for grilling next week, cucumbers will be pickles (chips or spears???), the maters will become soup, and the raspberries were eaten about .16 seconds after this photo was taken.

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17 comments on “Happy Friday and wishing you a great weekend”

  1. Is tomatogeddon in my garden right now! So my weekend will be full of canning too- that & the Mother Earth News Faire is close by so we’re headed that way!

  2. So jealous that you are still getting cucumbers! Ours pooped out a week or so ago. That’s the one crop that we can never have too much of.

    • mine have given up too ๐Ÿ™ I’m in Ohio & the nights have been really cool, they just couldn’t hang

    • I’m pretty sure mine have officially gone tits up as well. The few I picked last night made 4 pints of chips, so I can’t complain. But truth be told, I wouldn’t cry if I couldn’t make any more pickles. I’m pretty sure we’re set on pickles for the year!!!

  3. My day consists of canning: applesauce, applebutter, peaches, diced tomatoes and salsa. Then off to harvest more from the garden and then start winterizing it this weekend. The nights are getting close to frost (41F), although our days are sitting around 82F. Making up for our lack of summer this year.

  4. Hi ya. I’ve just got to say your blog is one of the most consistently hilarious blogs I’ve come across in a looong time. Thank God for my amazing husband who kept our son entertained tonight because I just spent the last 3, count them THREE hours reading back through your blog. I just stopped at April 2012 so I can get to bed so I can get up a the butt crack of dawn for my son’s tennis lessons but I will be back tomorrow!!!

    Thank you for making my Friday night. It’s been a crappy ass week and I really needed to laugh.

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Tamara
    PS…just re-read my comment and wow! Run on sentences galore…

    • Welcome Tam, and a big thanks to your husband for letting you do some reading! ;-D

      PS, I love run on sentence, no really I do they’re wonderful and help us with our train of thought!

  5. No, my weekend is about the same as yours, but without the cucumbers. (Ours dried out weeks ago.) I’ll be pulling everything out of the summer garden, adding more compost, then sowing cool weather plants.

  6. Im sick in bed so i think tours would be beter

  7. I can’t wait to start my garden next year. We moved too late in the season to really get started. Booo!

  8. I live in south Texas and I have more cucumbers than I know what to do with! I’m giving them away to every one I know. I’ve got baskets full! Thankful but, wow!