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17 Healthy School Snacks

17 Easy and clean eating healthy school snacks for kids and teens. Tips for back to school snacks and treats for on the go that are better than store-bought.

a collage of photos of healthy school snacks

I’m always shocked that snacktime ends in schools after preschool/kindergarten. I need a snack between breakfast and lunch and then another between lunch and dinner. And I’m a grown up!

Since snacks for kiddos should be nutrient-dense to keep them going throughout the day, I’ve rounded up some of the most delicious healthy school snacks out there.

From easy no-bake snacks to dairy-free to gluten-free and nut-free, you’ll find something delicious here for everybody and every dietary need.

17 Healthy School Snacks

Easy No Bake Snacks

Nut-Free Snacks

Dairy-Free Snacks

Gluten-Free Snacks

For more delicious snack ideas my Snack page has everything you’ll need.



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12 comments on “17 Healthy School Snacks”

  1. Thanks for sharing these great snack ideas. As my son demands different snacks everyday so from your post I got new ideas and I would like to make it for him so that he can vanish his hunger as well as well as he can get all the essential nutrients. Keep sharing such great recipe ideas with moms.

  2. So many tasty ideas here! I might not have kids yet but I would definitely eat all of these myself 🙂 Thanks for including my banana coconut muffins – my very fussy nephews love them so I take that as the highest kid approval 🙂

  3. Our K-8 still serves a daily snack!  And I need one too… at least one!

  4. Oh my goodness!  It baffles me that the schools feed kids a tiny lunch filled with JUNK and then expect them to last the day, and some to last the day PLUS sports practices/events!  I’ve been sending lunch with my kids for years because I can’t justify the cost of CRAP, but mostly the lack of food and nutrition!  One of my kiddos’ favorites are energy balls.  A good ole meat and cheese roll-up is always a great choice too!  Thanks for sharing these great ideas!  

    • A few years ago I read the most interesting article about a school that was sick of food being thrown out at lunch. They flipped the schedule so kids went to recess first and THEN ate lunch. The waste was reduced considerably because kids were hungry from playing and weren’t rushing through eating to go out to play. What a simple solution, right?

      I agree and Jack packs his lunch most days because school lunch is expensive and he would only eat the junky stuff.

  5. These are great. I didn’t realize some schools stopped snack time that early. Around here it goes till they hit middle school and even then I remember eating a quick bite going from one class to another if I was hungry.

    • I know Jack’s school allowed a family-packed snack through the middle of first grade and then after that nothing. People, especially kids need quick and healthy bites now and then!

      • One more reason to love our school. They also have a salad bar that goes with hot lunch from school. Any kid who is still hungry after eating their lunch from home can have veggies and dip from the salad bar.

      • That’s so awesome! I know our school district also does a salad bar, but I believe it is only for kids who have purchased school lunch.