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Easy Homemade Gift Tags are a simple and fast project that lets you create 500 personalized gift tags for under $20. The possibilities are endless!gift tags

This gifting hack is inadvertently brought to you by my friend’s husband. I was visiting them in Denver for a few days earlier this fall and we were talking about wrapping presents. Anne has purchased so many cloth gift bags from my Etsy site The Blind T-Rex, and we discussing gift tags. I’ve made some DIY tags in previous years, and frankly, I didn’t enjoy it.

Anne’s husband casually mentioned that he uses old business cards as gift tags. Freaking.Genius.

The job I had before I left to work for myself, required you turn in all your old business cards upon resigning. So I spent 10 minutes on Canva creating a template and uploaded it to Vistaprint. Simply google “Vistaprint coupon code” and you’ll find a ton. I selected 500 business cards for $9.99, and with shipping, I paid a total of $14. They will be delivered in less than two weeks. I plan to use a simple hole punch to create a hole through the gift tag hole. The gift bags I make and sell come with a ribbon to thread it all together.


The hardest part of the whole project was finding the business card dimensions on VistaPrint. If you want to make your own, 1050×600 will give you a slight border on the gift tag. Oh and because I love and your gorgeous faces, here is the downloadable version of the gift tag above.

Vistaprint is insanely annoying about trying to get you to add extra things to your order, but just keep clicking “next” and get yourself to check out. For the price of 30 gift tags at Target, I’m getting a whopping 500!

Now, if only someone would purchase all the gifts for me and take one more thing off of my to-do list.


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  1. That’s a great idea! There is also a hole punch you can buy (Michaels, jo Ann’s, hobby lobby) that is shaped like a gift card. It would require more work than vista print but you could then choose whatever paper you wanted! I use that to make price tags for the things I sell when I do the farmers market. But the vista print way I think is cheaper in the long run and waaaay less work! ?

  2. I would actually put up a request on facebook/nextdoor/ask around for old business cards…people have those things lying around all the time (or is that just me?). But awesome idea!

    1. My thinking with the business card idea is that it already has your name on it. Not that it is a good size or anything.

  3. Great idea!

    When gift bags started to become so ubiquitous I happily, eagerly, quickly jumped on that band wagon.

    *However,* my children (now grown) did not, and informed me that “opening a gift” included the fun of ripping off the paper, and, at Christmas, balling said paper up and playing target practice with the bag Dad holds, skillfully hitting him instead of the bag’s opening (we all take turns opening a gift, so it’s a spectator sport, too). The ribbon and bows that adorn boxed gifts are passed to Grandma, who traditionally wears all the ribbons and bows around her neck (and if anyone uses those stick on bows the rest of us in the family look down on, well, she sticks those all over the front of her top. We are a weird bunch.

    You just can’t do that with a gift bag. Sigh. Of course, that means HOURS of wrapping for me. I console myself by telling myself it’s once a year. I continue to be surprised by this because, for many teen and young adult years, they worked for Hallmark and Papyrus, where they each wrapped gifts with that company’s branded products for hours at a time.

    1. Christmas at Troy’s extended family’s house is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Even with all my bags (and now my MIL’s), there is enough paper to be ripped and torn for those who want it. Send your kiddos over! 🙂