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Homemade Mondays week 97

Homemade Mondays is a series for people that are on a journey to better living, via healthier eating and a more natural lifestyle.  We realize that there are different paths that we all take to get to that place, and this bloghop celebrates that.  Whether you’re a seasoned raw foodist who has banned all things unnatural, or a rookie who is starting out by cutting out junk food, we’d love to hear from you! Link up with your favorite recipes, projects, crafts, or rants and raves.

The Hosts

(that’s me!) Sarah of Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity
Aubrey of Homegrown & Healthy
New co-host, Kelly from The Sustainable Couple 
How to:
Homemade Mondays will open every Monday. You have until Thursday to make your submissions. We will share our favorite posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and shout it from the rooftops.
  • Link up. Use the submission form below to add your blog posts to our gallery below. You can add as many links as you’d like, as long as they’re on topic. What’s eligible? Recipes, crafts, DIY projects, gardening, fitness, green ideas or just plain old advice. We’re pretty open.
  • Tell us about yourselves. Leave a comment telling us a little about your site and what you’ve shared. Of course this isn’t mandatory, but it’s a good way to stand out.
  • Link back. Share the love by adding a link back to this party with your readers so they can see all of these great ideas as well.
  • Follow our Pinterest board. Remember to check out our Mostly Homemade Mondays Pinterest board where we’re pinning some of our favorite posts from the week.
The featured post from last week was Coconut Simple Syrup from Creating Silver Linings.
coco syrup

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5 comments on “Homemade Mondays week 97”

  1. Loved your ‘hypocritical moments’ post! I could probably do a whole blog just on confessions, errors, cooking mishaps, and other idiotic things I do daily.

    Hope you have a great week and Jack enjoys his new school year! We have eighth grade this year (well, ok, my son does, but I get just as nervous).

  2. Loving your blog, glad I found it! My son is going through a phase where he is hung up on eating cheese and bananas with every meal. I shared my tips for dealing with this while not sacrificing his nutrition (because I am a nut about what he eats :)).

    Thanks for the party!

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  4. Hi- I’m Kate from over at Living Life Granola. I am always guaranteed a good laugh whenever I visit you site- thank you!

    My site is about living green and healthy on a budget and I’m hoping that my post about Whole Foods will turn the negative moniker of “Whole Paycheck” to “a Whole lot saved.”

  5. I stumbled across your blog while hunting down recipes for our weekly meal plan and I must say, you had me at ‘Hippy Shit.’ I got a good chuckle out of you rant post and I will be nosing around more to see everything else you share. I love coming across little communities of people doing what they love and sharing, especially when it is the same things I enjoy!