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I need your opinion. Hypothetically.

So, let’s pretend a few things for a second.  Ready?  Close your eyes.

Errr, open them.  You probably can’t read this post with closed eyes.


Ok, so narrow your eyes a bit, and let’s play make believe.  Hypothetically speaking, there might be this girl named Sarah.  And she might write a blog.  And she might like chocolate.  And water kefir soda.  And pedicures.

Now, let’s say she might be contemplating going off the deep end and thinking about entertaining the idea of possibly working her ass off and potentially writing a cookbook at some point in the future.

Again, we’re pretending here.  If that above were true, would you maybe think about buying said make believe cookbook?

:runs to hide behind the couch because I can’t believe I just said that:

Updated 1-29 @ 8:45 pm: thank you all so much for your input, ideas, honesty, and encouragement!  I have absolutely no idea how to make this happen, but I’m certainly going to try my best.

Yo yo, head’s up, this post might contain affiliate links which help to support my site. And my canning, seed buying, and aggressive saving habits.

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94 comments on “I need your opinion. Hypothetically.”

  1. Yes! Do it! Do it!!!!!!! I mean…hypothetically speaking, that sounds like an intriguing idea. 🙂

  2. If, hypothetically, that were to happen at some point in the future then, hypothetically, I might be interested in buying in. Because it would then (hypothetically) save me from writing out all the vegetarian recipes that you have in your recipe archive. Which I might, hypothetically, be doing right now.

  3. duh. Do. It. and e-publish on amazonif necessary. and bring tons of people to your blog that don’t know what they are missing!

  4. Yes, I would buy it! Make sure you put in your funny stories, too.

  5. Quite likely. I have been impressed by your quantity of recipes. You might want to consider digital versions too.

  6. Hypothetically speaking, I probably would buy it! 🙂 I’m a bit of a cookbook addict.

    However, I do want to point out that right now the bookstores are overrun with cookbooks from food bloggers – I can name 6 that came out last fall right off the top of my head. And these are bloggers with thousands upon thousands of followers who are pretty much guaranteed sales. So if you have a secret (or now not so secret) yen to publish a cookbook, I would say make sure you have no expectations of big money from it or anything. The market is kind of glutted right now. 🙂

  7. I would buy it! I think adding in some of your meal planning and frugality tips would be great as well.

    Oh, and could you please make a note on each recipe as to if/how it freezes and how to reheat it?

    You know, hypothetically.

  8. yes, absolutely

  9. How many readers do you have? I buy a lot of ebooks from bloggers I follow. Yes, I would absolutely buy it – you always have good ideas and great, practical dishes that are tried and true.

  10. davidxsarah, you made me lol for real. I would love a digital copy of the cookbook, and yes, please include your usual humor 😀

  11. I would definitely buy it, especially in ebook form. I second Tina’s ideas for notes on the recipes.

  12. I think it is a good idea! There is always shortage of everyday, no nonsense cook books with delicious recipes. If I would buy it depends how much of it is meat based, as I don’t eat meat. (But certainly buy books of Jamie Oliver et al.), And like in other comments I would say, keep your own sassy style and funny stories. So much more worth owning it then!

  13. Call me new-fashioned, but I probably would not buy a hardcopy. I love to cook, and I have made several of your recipes with great success, but I just can not cart all my cookbooks (that I read as bedtime stories) into the grocery store on nights where everyone’s schedules have gone awry (and so has the menu) and I’m late in the office–the electronic recipes I’ve saved here and there and can access with my iPhone win every time.

    If you do publish in paper, please consider making an electronic copy available.

  14. i would read it for shore

  15. I would buy one for myself, and then a couple for some people that I know would love it, just so they could have a copy.

  16. I’d love an authographed copy, please!

  17. I would love to see a hard copy cookbook! Especially if it had your humor, budget ideas, canning recipes and gardening ideas. I love, love, love your blog and it inspires me most every day. Which sometimes get me into trouble because now my daughter has requested your dutch oven bread EVERY DAY! Go for it!

  18. Yep! I would totally buy one! I’ve been in dire need of a good cook book from a like minded but not huge chef! DO IT!


  20. Are you kidding me? YES!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Sarah, I read your blog everyday and I absolutely love it. I’ve never commented before, but if it helps to get you to write a cookbook, then I’ll tell you everyday between now and then how much I would love it. Only if you put your personality and writing style into it like you do your blog, though. People love you for being YOU. Yes, please write a cookbook!

  22. Yes ma’am!

  23. Yes yes yes!

  24. Oh Yes!

  25. Dream BIG or go home!
    And yeppers, I’d buy!

  26. I’ll be the dissenter and say no.

    Putting up your recipes on your blog helps drive traffic and helps you get sponsors and probably more revenue than what you would get with a cookbook.

    Unless you self-publish. A PDF cookbook that could be printed via Lulu or some such might be a good way to scratch this itch of yours and not detract from the website.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Yes, I too love your blog and have been reading for about a month now. There are some good comments here, I’d do more research. I want you to be successful. You have become my “go-to-first” recipe source when trying a new dish. I love the baked oatmeal and those yummy creamy au gratin potatoes. Good Luck, and keep us posted. BTW I would buy your cookbook.


  30. Yes!! And include canning how too’s for the recipes!!! Ooo and go on a book tour 😉

  31. Why yes,m yes I would. Hypothetically speaking.

    Especially if said cookbook included sections on foods you buy in the supermarket but could save a ton by making yourself, and a section on DIY canning. 🙂

  32. Maybe add in some hippy shit, and frugal survival guide, like in stocking pantry and buying in bulk and all that. Many people are getting into the whole, ” I’m sick of paying X for this thing that I could make/can/freeze myself if I could get off my lazy ass to do it…” Your best stuff is when you are faced with a problem regarding some household thing or other. A lot of times it never dawns on us that we CAN make our own laundry soap. Oh yeah, and it does actually clean clothing.
    Go for it Honey!

  33. Heck yes! I agree with Big Red. Add in some homemaking stuff pretty please.

  34. YES PLEASE! My family is on a upper strict no artifical crap diet. I can eat almost all your recipes (minus the ones with apples and tomatoes) SO PLEASE do it!

  35. Yes! Especially if you write it like you write your blog. I’d also like it in ebook format.

  36. Wanted to add that I’d like it if it were more than a cookbook. Include things like canning, stocking up, living more naturally, gardening, and being frugal in general.

  37. Having a cookbook in print would definitely save me multiple visits from the kitchen counter to the computer screen…

  38. YES I would buy a cookbook for sure !! I love this blog alot and it would make me happy to have a part of you on my cookbook shelf.

  39. Hypothetically, I would buy one for all of my friends, and myself! I keep telling people about your blog, I could give them a book and they wouldn’t have an excuse! Go for it!

  40. Hypothetically???? Most definitely. No really do it. And I agree share your stories in it as well.

  41. Do it. Do it. {said in the Ben Stiller voice from Starsky & Hutch when he’s wearing the wig and glasses}

  42. Absolutely! And cookbooks are one of my favorite things to gift! Go for it!

  43. HELL YES!!! Enough said.

  44. Yes, I say do it. But, ebooks are the way to go (although the hardcover could make a great gift). And, please do add in some of the other stuff we love (homemaking, gardening, etc.). So maybe not a cook book, but a life book or something like that.

  45. Come out from behind that couch!!!! Sharpen your pencils and get busy. We would all love your cookbook and yes, please keep your sassy self in the book as well as your freezing, canning, and being frugal methods. THAT is what is you. Offer pre-orders in hard cover, and ebooks….Absolutely…don’t just think about it…do it and ignore any nay sayers….I will offer to donate my editing skills for you if you wish and if it would help!!! My pleasure!

  46. Need a recipe tester – I’ve done it before – keep it in mind when the time comes – it’s great fun for me and hopefully helpful to the authors (ie. you).

  47. You have NOTHING to lose. Go for it. E book would be great but limiting there are actually people who don’t use the Internet for everything. I know a few. 🙂 Personally I like both.

  48. I am a cookbook hoarder so of course I would buy said make believe cookbook. It would be awesome to have all your recipes in one place.

  49. hypothetically speaking…as long as it’s as witty and humorous as your blogs, I would probably, most likely, be willing to purchase a hypothetical cookbook. Especially if in hardcover. I’m old school like that.

  50. Yes, PLEASE! A cookbook? Yay!

    Absolutely! Tell me where and how much and I’ll buy it!

    (Hypothetically speaking, of course!)

  51. Yes, I would… go for it…hypothetically or whatever…like Nike says
    “Just Do It” 🙂

  52. 1st time I have commented and it is to say… No-Doy! (Austin Powers voice) Sell it on iTunes!

  53. Yes, yes, yes!!!! Do it!

  54. Yes I would buy your book. Sprinkle it with wit and pics like your blog and it would be a real winner. Love Ya Grampam

  55. I’ll be totally honest … I wouldn’t buy it in hard copy. Maybe maybe a digital copy if I had to. I just look up your website to find the recipes I want, and bookmark them for quick reference later. Then again, I’m really stingy with money and think I’ve bought about 2 cookbooks in the past decade and they’ve both been gifts for Hubby. I find my recipes online – blogs, allrecipes,com, etc.

    I do think, however, that your cookbook would sell if you included lots of humour, frugal advice, canning/freezing/DIY stuff.

  56. Sarah, I look forward to and enjoy your blog every day! If you were to, I don’t know, umm…. bring your humor and good sense to a cookbook, I would definitely buy it! I can hardly wait! (hypothetically)

  57. most definitely!

  58. I think I would buy it, but I would definately want the canning and the other cool info your blog provides.

  59. I would love something like a guide to simple living. I think you could bring more than just receipes to a book. I would love to support someone who is pushing good wholesome living.

  60. Hypothetically speaking? Absolutely!!! Great concept for a cookbook. New and different!

  61. I would love something like a guide to simple living. I think you could bring more than just receipes to a book. I would love to support someone who is pushing good wholesome living.

  62. FO SHO!!!! I would definitely buy a HARD COPY. You should show off all of your talents and include more than just recipes like the other posts suggested.

  63. Yes!! I would love to have all your wonderful knowledge in a book!! My hubby and his friend just started a publishing company a few months ago if you are just checking the publishing world out 🙂

  64. Only if it included a chapter called Hippy Shit 🙂

  65. Of course I would buy it, but it MUST have a picture of every recipe. I HATE cookbooks without pictures.

  66. Yes! But you have a lot more to offer than just recipes. Maybe not just a cookbook, but also include some FARTS and hippy shit and stories and homemaking tips and frugal tips …. you get my point 🙂

  67. Who’s Jessie Spano? nm.. I digress. I would definitely buy “Sarah’s” cookbook IF it were a digital edition compatible with my ipad (where I keep all my cookbooks now) and had at least 1 picture per recipe. I need pictures. I would claim to eat with my eyes but one look at my waistline and hips and you’d know I was lying.. it all goes in the mouth.

  68. Ummm…..YES! But I agree with others that you need to keep it “personal” with stories or quotes or something. That’s what makes your recipes REAL and special, and worth trying! You’ve got amazing tips that are worth including! You’re amazing. That’s all there is to it. I REALLY can’t wait to read the post that says, “I did it! I quit my job and I’m now a full-time blogger!…..AND cookbook writer!” 🙂

  69. umm, not bursting your bubble, but i don’t buy cookbooks, so hypothetically, i would save e-versions of recipes i needed.

  70. Yes! When will it be released? I would like a few copies, should make a great gift!

  71. I would be REALLY interested, so long as said hypothetical cookbook contained the same witty writing …and only if the recipes were real-ish and not hypothetical themselves!

  72. I would absolutely buy it and would even pay full price. I’m cheap so that is some high praise.

  73. I think Yes, if I could have it shipped to Sweden- cause it probably won’t make to our stores here- so you need to have it sold by some that does abroad-shipping. That’s an order!!!
    And… you have make sure it is YOU- that comes through on the pages because that’s what we all come back for— more of you!!!!

  74. I’ll say yes, and I am not pretending.
    I’d buy one for a friend for Christmas, too.

  75. Yes Sarah I’m in. Get out from behind the couch and start writing because it looks like you are well loved. Congrats for tiptoeing towards your dream.

  76. I am already (hypothetically) in my mind’s eye buying this book as I write this sentence. I don’t care what the book is about it will have pride of place in my house! Please starting writing asap!

  77. absolutely! one suggestion: organize the recipes in categories such as “poultry”, “Beef” “Breakfast” “Fish”, “Snacks”, “pasta”, etc. if you’d have any gluten free recipes, oh heck yes, i’ll buy! well, i’d buy anyway! i love cookbooks that are categorized and i love supporting fellow bloggers! go for it!

  78. Totes. For the daily enjoyment you provide, I would be up for contributing back. But why stop at recipes? Wasn’t it those shower discs that brought on the fame (and one day perhaps fortunes)? If you’re having trouble finding a publisher, one of my friends recently ran an online fundraising campaign and self-published his first novel- which he now has on sale at bn.

  79. Holy Crap Awesome 🙂 Count me in on the “Gonna Buy It” category-

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. I’m not sure I’d buy your book, as I probably wouldn’t buy any American-authored cooking book: I live in France and we love our metric system: litres, grams, and Celcius degrees! Plus there are some ingredients that are not easily found over here, unless you’re ready to pay extravagant importing fees and going to an American cooking store which would quite ruin the idea of being frugal in my opinion.

    I have bought measuring cups and spoons though (this is exotic in a French kitchen – we use a measuring glass and a scale to weigh our ingredients) but I’m not sure I’d go so far as to scribble down the equivalences in your book (to me writing in a book is a sacrilege) or have to calculate everything before I start.

    I love your recipes on your website though, so maybe if I do more and more American recipes at home I’d buy your book, but not right now.

  82. I’m a bit of a cookery book addict (some women love shoes, I love cookery books). So, yes I’d buy it (or drop hints and get it for my birthday). I personally love cookery books that are more chatty with recipes – stories behind recipes etc. I’m in the UK so if you’re talking hypothetically, yes I’d buy it but would probably find it tricky 😉

  83. I say do it. Matt says do it and self pub through Amazon. He said that there was a huge amount of the top 100 books were self published last year.

  84. I would most likely buy your cookbook.

  85. Hi Sara,
    I think you could write a wonderful cook book. For myself it would be very useful. I live in Germany so I am not looking for a paper book to add to my bookcase but I would like a cook on the computer with links and search capability. My apartment is very small and I do not have room for a lot of books or storage. I save many recipes that I have tried and like the results into a folder on my laptop. Then when I make those the next time, I carry my laptop into the kitchen. This works best for me. I originally started reading your blog last year when I saw something in one of my searches about learning how to do canning. Although I don’t have any canning supplies or storage to keep the supplies or the food at this point. At some point in my life I hope to have a house and a little more room. Maybe when I retire. I enjoy your style of writing and your topics and recipes.
    Thank you,
    Susie Smith

  86. Maybe, but probably not. Sorry. It isn’t because I don’t like your cooking ideas… or your writing style.. or any of those things.

    I have my one standard red checkered Betty Crocker (or maybe Better Homes and Garden, but you know the one I’m talking about) cookbook that I bought for myself after I graduated high school and left home. Then I have the cookbook/manual that came with my pressure cooker that I refer to for cooking times. After that I look stuff up online for ideas or just throw something together 😉 Because truly what is a recipe but a suggestion of what should go in the pot.

    But in the end I am cheap and I don’t want to purchase something that I will have to clean around or manage or find a location for.

    I think you would write an awesome book and if it came out in paper copy I would try and get my local library to buy it. Also if you do it in digital format make it so that libraries can purchase and loan out to their patrons. This will gain you additional sales as a new group of readers would find your material.

    Thank you for the work you put in on your blog. I enjoy reading it.

  87. I don’t think I would buy it unless it was available as an app that I could search through. It’s hard for me to justify spending money on a cook book when I can find almost everything I need online, or I make it up myself, or my hubby does. That’s me though. I’m sure you would do well if you wrote it and self published it! Some smaller publishing houses (there’s one in Athens Ohio that I know of) will sometimes work with new independent authors. Good luck!

  88. I think it would be awesome to do a book that is part cookbook part time saving manual.

  89. I love cookbooks, so YES! Throw in all your canning info, frugal tips and such…I guess you could classify it as more than a cookbook 🙂