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Homemade Hot Cocoa

Ice T joke at 5:30 am on a Wednesday?  I’m starting my day out RIGHT people!

Lately, my homeboy J Bone has not been the happiest little monkey in the mornings.  It’s cold.  It’s dark.  And Poppy isn’t home.  J Bone and Troy are besties and they each mourn the absence of the other.

That leaves me alone and trying to haul a 32.5 lb hellcat out of his crib.  Oh yeah, we’re still rocking the crib.  I didn’t sleep for the first 13 months of this kid’s life.  Now he’s trapped and sleeps.  He’ll be in there until he is 34.  It’s hard to hide Playboys in a crib after all.

So, back to me trying to get the pissed off toddler out of his crib.  I’ve scoured the internet for tips.  I’ve read every parenting book that I can find.  And I’ve decided on a tactic that mommas have used since cave babies could first grunt back.

I bribe him.


Tuesdays and Thursdays are preschool days, so he knows he gets a smoothie in the car.  Those are easy days.  Mondays he is still groggy enough from the weekend to let me get him up, and Fridays he knows the week is over.  Wednesdays though?  Wednesday are a bitch.  The only thing related to Hump Day is the shape he makes while I’m trying to haul his grumpy ass out of bed.

So now, I tell him that I’ll buy him a hot cocoa at the “coffee store” on the way to my aunt’s.  I also get my aunt a soy latte (sounds like soy lady when Jack says it).  And because Wednesdays are double punch days and I get $.25 off per drink because I bring my own cups, I’m rolling out of there for about $3.  Pretty good bribe.

Sunday morning this kid of mine wakes up at 5:30 am.  I tell him grumpily to go back to bed.  And he does.  And he talks in there for 40 minutes.  I think to myself “geez, it sure is light out for 6:15 in the morning”.  Then it hits me.  It’s daylight savings time.  To make up for my grumpiness, I tell Jack I’ll make him a special breakfast while he watches cartoons.

I make waffles (recipe tomorrow), fruit, fresh squeezed orange juice (at this point Jack is thinking “damn she can be grumpy EVERY Sunday”), and homemade momma hot cocoa.  Better than the coffee store, and made with guilt love.

Apologetic Hot Cocoa
1 cup of milk (I use raw cause it rocks.  Coconut milk is also a special treat)
another splash of milk
cocoa powder
homemade vanilla sugar or sweetener of choice (honey is fantastic)

In a pan, heat the milk until it reaches your desired temperature.  You’ll want to stir it a few times during the heating process.  You can also microwave it.

In your mug, mix equal parts sugar and cocoa powder.  I generally do about 2 tsp of each for me, and just a pinch for Jack.  He doesn’t need a lot of sugar and/or extra caffeine.  Trust.

Splash a tiny bit of milk in the mug, and stir with a spoon to make a paste of the cocoa, sugar, and milk.

Add hot milk and stir to combine.

Just a little milk in this mug.  I am giving an open mug to a toddler after all.

The taste test…

And we have a winner folks…

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5 comments on “Homemade Hot Cocoa”

  1. He stays in a crib? How old is he? Mine were climbing out and and crash landing on the hardwood floor when they were about a year old, all three of them. I never had any trouble getting them to get out of the crib, ever. Staying in? Much harder.

    When they crash land and cry after crawling out, you have to get up. Bummer! Pretty soon mine were like monkeys getting out, hand over hand. I considered putting a net over the top of the crib…for mosquitoes, of course! How do you keep him in?

    Bribery? All the time.

    I want chocolate, too.

  2. You want me to microwave my amazing, wonderful, delicious and healthful raw milk???! Are you insane??!

    Microwaves destroy the nutrients in food! And emit EMFs. I never, ever use mine anymore. It just sits there. But it does work as an extra cabinet to hide things when company stops by, so maybe I’ll keep it for that! 🙂

  3. Practical – we have a crib tent which is basically a wonderful creation that keeps kiddos IN the crib. My friend lent it to us and it’s fantastic. Hopefully he doesn’t figure out the zipper until he is about 12.

    Anonymous – not everyone uses raw milk, so it is what it is. I use the stove, but to each their own.

  4. I love making cocoa this way too, and for those who don’t mind microwaves, the chocolate flavour gets richer (I think) if you heat the cocoa/sugar/milk paste for about 15 seconds.

    mmmm … missing winter already

  5. Please, please, please don’t microwave raw milk. If you do, you might as well buy