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If Only You Knew

Dear Mrs. M,

If only you know what a difference you have made in our lives.

If only you knew that how your kindness, patience, and positive attitude has changed school for my kid.

If only you knew that we no longer feel sick on Sunday nights knowing that school will be starting again in just a few hours.

If only you knew that Jack now looks forward to going every day, and comes home so proud that he had another day of good behavior.

If only you knew that my mother-in-law, who taught elementary school for 30 years has the biggest teacher crush on you.

If only you knew that when I signed up for fall conferences last week, it was the first time I scheduled a conference with Jack’s teacher, and didn’t almost immediately have an attack of diarrhea.

If only you knew that last year we were so hard – too hard – on Jack because the only reports we ever received were negative.  And this year?  This form represents the sixth week in a row that he stayed on green.


If only you knew how many times I lied to myself last year “just get through kindergarten and first grade will be ok”.

If only you knew how relieved I was that the lies I was telling myself turned out to be true.

If only you knew that your gentle way of singing the behavior song calms my wiggly boy, and allows him correct his behavior without feeling like he has failed at “being good” yet again.

If only you knew that being in your classroom excites him, challenges him, and makes him love to learn.

If only you knew how I went in my car and wept happy tears one day after just one 45 second conversation with you.

If only you knew those happy tears were because when I told you “I know that Jack has A LOT of energy”, you looked at me and not-ironically said “really, he’s so calm and happy in class”.

If only you knew that we know how hard you work, and how much you truly love these kids.

And you deserve to know.  Because you are one of those teachers that changes people’s lives for the better, and you make it look so effortless.  If only you knew how I long to tell you every day that you have changed our entire outlook on school. Some day I will tell you.

Minus that whole part about the diarrhea.

Thank you Mrs. M.


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16 comments on “If Only You Knew”

  1. I am so happy for you guys that Jacks teacher is so awesome! And I agree, she needs to know, even the part about the diarrhea (because that way she can laugh while she’s crying).

  2. Now I have a teacher crush! I long to be a teacher like that. I hope she reads your blog and realises just how appreciated she is – she deserves to know 🙂

  3. She needs to see this letter! I’m the daughter of TWO now-retired elementary teachers. They hear too much negativity from parents. This would make her year, and likely be something she remembers forever.

    Love your blog, BTW. 🙂

  4. I need to know what the behavior song is.
    And give this teacher my love. She’s a gem.

  5. I have a lot of dear friends who are teachers, and Please. Please, Please… send her the letter. She likely gets a lot more negative comments than positive ones, and likely needs to hear it as much as Jack needs a teacher like her. And leave the part about the runs in… because it’s funny.

  6. It was a hard year last year in grade 1 with my wonderful ball of energy. This year in grade 2 with a different teacher and different outlook on my sweet boy it’s been fabulous!!! I actually called his teacher a few weeks ago to make sure all was good and then pretty well professed my undying love to her and the change she’s made in my sons life. Definitely send the letter and here’s to an amazing year with someone who gets how amazing our boys are even if they are a bit more enthusiastic.

  7. Love this!

  8. As a mom of very energetic boys (too young for school yet), I love this post and pray regularly for my sons to have good teachers someday that will build them up and help them to love school and learning in general.

    As a teacher (currently taking a few years off to be at home with my young boys), I really hope that you tell this teacher what you’re thinking and feeling about her teaching. Those kids are “our kids” and we think about them constantly and worry about them day and night. A kind work from a happy parent doesn’t come along very often, but just one of them can make our week (month, year…). Also, make sure that her principal knows how awesome she is…too often the only parents that ever bother to call the teachers and administrators are the ones that are having a problem or complaining (though I know as teachers, we can be guilty of the same thing in reverse…only calling when there’s a problem…)

    Wow…okay…stepping off my soapbox…sorry about that. 🙂

    I’m so thrilled that Jack’s got an amazing teacher this year!!!

    • I was about to comment, but instead I will just second Ange’s comment. You can even leave the loose stools bit in it, it makes it real and will be superbly appreciated.

  9. you need to give her that letter. you need to give it to her now.

    • Yes!!! You DEFINITELY need to give their to her!!!!!!!! Soon, not “later”!

      Just like Jack last year, she most likely hears wayyyyyy more negative comments than positive ones.
      Your letter will most definitely make Ms. M weep happy tears. Don’t wait until the end of the year to let her know what a great job she is doing and what a difference she is making.

  10. Yes! Very cool! What teacher and school is that? I need my sweet wiggly boy to go there.