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In 2018, I want to…

Hello friends! It’s me, Sarah. I’m setting up my editorial calendar for 2018 (fancy blogging way of saying figuring out what topics to write about and when), and I would love to know what you would love to learn about 2018.

Are there burning questions you’re dying to ask? A new ingredient you’re trying to figure out how to cook with? <—-Sentences you need to rework to not end in prepositions? What is on your bucket list for 2018, and how can I help?

I may not be able to tackle everything, but I like a good challenge!

Let’s kick 2018’s ass together.

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18 comments on “In 2018, I want to…”

  1. I love to make bread in my Dutch oven, however I think it may be the wrong size. These recipes show a cute little ball that come out nice and tall, mine tend to be flatter and dumpy. What size Dutch oven should I have? Tips or tricks on how to make different types of breads?

    • Oh man, I feel you because it often happens to me too. Bread is such a crapshoot sometimes. The weather has a lot to do with it. Rainy weather and humidity generally improve the rise and bounce of bread. When my bread goes flat, it is usually because I let it sit too long during both rises.

  2. I have 3 small children (10 months, 3 years, 6 years). I love to hear about recommendations for 6 year old boys (you recently mentioned the star wars cartoon books and they have been a hit). I would also like to hear a bit about your experiences with your Etsy shop, I’m thinking of doing one myself just for something to do that isn’t kids. Finally, if you have any ideas about things that are quick/cheap to sew that I could make to sell/give away as prizes at the school fundraisers (way too many sweets at those things for me!).

  3. Instant Pot stuff! I need help. Also everything that Angie G. and Liz said. Also confessions – those are awesome. And maybe gardening stuff for super dummies.

  4. Recently found out we’re pregnant. Maybe some insight into your healthy pregnancies? What tricks you learned for heartburn and other ailments?

  5. Healthy bulk cooking ideas! I’m always looking for freezer meal/meal component recipes.

  6. I like the confessions, it makes me feel normal.

    I also really like recipes and DIY stuff.

    I’m not too fussed on content re: little kids (ie., diaper care, toys, etc.) as I am in a slightly different phase (3 teens here), but I love hearing stories about your littles.

  7. More confessions! I like your baking recipes. I don’t garden. Maybe intro/simple sewing/quilting. I don’t can. Food gifts are interesting. Little ones’ milestones are fun. How you’re adjusting to your 100% blogger life after resigning your other job. How you keep yourself from being isolated (I write web content from home too and it’s an issue). Will social media end the universe – ha!

  8. Adulting. I need help with adulting. You seem like a real adult with their shit together so any tips you can send my way on living life is appreciated. Life hacks for low energy people would be perfect. Also recipes.

  9. Oh yes! Cheap easy healthy meals for someone who HATES to cook! Plus I got an Air Fryer so get one and tell me how to use it….Help me Obi Wan ? And more chicken stories too

  10. You may have covered this already, but can you go over your cloth diaper care and maintenance routine….everyday wash/stripping/etc? Thanks! I’m about to dive into cloth diapering a second time and I’ve already forgotten everything from the first time……