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:knock knock: is anyone there? I’m back!

I missed you guys!  My computer is back and I’m back, and I hope you’re still here (there)!  Here are a few things you’ve missed:

1) I need to go on a sugar fast or something, because I’ve been downing the sweets like sugar is about to be made illegal.

2) Jack sweetly asked me to take my glasses off the other day.  When I asked why, he said “because you look prettier without them”.  Charmed.

3) My flipping chicken coop is STILL not done.  Troy assures me that Tuesday will be the day.  I am waiting with baited breath.  This is how Jack has been supervising construction:

4) Troy and I watched “End of Watch” recently, and it was pretty good.  Funny, scary, suspenseful, but I’m not giving the end away.  It’s not for everyone.  Watching it reminded me of the craziness that was our life for four years living in Los Angeles.  :shudders:

5) I still have almost nothing planted in my garden that wasn’t put in last year.  Sigh.  I just can’t get motivated.

6) Costco has their LED lights back on sale with a rebate.  Stock up people!

7) Costco has Washington State asparagus in stock!!! Washington State used to be the number one producer of asparagus in the world.  There you go.  A little fact for you.  You’re welcome.

8) I have some fun posts coming up for you this week – yummy quinoa, and another installment of FARTS.

Meal plan time!  Reminder, I only plan dinners, because breakfast is always smoothies or eggs with something, and lunches are always leftovers.  We rarely eat dessert during the week, and our dinner drink of choice is water kefir soda.

Monday:: A lemon chicken recipe I found in a magazine (will share if it is good), asparagus, and fruit.

Tuesday:: Organic hot dogs, asparagus, and fruit!

Wednesday:: Asian chicken bowls, and lumpia.

Thursday:: Dinner at my in-laws.

Friday:: Double date with Troy’s partner and his girlfriend and her son.  We’re having a picnic at a park where the boys can play, probably hit each other, and get torn away from the playground in tears.

Saturday:: TBA.  My nephew is spending the night, and I’m waiting on guidance from my sister on what to feed him.

Sunday:: Mother’s day brunch with my in-laws, and then Mother’s day dinner at my parent’s.

I spent $35 at Trader Joes, $47 at our local butcher (I was straight up out of chicken breasts), and $50 at Costco.

What are you having?

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30 comments on “:knock knock: is anyone there? I’m back!”

  1. We are harvesting snow peas right now. Maybe they will actually make it all the way to the table this week? They are generally just picked and eaten on the spot! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. I bought some ground beef, a whole chicken, some bacon, salmon, and mahi mahi, as well as a ton of veggies. Not a clue what I plan to do with them. It’s just me and the kiddo for a while, and that usually ends up meaning no real planned meals. We may actually make Hungry Man Casserole ( week though, as we have both been in the mood for it. And burgers.

    Oh, we recently discovered poached eggs. Oh so yummy! We eat them every morning, mostly with sweet potato or yam fries (fried up in coconut oil). Some mornings I dip steamed broccoli in them. And we put chia seeds in our smoothies. Keeps the smoothie from separating so I can store extra in the fridge for later.

  3. I am so glad that you have your computer back! I have missed you! BTY we had popcorn Friday night for dinner! I think we will make it a regular meal at our house!

  4. Yay! You’re back:) I’ve missed you

  5. Yippee!! I think a back up computer should go into the budget!

    Also, you get more page views because posting a comment from my iPod/mobile is really a pain!!

  6. We watched ‘End of Watch’ last night – good film but definitely not for everyone 🙂

  7. We have potatoes in the dirt and have some stuff coming up from last year, but it’s done nothing but rain here for DAYS…told my husband this morning that it feels like Seattle (he had on a red Seattle tshirt.) Anyway, can’t get the garden beds ready to plant. No worries–we have a very long growing season here in the midwest (St Louis metro-ish..other side of the river, out in the farmlands).

    We lived in the Pacific Northwest 18 years ago…so I know of which I speak. lmao

    • It’s been 75-80 for the last few days, and through the weekend. Totally breaking the PNW sterotyperight now!!! Sorry about your rain ,and I hope it dries out soon and you can get stuff planted.

  8. I need a shirt like that for my daughter!!!!!!
    I LOVE lemon chicken, I hope it is good and you share the recipe because a new version around here would be awesome!
    I wonder if Costco in Canada has LEDs on sale too…..

    • I absolutely will share it if it’s good. I found it in Cooking Light (or maybe Real Simple…) and it promises to be a 20 minute dinner. We shall see…

  9. Hi Sarah! So glad you’re baaaaaack!

    What’s the scoop with the LED lights? Do you mean accent/outdoor lights? Must have missed that post.

    Jack is so darned cute! He looks like quite the taskmaster. LOL!

    • LED lights are the “new” CFL bulbs. They are brighter and “warmer” than traditional CFL’s, but last longer and use less electricity.

  10. Confession – I’m practically the Gestapo around my house about healthy eating until I have to stop at 7-11 for gas. Then the Butter Toffey King Size Rice Krispy Treat in all its HFCS and partially hydrogenated evil calls to me and I am powerless. Boo…

    Don’t beat yourself up. We’re all human. Congrats!

  11. I had a streak of productivity the last few weeks. However, this week I find I am moving in slow motion. My brain is jumping at things to do, but my body says no way girl(I have Fibromyalgia). So last night and this morning I went through 80 pages of the free Kindle ebooks and downloaded a lot of free cookbooks. Mostly cooking/baking with different grains and nut flours. I felt as if I accomplished something as I am educating myself to bake and cook with different types of food items.

    This last month I have been reorganizing and replacing the pantry foods with healthy choices and now am working on the kitchen drawers and cabinets to remove clutter. A lot of non used items went to the thrift store. I have three of those “whatever” drawers too. They each have a basic theme of items. However, I bought a bamboo organizer tray for each and have determined to only keep the items that will fit into the compartments of the trays. Hopefully that plan will work.

    We talked about putting in a small garden this year and were hyped for a few weeks, but hubby decided that he did not want to be tied down to one. We do have a choice of a few farms nearby and and new produce market will be opening soon. We may just pot up some tomato plants.

    I have two bananas that are in the make banana bread state of ripeness. So I am off to do that and probably will cook up some french petite lentils for a salad to serve with left over chicken tonight. But who knows, my mind is restless and I could change plans again by the time it takes to walk into the kitchen.

    I am glad to see that your computer is running again and you are back with us.

    Take care, Joanne

    • Joanne, I love that you’re doing the “slow and steady” approach to cleaning and replacing items. Going balls to the wall rarely works for me, so your way speaks to me!

      Your lentil salad sounds delicious. Will you serve it cold?

  12. Don’t you love how we teach our kids “honesty” and then wish they weren’t THAT honest LOL!

  13. Your crap drawer isn’t that bad… least they are related items, i.e. kitchen gear. I found a tampon in my kitchen drawer the other day…yes, it was still in the wrapper, but for God sake, a TAMPON in the kitchen?! OMG. I am a cake decorator, and just cleaned out my ‘cake room’ today….found fondant in baggies that was hard enough to cause a head injury if thrown….you are doing great!

  14. So I have a completely random comment for you, but thought you’d be proud.
    Months ago, you did a little something about using cloth napkins. It sounded like a good idea, so when I went to Value Village, I stopped in the napkin/linen section too.
    I can happily repor to you that we are now completely paper napkin free establishment! We use mismatched, weird napkins with every meal and I think my family has finally come to grips with it.
    So you’ve converted someone, doesn’t that feel good?!

  15. I’ll share a confession with you, I totally haven’t been cleaning the house because gardening is more fun.

  16. Well, get excited…I’m commenting from Cairo although I’m a former long-time Seattle girl.

    You asked why you get “so few” comments. I’ve never commented because I get your blog by e-mail and there’s so way to comment. It’s very frustrating! However, now that I’ve found a way, I’ll be back….

  17. Welcome back! Glad your brain had time for a vacation…..
    Using old CD’s right now to keep the red-winged black birds from pooping all over my deck and newly washed lawn furniture..hang them with fish line from the gazebo frame….nothing but daffs and tulips growing in Michigan yet

  18. Welcome back – you were missed!!

  19. In the midst of making sure sixteen 8 year old Girl Scouts didn’t get burned, cut or lost at our encampment this past weekend, I kept pondering if I somehow missed your posts and then I got this gem. Duh! Completely forgot about being computer-deprived. Great to have you back!

  20. Confessions:

    1. When my mother was alive, she called me a “casual housekeeper.” That was VERY generous.

    2. I don’t care.

    3. I am currently stuck in a super-sucky grave shift job where I am required to be uber-friendly to drunk people at 3 in the morning that are loosing all their money. Self-defeating pity-parties are a common occurrence.

    4. I have SEVERAL junk drawers. (We’re not confessing to closets, here, right?)

    5. I had very ill-timed delusions of grandeur regarding my gardens this year, even to the point of committing to providing for others as well as ourselves. When it’s 1 @(#*&$@ a.m. and I have to leave for the above-mentioned @*#$&(#@# job in 5 minutes, and I know that watering all those %#@*$^# seedlings is going to take me 20 #*&@(#$ minutes… Well, send out more party invites….

    4. I like my dogs and chickens more than most people I know.

    5 Don’t care about that either.

    6. I could go on and on.