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Lasagna Gardening – Two Months Later

Remember my lazy version of the late to the game lasagna garden I created?

Well, it’s been two months.  Nothing is really planted in it yet (soon.  I think.  I hope.), but the soil is absolutely gorgeous.  Black, full of worms, and healthy looking.  Luscious almost.  A girl could get spoiled by this kind of dirt.

Also, as you can see, I’m incredibly easy to buy a present for.  If it contains dirt, worms, or chicken poop, I’m a happy girl.

Yes, Troy is a lucky man.

Back in March, there was a part of the garden bed that I only covered in straw because a few tulips were getting ready to bloom.  This is what the soil looks like now in that patch:

Here is the soil under the layers of cardboard, shredded paper, leaves, and straw looks like:

Um.  Yeah.

I am a believer in lasagna gardening.  Less than 45 minutes of work for amazing healthy soil?  I couldn’t haul and spread bags of compost in 45 minutes and get those same results.

Next test?  If stuff will actually grow in it!  Stay tuned.  I know you’re on the edge of your seat.

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10 comments on “Lasagna Gardening – Two Months Later”

  1. oooh i know the feeling! nothing better than beautiful, dark, worm laden soil!! 🙂

    Just an FYI m’dear – this post will be featured on the monthly Wednesday Fresh Foods Link Up Round Up this week! If you have a chance, feel free to stop by and check out the other featurettes 🙂 Hope to see you again soon with more seasonal & real food posts! xo, kristy

  2. We did some late-to-the-game lasagna gardening too, and I ended up with about 20 unintended pumpkin sprouts popping up between my tomatoes, lettuce and beans. I’ve since pawned many of them off on friends, as I couldn’t bring myself to kill them off 🙂

  3. Adding beer will help break it down faster. I am on the edge of my seat! I have two gardens, 35 x 50 each. One needs soil so I layer grass clipping on it. I figure I will have nice soil in a couple of years. Until then I plant my cukes, pumpkins, squash in a pile of soil and let it go.

  4. Hi, One of my garden buddies sent me the link to your site and there you were making a lasagna garden. I don’t know if we have met but you lead an exciting life and I look forward to reading more. I am the author of three lasagna gardening books and now live in Tennessee where the soil is one part clay and three parts rock. I couldn’t garden if I didn’t lasagna garden. All the best, Patricia Lanza

  5. You did this 2 months ago and it all broke down already?!?!? Damn. I did this a while back (by that I mean 2 years ago) and I ended up with what I started with. I know it was wet enough, and when I opened up a part there were wormies and shit all over, but the cardboard remained, and so did the shredding. And I ended up with a giant “root wookie” from the neighbors tree absorbing all the good stuff before I had a chance to use it. I am envious of your lasagna woman. *sigh* this must be what penis envy feels like. Admiring what one cannot have. LOLZ It will be totes interesting to see how things grow in it. Good Luck!

    • Oh, sorry if I gave that impression, but no nothing has broken down. You can still see all the leaves and shredding in the photo. The shovel in the picture is being used to hold back the cardboard, which is fully intact!

  6. Haha. That is quite a difference from A to B. But indeed, the real test is if stuff grows on it… and it’s passing the visual test part of it. Good luck!