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Let’s get RAW!

Raw milk that is.  What did you expect?

I’ve been buying raw milk for the last 9-10 months because I love supporting local business, and it makes the best yogurt you can find this side of um, Yogurtville, SC.  It also was costing $10 a gallon.  Yeesh.  And it came in plastic jugs.

I was at the farmer’s market a few weeks ago, and one of the vendors had a flyer for raw milk sales that his neighbor was offering.  I grabbed one and promptly forgot about it until last week.  I called the farm, and was informed that milk came in glass jars and was $7 a gallon.   And they don’t use hormones on their animals.  I headed to the farm on Sunday, and within 2 feet of my Subaru Outback’s (hippy mobile) wheels hitting the driveway, I was in love.

The farmhouse is ADORABLE and surrounded by a lovely garden and fruit trees.  The barn is quissential “farm barn”, and the cow who provides the milk is waiting by the fence with her calf.

I’ve named her Buttercup.

You walk in to the self service “store”, and I shit you not, the cash register is a calculator and a mason jar full of cash.  The sign next to the jar says “please make change in the jar if you need it”.  Don’t believe me?  Proof!

My creepy Angelina Jolie hands are hiding the name of the farm.  And I wanted to show off my Finding Nemo bandaid.

After I got my milk, I gave the cow one last nose scratch, and headed to my car.  There, I found a cat sitting on my car; almost like he was checking in to see how my service was, and would I like to take a satisfaction survey.  I tried to get a photo, but the second I put my milk down to try and get my camera, he jumped off the car and made a beeline for the milk.  Drat.

With my new-found treasures safely tucked in (I let Jack ride in the trunk…*), I headed for home knowing that I would be back.

*Jack was home with Troy.  NOT in the trunk.

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6 comments on “Let’s get RAW!”

  1. I wish I could find a farm near me like this, that sells raw milk :/

  2. I am very curious to know if the yogurt making process is any different when making it from raw milk instead of pasteurized milk. Also, have you made cheese yet?

  3. LOVE supporting local farms like this!! Thanks for sharing. Poor Jack 🙁

  4. If we drank much milk I would want to get it there too! I love that you acknowledged the cow and scratched her nose…”Happy cows make happy milk!”

  5. Jen, generally if you’re going to heat up milk for a recipe, raw or pasteurized doesn’t truly matter. That being said, since I started using raw milk, my yogurt has never been yummier or creamier! I’ve used normal pasteurized milk that we get from the milk man for yogurt, and something is just “lacking from it”.

    Allison, have you looked around much? I think websites like (don’t quote me on that link) can help you find raw milk in your areas!

  6. Allison, here’s a sight that may help you: I love my raw milk as well. The farm I buy my milk from is just the same. The “store” is totally self service, you get to meet your cows, and they use glass jars. Since the farm is a little ways outside of town, they set up carpools for different areas of the city and I am in a group with four other families. Once a month I act as the milk lady making the deliveries and the other three weeks I have it delivered to me.