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The Blind T-Rex Gives – Liberty Bottleworks

In May, many of you joined me in supporting an amazing cause – building tiny homes for homeless members of my community. I held a one-week flash sale on my Etsy site, The Blind T-Rex, and together we donated 20% of sales towards the home my church funded and built. And I had so much fun and said we should do it again soon. So guess what? We are!

Blog reader Tina contacted me on Instagram telling me about the Liberty Bottleworks Kickstarter campaign going on. Anyone who has read this blog for more than a few months knows my obsession with Liberty Bottleworks. They manufacture the only metal water bottles made in the USA, they’re cute as hell, and they make them right here in Washington State. I always give these as gifts, and we have a ton of them ourselves. They primarily hire US veterans, and all their manufacturing equipment is also made in the USA.

liberty bottleworks kickstarter

Troy to me: I think you have a water bottle problem. Me to Troy: shut up.

Tina saw they had a Kickstarter going on to try to raise funds to start manufacturing double-walled metal tumblers. Basically, rad metal tumblers that keep things hot or cold, with no sweating or condensation. And naturally, with my water bottle love, I want to help. So, now through Friday, June 30th, 20% of sales from The Blind T-Rex will be donated to Liberty Bottleworks Kickstarter campaign, and orders over $50 will ship for free. And even better, I’ll personally match what we collectively raise.

I love that this company is working hard to hire deserving veterans, and is making a product that is not only super cool but also environmentally friendly. Plus, I need to start a collection of double-walled tumblers (don’t tell Troy), so let’s help them make that happen!

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One comment on “The Blind T-Rex Gives – Liberty Bottleworks”

  1. YAYAYAYAY! I was so excited when I saw that Liberty Bottleworks was in the process of making the double-walled bottles! Obviously 😉

    Did you also see that for those who backed the Kickstarter campaign, Liberty Bottleworks would donate one of their current style water bottles to the homeless? I thought that was incredibly awesome as well.

    Off to shop your Etsy store!