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Make your own peanut butter. Did know you could?

Warning: you may kick yourself for never doing this before once you’re done reading this post.

Sunday morning my phone rang on the way to the grocery store.  It was Troy telling me we were out of peanut butter and could I pick some up.  Generally we buy Jif (or is it Jiff?) from Costco.  I’ve been sick of buying overly processed peanut butter, and the fancy non-processed stuff is VERY expensive.  And generally the natural stuff tastes like a donkey’s farts.  As with all of my making from scratch escapades, this one started with my asking myself “how hard can it really be to make”?

Answer: it turns out a chimp could make peanut butter.  Well, at the very least an almost 2 year old toddler boy.

I paid $.92 from the bulk section for Valencia peanuts that were shelled, and dry roasted.  All the other ingredients I had on hand.

Step 1: take your ingredients…

…and add to a food processor.  I have a nice one that I purchased during an amazing sale with Christmas money.  I’m guessing a blender would work fine for this recipe but you’ll likely need to scrape the sides a few times.

Step 2: corral a toddler away from his ninjas long enough to help you out.  Said toddler LOVES pushing the buttons on the food processor.

Step 3: add 1.5-2 cups of peanuts to a food processor, and process off an on for about 3-5 minutes.  While the processor is running, add a pinch of salt if desired, and a few teaspoons of oil.  The oil isn’t necessary, but I needed it to get the peanut butter closer to a texture that we’re used to.  Drizzle in some honey while processor is running.  I probably added about 1/4 cup plus or minus a few teaspoons from Jack sticking his hands and a spoon out while I was pouring it in.  My kid is a bee.

Step 4: remove from processor and add some chopped peanuts if you want a chunkier texture.  Store in an airtight container.  I’m keeping this in our cupboard, but it’s a gamble if it needs to be refrigerated or not.  Will keep you posted after a few weeks!

Step 5: pick your jaw up off the floor, and attempt to recover from the shock and awe on how easy this is to make.

If you buy your peanut butter from Costco or use popular brand names, this probably won’t save you too much money, if any.  I spent $.92 for peanuts.   The rest of the ingredients combined probably were about $.45, so I spent $1.37 for 1 pint of peanut butter.  But if you compare that to store-bought natural peanut butter, the savings is about $2-3.50 a jar.  Additionally, it’s hard to put a price on peanut butter that isn’t overly processed AND doesn’t taste like donkey farts.


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10 comments on “Make your own peanut butter. Did know you could?”

  1. We used to make PB because my sister couldn’t have the addititves. My mom always stored it in the fridge. I think if you google you will find if you consume it in less than 2 weeks you probably don’t need to refriderate it. We didn’t use a food processor though and we cooked it (now I have to get the recipe from my mom and make some 😉

  2. I actually like the fresh ground peanuts from FM. Especially for making peanut sauce and such. Have you tried that?

  3. Kori, Troy doesn’t like the texture of the PB you can make at the store.

  4. My mom ust to make her own & I go & buy homemade from a local farm. But hey I totally might try making my own. Yuuuum, isn’t so much better homemade then the store baught?
    Thanks for posting another wonderful do it yourself recipe.

  5. Ah ha ha ha! Love the donkey fart comment. We made our own PB in Valencia and it was super duper yummy and sooo cheap.

  6. so did it need to be place in the frig?? my son LUVS pb. and i cant believe how easy this sounds to make. and best of all CHEAP!!! but b4 i try to make this i gotta know does it go in the frig?

  7. I buy raw peanuts on Amazon (they’re dirt cheap and I can get the free shipping with Prime), then roast a batch at a time in my convection oven before grinding them with my cast-iron food chopper. Roughly ten minutes’ worth of fairly easy work and I get fresh homemade peanut butter for a tiny fraction of the price I was paying for the store-bought stuff. I make a batch about every month, and my son LOVES to eat it!

  8. I make my own Almond Butter and don’t use anything but the nuts. Although I like to store it in Mason jars, I wouldn’t mind a different container just so I can get one of those stirring lids.

  9. I believe that with the honey you added, it acts as a natural preservative? Not 100% certain, but a good 95%.

  10. I love to try other nuts. I especially love cashew and almond. Had not tried the honey. Sounds yummy!