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Meal plan for August 1st-7th

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I forgot to show you these last week.

I decided to try on my wedding dress one last time before cutting it up for Bennett’s baptism outfit.  And it still fit!


Um, kinda…?


Actually it fit really well except for my upper back area.  My rib cage has expanded with each pregnancy for some odd reason.

I’m the classiest, right?  FYI, there is fabric in front of my left leg; it is NOT that skinny.  Gross.

FullSizeRender (2)

It has been hotter than Sasqwatches nutsack if he was wearing Juicy Couture velour pants (remember those?  Hideous) this week.  Thankfully, we received my sister’s old portable ac in exchange for a month of before and after school care for my nephew.  Freaking sweet deal if you ask me!  It keeps our living room cool, but not much else.  Our house is pretty open, so I wouldn’t expect it to cool the whole place down, and our bedrooms all have ceiling fans to help us sleep comfortably. We’re hanging out in the living room and it’s grand. I’m not going to lie, it has been a nice treat to not have constant boob sweat this week.

Speaking of hot weather, I made the yummiest summer dinner.  It involves a bit of chopping, but is sooooooo good and perfect for when you would rather get a pelvic exam from Edward Scissorhands than to turn on your oven.  The best part about the meal was almost all the ingredients came from our garden!  Zucchini, tomatoes, and basil are prolific right now, and nothing beats walking out to the yard with a strainer, and coming back with dinner.


I had eaten almost all of the pasta before remembering to take a photo

Bennett also started eating solids this week.  He has been “eating” cloth IKEA food with us at dinner for the last few months, and chewing on a baby spoon.  Within the last two weeks, he started following our movements while we were eating, to the point where we were feeling guilty eating in front of him.  We went with sweet potatoes for the first meal, and it was a bit of a blast from the past steaming them and busting out the immersion blender.  I’m fairly certain Jack never once had baby food from the store.  Not because I was against it, or being a snob, but because we were broke as a joke, and a $1.50 organic sweet potato went a loooooong way.


I have no idea where that spoon came from. It just showed up back at my house with all my baby stuff that was lent out to friends and family.

B was thrilled to finally eat, and his proud big brother was stoked to give him his first bites.  After being fed once by Jack, Bennett just started grabbing the spoon and shoving it in his own mouth.  He probably is a candidate for baby led weaning, but Captain SafetyPants, aka Troy, would likely stroke out from anxiety watching him eat diced up food at this age.


Gimme that spoon!

Almost six months ago, I realized that I needed slippers.  Moving from (crappy) carpet to wood flooring, meant I was doing a lot of walking on hard surfaces.  Thanks to some awesome genetic shitty feet, I came to the conclusion semi-quickly that I should be wearing something in the house. I didn’t want just any slippers; they needed to be comfy, but not warm, because let’s be clear, I have some damn sweaty feet. #honesty. I was at Marshalls one day and saw the ugliest pair of lime green Toms on clearance for $21.  I have two pairs of Toms and love them dearly. Two weeks ago, I walked 22k steps all over Seattle in my Toms, and my feet were happy and comfy.  I realized that Toms would be the most perfect slippers in the world.  Of course I realized this about two days after I saw the shoes and hadn’t bought them.  I lamented it for a few weeks and mourned my missed perfect slippertunity.

And then these gems showed up at my house last week.


Now before I say anything else, I have to apologize if you saw that photo and thought “adorable shoes”.  Because to me, they’re pretty much the worst shoes I have ever seen.  Elaina freaking NAILED it.  My friend Elaina sent them to me as an early birthday present, knowing that these pink monstrosities would make me shudder and smile every time I wear them.  And they so do.  They’re the perfect shoes to wear around the house, and the soft sole means my parents aren’t having to listen to stomping above their heads.  And their epic-pinkness means I will never accidentally wear them in public.

Meal plan time!

Monday:: Hamburgers, green beans, and organic tator tots

Tuesday:: Jack wanted pasta and crispy zucchini sticks

Wednesday:: Lettuce wraps (my sis made these a few weeks ago and they were amazing!) and green beans

Thursday:: Grilled chicken salads, and garlic bread

Friday:: Popcorn dinner (we literally eat popcorn, veggies, fruit, cheese, and sliced ham and watch a movie on Fridays.  It is the best).

Saturday:: Fridge clean out

Sunday:: family dinner

What are you having this week?


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7 comments on “Meal plan for August 1st-7th”

  1. One of my favorite summer meals is VERY similar! Being in Iowa, it’s slightly different! CORN, cut off the cob, zucchini, basil, onion (if I have it), and a bit of parmesan cheese sprinkled on top! SO good!!!

  2. I love it when the wee ones open their mouths like baby birds while we eat ?❤️

  3. Ok, I have two unimportant questions to ask…1. How do Toms compare to Skechers Bobs? I have had 3 pair of Bobs because they’re cheaper, but having genetically bad feet as well, I am always on the lookout for comfy shoes. Just wondered if the difference in cost is really worth it comfort wise. And 2. Have you seen the recipe for zucchini tots? When I saw you were having tator tota this week I instantly thought of this recipe I looked up because I had an overabundance of zucchini and I’m trying to slim down. Might be worth trying!!

    • 1) I’ve never tried on Bobs, so I can only talk about my experience with Toms. The arch support is fabulous. I bought my first pair about four years ago, and they still look great (except for the salsa stain on one of the toes, but I still think it was totally worth it, because that was great salsa) and don’t have any holes or anything. I wear them a lot.

      They also donate a pair to a child in need for every pair purchased, so from the charitable standpoint, they’re great.

      2) I have not heard about zuke tots, but I need them in my life. Please share!

  4. I don’t know if they are called metaphors or euphemism but they crack me up!! Edward scissor hands!!! Sasquatch’s nutsac!! Holy hell 🙂 what a way to wake up!! Haha! Thanks!

    Your boys are cute. That last picture. What a cute little booty..