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Meal plan for August 22nd-28th

Oh my, it has been awhile since my last post. I would apologize, but it wasn’t my fault.  You guys, I was held up at gunpoint in Rio! 🙂

FYI, rest of the world, please don’t judge us by the Olympian frat boy ass clown douche bags that need attention from their mommies.

And I’m just going to throw this out there.  About 95% of us are so meh/terrified about our presidential options. I’m an independent voter, and my friends and I were having a text conversation and basically it boiled down to choosing between a shit sandwich, and a diarrhea shake. We all eventually decided on the shit sandwich, because as my friend Mary put it “you could get a really good roll and dress it up”.


I feel like there are a lot more “on the fence” voters than I can ever remember in previous elections. To help you sleep at night, I’m pleased to announce that my friend Angela and I have decided to run for President and VP.  Our platform essentially boils down to “be fiscally responsible, provide a hand up to help those that can’t help themselves at the moment, and as long as both parties are over 18, kiss and love whomever the hell you want to love”. We plan to have a channel devoted to dude movies that we love (Bourne series, Braveheart, Gladiator, Ong Bak, Bond, The Protector, The Godfather, District B-13, etc.), as well as a separate channel devoted to 24/7 Law and Order reruns. The original one only.  With heavy rotation of Briscoe, Curtis, McCoy, and Carmichael. We’ll continue the current First Lady’s healthy food and exercise campaign, but a nightly dose of a teaspoon of Nutella will be encouraged, and potentially subsidized. Our current idea for a campaign slogan is “we’re not shit ass crazy”.  It’s still in beta mode.

Join us.

FullSizeRender (1)

Last weekend, I flew to Denver for 36 hours to help celebrate my friend Anne’s upcoming wedding.  We had a mini girl’s weekend with two other bridal party members, and it was freaking AWESOME!  Any time with Anne is lovely, and even better was getting to know two other rad ladies as well. I was Bennett-free for the trip, thanks to my sister moving in and “sister wiving” it up for the weekend to give Troy a hand, and help out my mom. Did I mention my dad has his shoulder replaced over five weeks ago, so the stuff he was helping my mom with has been shifted to yours truly?  I’m so dang thankful they live so close (25 steps per my Fitbit), and that I am able to not work right now to be able to help out so much. And my sis and aunt pitch in when needed as well. We’re all crazy blessed!

The weekend started with a 3:30 am trip to the Sea Tac airport, and a nice 5 am pumping in the mom’s room (where concourse A and B meet, and it’s lovely) and then riding Denver’s new rapid transit train to Central Park. A 45 min car ride condensed to 15 minutes?  Love. I was greeted with a decaf iced latte, and we raced home so I could pump. I love Denver so much, and would live there if I ever left Washington. Please forget that statement if I ever have to Henry Hill it up and enter Witness Protection. The food is top notch, and basically the next few sentences are all about the delicious grub we consumed. Lunch was at Telegraph near WashPark, and then a lovely afternoon walk where we ended up at High Point Creamery (I had the Earl Grey with shortbread, and you can bet your butt I’m going to try to recreate it at home). Drinks were at Cooper Lounge in the newly remodeled Union Station (their cranberry with sparkling water was lovely). Dinner was at Quero Arapeas at Avanti in the Highlands. Drinks during dinner upstairs at Avanti, and they made me a lovely virgin mojito to sip on.


I jokingly made friendship bracelets in honor of this bromance.

Sunday, we had brunch at Linger, which is a rad restaurant in the Highlands in a former mortuary. I had the roasted beet salad (it was stellar, and I would be pleased to eat it daily if given the chance), and since salad alone would make me stabby, I had a fried chicken bun, which is basically a delicious piece of fried chicken with spicy chili sauce on the bun portion of a hum boa. And then?  I had another one. The bartender made me a ginger collins minus the vodka, so essentially a super delicious and fresh ginger beer.

And in-between all the eating, there was laughter, talking, and just a general sense of happiness for our wonderful friend.  My boss used to call anything that recharged you as “filling your tank”, and this weekend filled my tank in so many ways.  And lucky me, getting to see Anne and those lovely ladies again in a few weeks at the wedding!

I came home with a suitcase full of frozen milk to snuggles and happy and healthy boys (good job Troy and Amy). While I was gone, Jack apparently became a 10 year old.

IMG_1908 (2)

First photo I have seen of him in months where he doesn’t have his serial killer look happening


Will you look at those feet?  It’s like I have a blonde St. Bernard!

IMG_1908 (3)

I worked a bit at my former company last week, and will return this week to help with some training. Juggling the schedule between my parents, the boys, and Troy’s work is shall we say, complicated. I described to a friend as trying to come up with a seating chart for a wedding where everyone hates each other. But we make it work, and I come back very thankful that the work is temporary and no longer my normal day to day. Even with being home more, I’m having the hardest time carving out chunks of the day to write. I desperately want to be posting and creating more, and so far the balance of other demands is weighing more heavily than blogging. I walk around each day with about 15 posts in my head, and God willing, I can get those crazy thoughts on the computer soon. I’m sure it will even out soon (as in, I really hope it does), and my posting can become more frequent and consistent.

I scored soccer cleats and shin guards for $4 total this week at a church rummage sale.  Jack is playing soccer for the first time this year, and I think it will be a perfect fit for my busy/fast kid.

We roasted this past week with the Seattle “heat wave”. Our version of a heat wave is laughable to the rest of the country, but the struggle is real for us. 🙂 With a few days in a row of temps at or over 90 degrees, and lack of air conditioning for the vast majority of homes, evenings are a bit sticky. As of 10 pm on Friday night, it was still 83 in my house. With next week looking similar, but thankfully a wee bit cooler, our meal plan reflects my intense desire to not do much cooking. Our garden is pretty much barfing out fresh organic produce every day, and my heart is full and happy because at my core, I was born to grow things! And then eat them.


Monday:: Homemade pizza (pesto, smoked mozz, smoked chicken breast (my dad’s), and artichoke hearts, and green beans.

Tuesday:: BBQ “scramble” (zukes, sliced spicy chicken sausage, Walla Walla sweet onions, and green beans mixed with olive oil and Montreal Steak Seasoning and then grilled in a grill basket), corn on the cob, and garlic bread.

Wednesday:: I found an eggplant at the farmer’s market.  As in I bought it from a vendor.  Not like it was randomly near my car in the parking lot and I brought it home. Thinking eggplant parm, garlicky green beans, and garlic bread.

Thursday:: Grilled chicken with this sauce, and grilled zukes with a sprinkle of mozzarella.

Friday:: Popcorn dinner (for those curious, we make popcorn, eat leftovers, cheese slices, fruit, carrot sticks, and whatever else we can scavenge, and watch a movie)

Saturday:: Fridge clean out

Sunday:: Family dinner

What are you having this week? May I recommend my thumb? I’ve been told it is delicious.

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One comment on “Meal plan for August 22nd-28th”

  1. Thank you for coming into High Point Creamery during your 36-hour Denver visit! We’d love to hear how recreating Earl Grey with Shortbread Cookies goes!