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Meal plan for August 25 – 31st

Let’s get one thing straight my friends.

I wrote this post late on Saturday night after taking a sleeping pill for the first time in a month.

I’ve been sleeping like CRAP for the last two weeks, and I finally cried uncle tonight and took something.  So, by the end of this post, I might just be typing lyrics to a Nickleback song. Because truly, only one hopped up on something would want to have anything to do with Nickleback.

We good?


Here’s what I learned this week.

People are really really stupid.

I was following this guy the other day, and snapped a photo to send to Troy while I was at a red light.  Troy’s response “job security”.  Troy is an EMT.


After a few weeks of a mixed up schedule, I finally got out in the garden and it was glorious.  I had so much weeding and tidying to do.  I cleaned out two of our raised beds, and got the cabbage and brussels sprouts all planted.  Fingers crossed this is the year I can actually grow them to harvest, because I previous years I’ve totally screwed the pooch on those two crops.  Balls.

Our fall raspberries are ready, almost three weeks early.  They’re always HUGE compared to the summer crop, but these ones seem even larger than normal.  They’re so big, I can barely fit two of them in my mouth (that’s what she said.  You know I was setting myself up for that, right?).

Also, some of them randomly look like butts which makes me happy.  By the way, I’m 12.


We’re headed to Ocean Shores today (my in-laws have a cottage down there) with some friends and their son.  Jack is completely obsessed with their two year old, to the point where I would consider him a stalker.  Jack asked if they could sleep in the same room so that Jack could “watch him sleep”.  Freak.

When we get back, I’m going on another clean eating cleanse (three weeks of being at my parent’s daily with their unlimited supply of peanut M&M’s has taken its toll my friends), but until then, I’m planning a steady diet of salt water taffy (I eat it until my jaw and sinuses scream) and s’mores.  Life is good friends, life is good.

When we’re not busy with s’mores and taffy, we are planning a few actual meals with actual ingredients.  Each family will be making one dinner, one lunch, and one breakfast.  Then we’ll go out for one dinner and one lunch, and fend for ourselves for other breakfasts and lunches.

Monday:: Troy and I are making grilled chicken gyros, caprese salad, and grilled veggies.

Tuesday:: Our friends are making hobo packets on the grill or campfire.

Wednesday:: Bruschetta, spicy Asian green beans (once I realize what I put in them last week that make them so damn tasty, I’ll share a recipe), and fruit.

Thursday:: My in-laws are coming over to our house for Jack’s final karate lesson.  I’ll make pizza, green beans (seriously, can’t get enough of them) and fruit.

Friday:: Popcorn dinner!!

Saturday:: Breakfast for dinner; toast, fruit, bacon (duh), and eggs.

Sunday:: We’ll be at my parent’s for family dinner.

This week I spent more money than normal, since marshmallows and chocolate are crazy expensive.  I spent $21.05 at Trader Joes, $38.79 at Costco, $14 at the local fruit stand, and $51 at the regular grocery store.

What are you having this week?

Never made it as a wise man
I couldn’t cut it as a poor man stealing
Tired of living like a blind man
I’m sick of sight without a sense of feeling

And this is how you remind me
This is how you remind me
Of what I really am
This is how you remind me
Of what I really am



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7 comments on “Meal plan for August 25 – 31st”

  1. We are surviving on comfort foods this week. In our house that means cereal, toast, and sandwiches. I did manage to cook up four pounds of ground meat, but it seems to rich for the hubbies stomach, so tonight we are going to try plain baked chicken with white rice.

    And steamed veggies. I have two weeks worth of CSA veggies that we need to plow through, so lots of steamed veggies and if I get enough motivation, I might blanch some to freeze.

    Oh, and GF graham crackers and GF marshmallows :0) Not as awesome as the original, but still yummy.

  2. What’s sad is that if that line snapped and those doors flew open, it would probably cause more damage and pain for the person driving behind! I’m sure you got outta there as soon as possible though.

    Asian green beans. Mmmmm. God bless the Asians for creating the sweet/salty/spicy combo. Did I miss the recipe for the Asian meatballs you have sometimes? Been on the lookout for that recipe too!

  3. Your raspberry made me laugh…had an heirloom tomato a few days ago that the grandkids christened the butt tomato ๐Ÿ™‚ But oh my, was it delicious ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I’d love to know what kind of an eating plan you use for your cleanse. I just did one and lost zero weight, had way more gas than ever before (I blame the broccoli and cabbage), and my gut still hates me. My husband has even banned me from eating broccoli for life because of the “brass band” that took up residence in our home. Does your cleanse work and is it even marginally enjoyable?

  5. Am I the only person who actually likes Nickleback? Maybe it’s because I am Canadian.

    I laughed at the raspberry butt too. My 16 year old walked by as I was looking at it and she shook her head, then I told you what you wrote on instagram on that photo and she laughed right out loud.

    Love Troy’s response to the picture!

  6. Oh girl, I KNOW your Nickelback secret and your insane, insane love for them and not in an ironic way, so don’t even try to pretend. Also, spicy green beans and s’mores sounds like the best possible dinner.

  7. Late night sleepy posts amuse me!! I’m DYING to know the recipe for those green beans they sound amazing!!!