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Meal plan for December 22nd-28th

They say the pride cometh before the fall, right?

Two weeks ago, Troy came home with the flu.  Then later that week, Jack came down with a cold.  When we took him to Urgent Care last weekend, I gleefully told the doctor that I wasn’t sick and rarely got sick.

Thursday morning I woke up and even the tiny muscles in my toes hurt.  I had to take a shower sitting on the floor of the shower so that I wouldn’t pass out. It was a swift smack down to Karma Town.

I shuffled in to work like I was 96 years old.  Why was I at work you ask?  Because I had a presentation to give from 5-6 pm, 90 potential clients were coming, and no one else has had to do this presentation in over five years, and therefore weren’t qualified.

My coworkers made me this sweet nametag and then hung a biohazard sign at the entrance of my office.


They even grabbed me some blankets and built me a nest on the floor of my office.  I did close the door at one point and tried to nap, but I am not so good at resting mid-day.  I gave the presentation sitting on a stool trying not to hurl.

You’ll be happy to know, I did not go to work the next day.

I tried taking it easy on Friday, and laid on the couch a bit.  But eventually my back started to hurt, and I got up, tidied up the kitchen (after sanitizing my hands), did a bit of laundry, and some general light cleaning.  And voila, I started feeling much better.  My body apparently recovers on productivity.

I woke up on Saturday feeling 100% better than I did on Thursday.  I take getting sick as a personal insult and make it my mission to kick its ass as quickly as possible.

How are you doing with your Christmas preparations?  I am 99.5% done and should be finished up by end of day Monday.  My second to last project was making my skinny minnie nephew a scarf.  I envisioned a double-sided fleece scarf  (one side is camo and one side is Planes Fire and Rescue) with pockets at the end to keep his mitts warm.  It came together like a dream and took 15 minutes from start to finish.  I’m going to make another (to see if it was a fluke) and if the second was as easy as the first, I’ll post a tutorial.  Here is Jack demonstrating the versatility of his cousin’s toasty and cozy scarf.  Sorry for the crap photos…natural daylight in the Pacific Northwest in December is a grim situation.



Two weeks ago, Troy lost his wedding ring during a call (he’s an EMT) when he took off his gloves.  They were on a dock (naturally because on the water in December is the best place to be) and the ring went “ploop” in to the Puget Sound.  We’ve been married almost ten and a half years, so not losing a ring thus far is pretty amazing.  I sent my ring off to be cleaned and recovered (white gold) so I’ve let Troy know we’re both free agents for the next two weeks.  Line up ladies, and check out the calves on this one!


Ready for meal planning?  This week is going to be very light with the holidays.  I’m off this week and looking forward to every second of it.

Monday:: Chicken gyros, salad, and fruit.

Tuesday:: Chicken salad (made from leftovers from the night before) scooped in to an avocado, salad (we’re doing a crap job of eating veggies lately), and fruit.

Wednesday:: Christmas eve dinner at my in-laws.

Thursday:: Christmas dinner at Troy’s aunt and uncles.

Friday:: Day after Christmas with my side of the family.

Saturday:: Popcorn dinner!  Oh how I love that sweet sweet whole grain.

Sunday:: We’re skipping family dinner this week since we are all getting together just two days before.  Dinner will likely be a mix of leftovers and stuff from the freezer.

This week I spent $35.11 at Trader Joes (all chocolate for peppermint bark and cookies.  Cheers!), $48.87 at the grocery store, and $3.50 at the farm for raw milk.

What are you having for dinner this week?  Big Christmas plans?

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3 comments on “Meal plan for December 22nd-28th”

  1. Yum, peppermint bark. We plan to have a Christmas feast at our house with our two adult sons. Lamb and wild rice and other goodies too. Merry Christmas.

  2. Yum, ill be expecting my peppermint bark in the mail any day now 🙂 so thoughtful of you to ship it across the country for me!

    As for skimping on the veggies- ’tis the season, right? That’s what new years resolutions are for.

    Happy Sunday!!

  3. My son is flying in from Pennsylvania. We haven’t seen him since June, so I’m just a wee bit excited. I’m fixing his favorites this week because he’s basically a starving musician and needs every calorie I can stuff into him. Christmas dinner is the Turkey dinner that I didn’t get to fix since we made a trip to Ohio for my dad’s surgery (I live in Tennessee).