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Meal plan for December 8th – 14th

I have to tell you, there is something so freeing about giving in and being a total slob.  I’ve essentially stopped cleaning my house about two weeks ago.  Why dust and vacuum, when you return home every night and find drywall dust all over your house (spot on the couch is from a pillow):


Or, if you deep clean your bathroom, only to need a knife to get to the toilet at the end of the day:


Or maybe, you come home and all the doors have been ripped off your rooms and replaced with plastic.  We’re keeping it klassy here folks.


This is what my basement has looked like for the last three months.  That orange monster is my sewing cabinet. As a result, I have taken to sewing on a rickety card table in the kitchen.


My friend asked me to make her cloth gift bags for her Christmas presents, and I finally finished them yesterday afternoon (there were so many of them, and I sewed ribbon on them directly), and then finished up my friend Anne’s Christmas present.  She requested new placemats, and you should have seen our text conversation back and forth at the fabric store trying to pick just the right fabric.  I ended up going with home decor, indoor/outdoor fabric because it’s so durable.  And god willing, the corners and edges won’t curl after multiple washings in the washing machine.  I still needed to press the seams (so they will lie flat) on this one when I sent her a staged photo for her approval.  They’re a bit small, but I had already cut them all out to size, so that ship had sailed.  Merry Christmas Anne, here are some tiny ass placemats.


We spent Saturday afternoon watching my cutie pie nephew, and he accompanied us to the Christmas tree farm for the annual “let our child play with power tools” event.  Don’t worry about calling CPS, they’ve already been alerted.  And yes, Jack looks like he should be saying “Thug Life” in this photo.


They both wanted this tree because “look how many presents you can put under it”.  Spoiled punks.


I didn’t realize until I uploaded that photo how much Jack looks like me.  It’s freaking me out right now.  I have a photo of myself with my friends in Washington D.C., and I have that same damn look on my face, and I’m even doing that weird leg bend because my friend was shorter.  Ack!  I’d upload the photo to show you, if I could only find it.  It’s probably in a box, in the attic somewhere, awaiting the return of bookshelves in our deconstructed jumbled construction zone of a house.

Jack’s school had a “Parents Night Out” fundraiser on Friday night, where for a low fee you could drop your spawn off for 3.5 hours and go off and do whatever.  In turn, they would keep them alive, and stuff their gullets full of pizza.  Troy was working, so I decided to have a “Parent” night out.  I met up with a dear friend/former coworker, and we had dinner together.  We ended up sitting there talking for so long, the waitstaff just gave up on us (there were other empty tables, so we weren’t taking up space).  I got back to Jack’s school with one minute to spare to pick him up. Where I was informed by homeboy that he was starving because he spent so much time playing basketball and running around, that he had forgotten to eat.  Mind you, it was already two hours past his bed time when we got home.  I made him a quick meal, and was informed “I’m too tired to eat any more”, and then he essentially passed out.

This week, I am working on the quilt I started last week (and haven’t touched since), because I have to finish it by December 18th.  I’m also setting aside one night this week after Jack is asleep to make chapstick and lotion bars (my dry hands are barking for these to be back in the house) for homemade Christmas gifts.  And I need to bottle up homemade vanilla extract (I’m finally out of the lovely blue bottles I bought four years ago, and ordered these).  Busy week ahead of me.

Ready to chat dinners?  I am.  I needed to write this whole post in order to figure out what we’re making next week.

Monday:: Ham and cheese grilled wraps, salad, and chipotle sweet potato chunks (this recipe, but just cut in to small chunks for quicker cooking).

Tuesday:: Chinese chicken salads and lumpia.  I know, two different cultures, but whatevs.

Wednesday:: Salmon cakes, and chef’s salads.

Thursday:: Chicken noodle soup from the freezer, salad, and rolls.

Friday:: Popcorn dinner!

Saturday:: Homemade pizza and salad.

Sunday:: Family dinner at my parent’s.

I have not yet bought a single grocery this weekend because its been so busy.  We need to hit up the farm for raw milk, the grocery store, and Costco.

What are you having this week?





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6 comments on “Meal plan for December 8th – 14th”

  1. I like your cleaning philosophy… I’m working on that same logic right now with the basket of unfolded laundry that’s been dry since Sunday….
    Also I am really really hoping that right after that picture was taken Jack said “Say hello to my little friend”. 5 is probably the perfect age to first see Scarface, you’ve got to raise him right Sarah 🙂

  2. Yeowza! You have been busy. I love the placemats. They look modern and chic! I’m trying to get all my projects done too. I don’t know how you are doing it with your house under construction. I think I’d run away. Looking forward to reading about your lotion bars.

  3. Every meal this week will consist of baked potatoes. We had a party last night and I made an ass load of baked potatoes (caused I had no idea who was showing up) so we still have most of them left. I made turkey pot pie a few days ago that the kiddo and I LOVED (hubby never got any…) so that will be made to go over baked potatoes (or the potatoes will go in the pot pie).

    I’m also thinking ham and potato soup, a mixed up version of Sheppard’s pie (with the baked potato under everything), maybe a roast with baked potatoes on the side, who knows. Oh, and I have the cabbage all cut up for some chopped salad, I just need to get the rest of the ingredients cut and tossed in.

  4. We are having the quads here on Wednesday for lunch, a tea party and dinner. I need to do some serious meal planning AND grocery shopping!!! But, alas, I am STILL decorating!!!
    Loved the pics at the tree farm!!!

  5. We’re having a pasta week, purely because I could think of any other food when meal planning. Tonight’s dinner is the exception, toad in the hole, with plenty of gravy.

  6. Aww! (So many of my comments begin that way, cute pics) It’s fun/ny (and sometimes alarming) when kids not only LOOK like us but ACT like us as well. Amazing that behavioral traits and habits can be passed on that way. I catch myself thinking that there are things that my son Christian does that annoy the crap out of me, but a lot of times it’s things that remember doing when I was young and possibly still do as an adult. Since my parents loved me through my flaws, I will do the same for him 🙂 Bless my parents.

    Love all the homemade gifts you are whipping up.