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Meal plan for February 2-8th

This has been a very expensive week for us.  Oy in some ways it makes me want to cry, but in other ways I know it’s just life and being an adult and all that crap.

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know that Troy has agreed to hardwood floors in the whole upstairs!  One comment was “who’d you have to sleep with to get that deal” and my MIL also alluded to something like that when I told her the good news.  LOL, and ewwwww.

Troy has a very expensive hobby that involves target shooting, so I made him a hell of a deal.  When he heard the deal I proposed, he said “you clearly want wood floors more than I want carpet on the floor”.  And so a deal was struck!  And that is how this happened on Friday night (just laying things out, don’t worry we know you can’t just put wood flooring down like that):


Speaking of wood floors, we went in early December to pick out what we wanted during a date night.  We filled out the necessary paperwork and they came out to measure a few days later.  We never received the email with the measurement or estimate.  Last Sunday Troy and I went in to the store in-person and it turns out they had my email off by a digit.  Their error turned out to be to our benefit, because the price per box went from this:


To this in the six weeks from when we first picked it out:


BOOM!!!  $16 off a box is not chump change.  Apparently they are clearancing out the exact floor we fell in love with.  We bought 10 extra boxes just to be sure, since if anything went wrong, we couldn’t just order a few more and call it a day.  If we end up not needing them, we can return them within 30 days for our money back, or after that it is store credit.

You watching the big game later today?  My friend Anne had to give up Facebook since the NFC playoffs, because she was so sick of all football related posts.  She asked if I could please ask for more parenting advice just so that there was something different on Facebook.  So, tomorrow, join me for a discussion on circumcision and vaccines!  🙂

After the NFC game was over, Jack decided his two kitties needed Seahawks jerseys.  I had some leftover fabric from his birthday party last year, but it got tricky because the kitties were supposed to be surprised about the jerseys.  So I had to cover their eyes when I measured them.


I kept screwing up the jerseys and made a few crap attempts.  At one point Troy laughed and said “what, you’re acting like you’ve never made shirts for cats before”.  I think I finally did a somewhat decent job, and Jack was pretty excited.


This is probably too little too late to post before the big game, but here is my healthier version of Buffalo Chicken Dip.  I didn’t say it was healthy, but it is healthier than the recipes floating out there that start with “take two cans of chunked chicken, and a bottle of ranch dressing”, because I have a real problem with chicken in a can.  I used to eat a ton of Campbells Chicken Noodle soup, and I always picked out the creepy pieces of pink chicken because no, can’t do it, yuck.

I didn’t take any photos, because this dip doesn’t photograph well (even if I was good at taking photos, which I recognize I am not).

Healthier Buffalo Chicken Dip
1 large chicken breast
1 bottle of Franks Red Hot Buffalo sauce (or to your taste)
1 brick of cream cheese
1/2 tsp dried parsley
1/8 tsp celery seed
1/4 tsp dried dill
1/2 tsp dried chives

1) I always cook the chicken in the crockpot covered with water until it is cooked through (about 4 hours).  Remove from the crockpot and let it cool in a mixing bowl for about 15 minutes.

2) Shred the chicken with your hands or two forks.

3) Put the cream cheese in a bowl and microwave for about 30 seconds, or until the cream cheese has softened.

4) Place the cream cheese, buffalo sauce, and dried herbs/spices in the mixing bowl with the chicken, and stir to combine.  Place in an oven-safe dish, and bake on 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  Serve with chips, bread, and/or veggie sticks.

Meal plan time! Just a reminder that I only plan our dinners for the week.  For breakfast we tend to eat the same things (homemade Greek yogurt for me, a sandwich for Troy, and whatever Jack’s heart happens to desire that morning), and lunches for the grown ups are leftovers of what we had for dinner the night before.

Monday:: Pizza (surprise, surprise), salad, and fruit.

Tuesday:: Chicken, veggie, and rice soup from the freezer, salad, and fruit.

Wednesday:: I am working late, so we’re heating up leftovers from the baby shower I threw on Saturday.

Thursday:: The chicken and veg gnocchi dish I was supposed to make last week, but we ended up going to a church fundraiser for dinner.

Friday:: Pizza (again) because Jack and I are baby sitting our friend’s little dude so they can go on a date before their second little dude makes his appearance later this month.

Saturday:: Popcorn dinner since Friday is a wash.

Sunday:: Family dinner at my parent’s house.

This week I spent $3.50 at the farm for raw milk, $27.82 at Costco, $61.10 at the grocery store, and $30 at Trader Joes.  That is a mix of groceries for us and the baby shower.

What are you having for dinner this week?


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9 comments on “Meal plan for February 2-8th”

  1. Just to make your dip easier, you can shred cooked chicken boob in your mixer using the paddle (not the whisk) on low! It works in a second and requires almost 0 effort ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m so happy you got your way with the hardwood floors!

  3. Your dip sounds bomb and yea for saving some cash on the floors!! I’ve been busy planting blueberry bushes and fruit trees this week and today I’m gonna park it, watch the game and knit!! Wild times here.

  4. Good score on the flooring! I love having solid surface floors and although it does get a tad nippy in the winter it is heaven in the summer in Arizona. Yah!

    January really sucked for us. New SUV battery $148, higher property taxes, $20 per month, increase in car and insurance rates. Ugh. Managed to change insurance companies and will save $56 from changing. Not huge but better in our pocket than the insurance companies.

    Cooking from the pantry and freezer to try to offset some of the expenses. Sigh.

  5. Yay for hardwood floors! So, what was the deal that you proposed? Is he able to go shooting whenever he wants?

    You did a great job on the cat jerseys and Jack looks completely stoked, lol! Incidentally, my 13-year-old son has had a stuffed kitten that is identical to Jack’s (the brown and white one) and it’s been his favorite since almost birth. He still sleeps with all of his stuffed animals at the foot of his bed even though he’s taller than me now and has a deep voice. It makes me smile ๐Ÿ™‚ I never made any jerseys for his though.

    I might try your Buffalo Chicken dip since I happen to have all the ingredients on hand and the Superbowl doesn’t even start for 8 or so hours (for some reason I always think it’s an early afternoon game but for us it’s always an evening game). Thanks for the recipe!

    • So I made the dip and hubby declared it was “restaurant-quality”, amazing and “the best Superbowl ever!”. I used Neufchatel cheese instead of cream cheese to healthify it a little bit more (plus that’s what I had on hand anyway). I might reduce the amount of hot sauce next time I make it though. I used the 12-oz bottle, is that the size you use?

      My teen daughter just declared “I don’t like hot sauce but if I did, I’d love this dip. It tastes just like restaurant dip!”. Good to know. Anyhoo, it was definitely a success here so thanks for the recipe!

      • Ahhhh, that’s awesome; thanks for telling me! We love spicy, so I used the whole bottle, but added “or to your taste” to the recipe because I know not everyone feels the same. My SIL thinks ketchup is spicy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • We each get a certain amount of spending money every paycheck. I save mine, and he spends his instantly. I always make him use his spending money for buying ammo and the fee to enter the tournaments. I told him the “general fund” would cover three weekend shoots and the big huge yearly state-wide match. Game, set, match!