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Meal plan for February 9th – 15th

Three things people, three things.

1) This dish I made last week was amazing.  It’s the perfect dish: fast, healthy, and everything fits in one bowl.  I added dried parsley and smoked paprika to the flour before tossing the chicken, and it added a great flavor.

Troy went back for seconds (not unusual), but said “this needs to be made again.  Soon”.

2) Last week I complained that we had an expensive week.  Well, it was more than just the wood floors.  Our furnace died on Thursday the 29th, and our house was about 57 degrees until Tuesday.  Troy used to work HVAC, so he called his old partner and he came out and kicked me in the clam and head butted me gave us a quote for a new furnace.  We got a ton of discounts, but man oh man it was not an expense I was anticipating happening.

And I didn’t say anything last week because we were trying to keep it from my parents before it was installed.  Had they known, they would have wanted to pay for it (they’re our landlords).  Troy spilled the beans on Monday anyway, so I guess the jig is up.  Oh well, any time my Dad tries to talk about the funding, I say “la la la” and walk away.  It’s easy to walk faster than a person with a fake leg.

3) Jack wrote a book at school.  I’m choosing to focus on his creativity and his darn good spelling for a five year old.  And not on the fact that he is potentially a serial killer.






There’s a plot, suspense, and a clean ending.

In good news, our freaking chickens are starting to lay again; praise God! We’re only getting one egg a day right now, but I’m just thrilled those lazy fluffy bitches are producing again.  Chickens slow down or halt production once the natural light gets to less than about 10 hours per day.  The winter light in the Pacific Northwest is like a quick fart in a wind tunnel from Halloween until about this time, and I was forced to buy eggs at our local farm.

Friday night, Jack and I babysat our friend’s little dude.  They’re about ready to have another baby, so J bone and I thought they should have a final date night before the arrival.  Jack worked really hard playing, wrestling, reading, and running around with his two year old buddy.  We got home late, which means Jack went to bed late, and apparently all that exhausting baby sitting did him in because he SLEPT UNTIL 9 AM YESTERDAY.  He never sleeps that late, and I had to check  a few times to make sure he was still breathing.

I totally slept in too and camped out in my bed for hours.

Oh wait, no I didn’t.  I actually woke up at 3 am and couldn’t go back to sleep.  Balls.

Yesterday, my house was so clean that I felt like I should throw a party or something.  Hyped up from my lack of sleep, and a quiet house (Jack and Troy went bowling), I baked six loaves of bread, cleaned out the chicken coop, defrosted the upstairs freezer (it has been pissing on the floor lately…because of what turned out to be a 1 inch ice blanket in the bottom.  Whoops), cleaned all the bathrooms, did three loads of laundry, vacuumed, mopped, organized, and generally just kicked a lot of ass.  When the boys are out of the house, I can get so much done.


Meal plan time! Just a reminder that I only plan our dinners for the week.  For breakfast we tend to eat the same things (homemade Greek yogurt for me, a sandwich for Troy, and whatever Jack’s heart happens to desire that morning), and lunches for the grown ups are leftovers of what we had for dinner the night before.

Monday:: Frittata, knock off whole wheat Red Lobster biscuits, and fruit.

Tuesday:: Stir fry, rice, lumpia, and fruit.

Wednesday:: Troy’s burgers, roasted root veggies, and fruit.

Thursday:: Waffles from the freezer, eggs, and bacon (from the freezer).

Friday:: Troy and I are having a date night, and Jack is spending the night at my in-laws.  We’re going out to dinner, and I assume Jack is eating whatever he wants.

Saturday:: Popcorn and movie night!

Sunday:: Family dinner at my parent’s.

This week I spent $3.50 at the farm for raw milk, $14.12 at the grocery store, $31.14 at the local butcher for meat (duh), and an unknown amount at Costco because we’re going later today.

What are you having this week?

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21 comments on “Meal plan for February 9th – 15th”

  1. Hi Jack’s story made me laugh and imagine things to come with my own little guy (just turned 4).

    Any chance that you could take a look at the link for the chicken that you posted? Every time I click on it Takes me to the Eating Well website but says link not found. And, since the recipe sounds like it was so well received – I wanna steal it to make in my own kitchen of course.

    Right now I’ve got a balsamic pork tenderloin in the slow cooker and will do some steamed broccoli and rice along with it. That’s as far as I’ve gotten with planning so far.

    • Ugh…just kidding. The second link works – just not the first. Gonna blame lack of sleep…

      Now I’m off to google lumpia. I know that you make it a lot and can’t remember what in the world it is – I keep on thinking imitation crab for some dumb reason.

  2. I love Jack’s story! I am a teacher and have never sweat it when kids write about blood, guts, etc…My favorite was a K student’s story about her dogs. One page had a delightful illustration of a dog’s undercarriage, complete with a red line. I asked her to “read” that page to me and she said, “That’s the dog’s pp. It gets red like that and he gets crazy.” I thought I would die trying to hold it together and not laugh!!!

  3. I had no idea I could buy gnocchi at the grocery store to use in recipes, this makes me so happy, because I’m far to lazy to make them.
    I love the facial expressions of the zombies/people in Jack’s book, they are hilarious.
    I need to cook a beef roast this week, I found one at a good price, think i’m just going the crockpot route this time.
    Glad to hear your feathered friends are giving up some eggs again.