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Meal plan for April 27th – May 3rd

Please note, this post is being written from the floor in the potato bug (rolly polly) position.  We’re beat from moving yesterday.  I feel old.

Troy had to work (lucky him), but we had my sister and her husband and their truck, my in-laws and their truck and trailer, and a Uhaul. AND my aunt and uncle.

For about 900 square feet.

My parents will wake up this morning thinking about how quiet we are upstairs.  That is because Troy doesn’t get home until later today.  The man is the stompiest walker in the history of stompy walkers.  It sounds like an elephant wearing shit kickers (combat boots) with taps installed on the heels.  Being chased by a lion who is also wearing tap shoes.

Everything went as smoothly as possible.  And we’ll just leave it at that.  We’re even about 97% unpacked, which is amazing when you are moving the stuff of hoarders.  “Wow, really great idea to pack this 15 year old cable bill from a company that doesn’t exist anymore.  I’ll go ahead and file this in the cabinet ok (takes it upstairs to be shredded)”?

My in-laws and my side of the family are pretty much some of the best people you could imagine.  My mother-in-law spent all day on Friday at my parent’s house with my aunt and I packing the whole house.  That’s right…the move has been coming for months and nothing was packed.  Oy!

One of the benefits of having to pack everything, is getting to see all the crazy pants things that my parents had.  I had so much fun wasting time posting some of these photos to Facebook throughout the packing day.

Like my Cabbage Kid’s birth certificate.  Because you never know when that adoption will be contested!


And a photo of me around 5 of 6.


Looking suspiciously like this dude…


Isn’t the resemblance scary?  Like, it freaks me out!

And also a spare leg, because you know, preppers gotta prep.


This next week will be busy with unpacking, work, and tball.  I still love tball because Jack loves it (and it is hilarious), but I’d be willing for it to only be two nights a week instead of three.  On the weeknights the games are at the perfectly worst time imaginable.  Not enough time for a real dinner to be eaten prior, but late enough to where Jack only has time to shower and jump in to bed when we get home, lest he be tired and a total tool the next day at school.  He is now six (birthday happened while my computer was busted), and still needs 10-11 hours of sleep every night.  When you have the resting heart rate of a humming bird, you need your sleep and you need a lot.  Side note, anyone with active kids notice that while they might not sweat during the day, they ooze sweat at night?  Jack can run a mile and barely feel warm, but at night he sleeps naked and his sheets are always crazy damp from sweat, even in the winter.  Our “joking” guess is that at night his body finally slows down enough to cool down and release the sweat build up from the day’s activities.

Our meal plan is pretty down and dirty this week to accommodate the busy schedules, and the desire to not have to cook/prep a lot.

Monday:: Chef salads (I think I have enough energy to hard boil some eggs and slice some meat and cheese…), tomato soup (only a few jars left from the garden…come on August!), and Whole Wheat Knockoff Red Lobster Biscuits.

Tuesday:: Sandwiches and salad.  Tball night.

Wednesday:: Shredded BBQ pork sandwiches (have the shredded pork in the freezer; just thaw, add some sauce, and serve), coleslaw, and a side veggie.

Thursday::  Reubens (with slaw instead of kraut), salad, and chipotle sweet potatoes

Friday:: Breakfast for dinner (aka, leftovers from the freezer) because we have tball

Saturday:: Chucke E. Cheese’s for dinner.  Oy.  Jack has a birthday party there that evening.

Sunday:: Our first family dinner at our house!  I’m going to make it really simple and just do a baked potato bar using my World’s Second Best Baked Potatoes.

This week I spent $29.32 at the grocery store, $3.50 at the farm for raw milk, and a whopping $90 at Costco (olive oil prices have skyrocketed!).

What are you having this week?


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7 comments on “Meal plan for April 27th – May 3rd”

  1. So, not a sob story, but my parents divorced when I was a teenager and I’m pretty sure most of our family photos and such from when I was a kid are long gone. I found some gems when my grandmother passed away, but I’d love more to see if my kiddo looks like me at all (she looks a lot like her dad now).

    So excited that your posts are back, I’ve missed you!

  2. People just own so much stuff. Seriously. Although those certificates… I remember very precisely the day I got my Cabbage Patch Kids, and the ceremony. A highlight of my eight-year old summer for sure. And it’s sweet to find old pictures, especially when you get to compare them with the new generation!

  3. Congrats on the moving! Your meal plan is so awesome! Our list is similar for two weeks so far and I think it’s time for some change! Greetings, Man With Van Pimlico Ltd.

  4. So glad to have you back. I don’t laugh at the computer nearly as much when yours is broken. Give Troy a break on the heavy walking though…if your calves were that big, your feet would pound loudly into the floor too!

  5. I hardly ever comment on blogs because I feel my comments are lame and uninteresting.

    But I just wanted to tell you that I love reading your blog. They always bring a smile to my face (other than the posts with bad news).

    Wish you the best of luck and hope that everything will work out all right.

  6. Whew! I knew you’d be moved and unpacked in record time, because, well…’re Sarah! Had to laugh at the ‘hoarders’ examples. We moved my mom out of her house into a senior apartment complex this January. She unearthed such valuable stuff as the final paid bill from my delivery (I’m in my 50’s and the doctor who delivered me is long gone), and the deed from the house mom grew up in which was razed in 1982. Go figure! Sit down and relax now!!!

  7. I’m really hoping you get a chance to do another t-ball report because your last description of the games was hilarious.

    Our meals this week are nearly all out of the freezer which means next week I’m going to have to do real cooking to re-stock the freezer.