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Meal plan for April 2nd – 8th

Good morning everyone!  Last night was intense in our neck of the woods.  The rain was coming in sideways and the wind was blowing like a son of a gun!  This morning is cloudy, but calm.  I might finally get a chance to get my tush outside to plant some beets and carrots!

The yucky weather yesterday gave me a chance to get prepped for the week’s meals.  Here is what my family will be chowing on this week.

Monday:: lasagna with homemade ricotta, spinach salad, and home canned fruit.

Tuesday:: Enchiladas (from the freezer.  My dad made them.  Thanks dad!), crockpot black beans from the freezer, spanish rice from the rice cooker, and home canned fruit.

Wednesday:: My little dude is turning 3 today!  I’m taking the day off of work and we’re going to the zoo with my nephew and my sister.  Jack and I are going to have dinner at the little restaurant in our town.  It’s super cheap and he loves it.  For dessert he’ll have home made Jello.  The cake will come at his party.

Thursday::  Home canned tomato soup from last year’s garden, grilled cheese sandwiches, spinach salad, and sectioned grapefruit.

Friday:: Going to see The Hunger Games with my sister, my sister-in-law, and mother-in-law!  We’ll have pizza and salad at my in-laws’s house before leaving for the theater.

Saturday:: Breakfast for dinner.  Eggs, whole wheat waffles, sectioned grapefruit, and bacon.  Of course there is bacon!

Sunday::  Easter at my parent’s!  I’m bringing wasabi mashed potatoes, and chocolate Peep cake!  I’m going to try to healthfy the chocolate cake recipe this year a bit by using homemade whole wheat flour, and homemade chocolate pudding mix.  Quick note, if you’re using whole wheat flour, you’ll need to add 1 tblsp of vital wheat gluten per 1 cup of flour.

Also, we don’t eat the Peeps; they’re just for show.

This week I spent $44.37 on groceries.  Well about $9 wasn’t groceries since I also bought some flowers for a friend and some more outlet covers for Jack’s room.  We switched to the “big boy bed” this weekend!

Ugh Gatorade powder.  It goes against everything I believe in, but Troy says he requires it for his training.

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8 comments on “Meal plan for April 2nd – 8th”

  1. Not sure what he “needs” the gatorade for, but a little research should convince him that chocolate milk is actually a better recovery drink. It won’t save you any money, but it tastes a bunch beter and can satisfy a sweet tooth also.

  2. Can I ask how you got a week’s worth of groceries for under $50? That’s awesome! Especially organics and such. Do you coupon? Thanks!

  3. Knowing you, I’m laughing really hard at the gatorade. Really hard. 😉

  4. Don’t you just love how hubbys have to throw off the whole flora of your planning!

    • Right? So pesky and annoying! He once put “corn nuts” on the list. I was like “corn nuts? You’re ruining my hippy cred bro”. Ugh.

  5. I always get excited when your meal plans come up in my news feed. 🙂 You are smart seeing the Hunger Games a few weeks after it came out. We bought our tickets the day before and still ended up waiting in a long line to get in the building! Although I was so disappointed in the movie compared to the book. Have fun!

    • I’m too “old” at heart to wait in line for a movie! When we lived in LA, the theater next to our house would show movies for $6 before noon. I’d always drag Troy to the 10 am Saturday showing. It would be us and about 6 elderly couples. Those are my people!

      You’re too sweet to get excited for meal plans. LOL