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Meal plan for August 1-7th

I haven’t posted a meal plan in forever.  Cause, um, I’ve been lazy.  Hope the following gives you some inspiration if you’re figuring out what to make for yourself!

Monday – hot dogs from the local butcher on homemade hot dog buns, homemade coleslaw, and sweet potato fries.

Tuesday – chicken salad on homemade pretzel rolls (recipe coming soon!), green beans from the garden, and caprese salad.

Wednesday – pasta with browned butter and mizrtha cheese, and a side of zucchini fritters.

Thursday – leftovers.

Friday – chicken pot pie, and a side of whatever is ripe in the garden.

Saturday – N/A.  We’re at my cousin Kori’s wedding!  Can’t wait!

Sunday – N/A.  It’s my godson’s 2nd birthday party, and then off to my parent’s for Sunday dinner.

And just because I feel like you NEED to see photos of a Poppy T Rex, and a cowboy stegasaurus blowing bubbles on a rainy day:




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2 comments on “Meal plan for August 1-7th”

  1. Anne, Jack’s delivery schedule is pretty packed, but you can expect him there around Octoberish.

  2. So when can I expect these meals to arrive at my house? You didn’t give an estimated time…